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The end of the world..........and if there is life after death.

Many people are concerned if the world will ever have an end........... and especially from a religious perspective the end of the world is pretty normal to happen soon..........but what said us science? Should we link the existence of UFO(if it is existing) with the end of the world ? The climate change and the environmental problems should make us to think at it? And if you think that the end will come , when do you think will happen it? Should we link the nuclear weapons with it? What are the possible scenarious for happening it?
But surely everyone of us in a day will die (then will be the end of the world for each of us in our own) and what do you think that follow after death? or you think that then will really be the end forever.
What do you think ?

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    Mar 6 2011: I'd like to separate "end of the world" from "end of humanity". End of the world, science already knows that in a few more milion (or was it billion? Whatever...) years our sun will turn into a red dwarf, consuming all planets up to and including Mars along the way. None of us and our children and grandchildren will be alive at that point, but it's still known that that will be the end of our world - as in Earth. Hopefully, by that time, humanity will have explored another world - another planet or better yet - another solar system.

    For the short term (as in next 100-200 years), there's no way that the world could end, but there are a few things to worry about as far as the end of humanity is concerned. Nuclear weapons and global warming are of a particular concern. In the case of nuclear weapons, it's the average level of sanity of human beings that keeps us, and in the case of global warming, we'll be OK, but that's not exactly certain for our descendants if we don't do anything.

    And as for all religious stories for the end of the world/humanity, whether it's a second appearance of the messiah or the end of the Mayan calendar... I'm having a hard time choosing between the words "fiction" and "bollocks".
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    Apr 23 2011: Do you think we can say anything plausible about it?

    I think one can try and estimate a likelihood for any "end of the world" scenario.
    * As the death of our sun is predicted and very likely to happen, that would be the end of our world. estimated time 4 to 5 billion years (if i'm not mistaken)

    * Long before that, there should have been meteorites capable of giving our planet a firm enough shake to get us extinct... (no idea about estimated time of arrival, but I gather it will be beyond 1 million years)

    * aliens: as we haven't encountered them yet, the event is estimated to be unlikely (maybe drake equation plus some extra factors can give a guestimation)

    * other non-human factors: I can't think of any right now that might get us extinct.. except for some deadly viruses... but they would decimate at worst rather than sweep the whole population

    * Climate Change change: Might give us some trouble and wars and starvation and such. wouldn't end the world

    * Nuclear: can wreak an amazing havoc... in theory, we could kill ourselves with it and destroy the world... So I hope that we are sufficiently wise not to do that.

    * Other human induced factors:
    Biological, chemical, AI, machines,... some technologies have the potential of doing great harm. Maybe even greater harm than Nuclear... So i'd say: be vigilant and notify sound and wise people of the dangers a technology might have...
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      Apr 23 2011: Hi Christophe

      You have enumerated a lot of possible scenarios,.......... so knowing all this possiblities I think it's plausible to say something about it.
      I see something interesting in what you said : the fact that you believe that the end of the world will be when the human life will get extincted , isn't it so? Why do you think so ?
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        Apr 25 2011: I don't know where I wrote "the end of the world will be when the human life will get extincted" or if I believe that...
        But in short:
        - this planet can live without humans, it already did, and maybe will long after we (humans) are gone.
        - If we humans get extinct, our civilization will be over.

        So if "world" means planet: No
        If "world" means our civilization: Yes
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          Apr 25 2011: hahaha .......you hadn't wrote something like "the end...." but your all arguments implies it..............ok I see your point
        • May 3 2011: Dear Christophe Cop,
          World=earth+human life
          World without human=earth
          world life is the lowest stage of total human life.
          human=body+soul=self=mix of 4 power(wisdom+angry+animal needs+illusion)
          animal=animal needs and some with angry (brutalize). (without wisdom and illusion)
          angles=all wisdom (no body, no need)
          stone=only body
    • May 3 2011: Dear Christophe Cop,
      why you not include Koran in:
      "So i'd say: be vigilant and notify sound and wise people of the dangers a technology might have..."
      Koran is a wonder and even one word of is has not been disproved yet scientifically. so Koran is at min. equal to sound and wise people. but a scientist of 1400 years ago that know scientific facts or today and past and future.

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      Mar 6 2011: Hello Birdia, I think also that there is a begining and an end for everything...........and in my opinion our world will have an end pretty soon.(I want to know what's the common sense about it).
      You know Birdia, when I'm thinking at what was at least in the last century (WW1, WW2 ,The Cold war) I'm realy doubting about a peaceful life for this century............. could happen anything.
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        Mar 6 2011: I don't know, the older I get the more optimistic I get even though I once embraced a world view that included the doom and gloom of the world ending. I have no real understanding of the world's beginning so I have no sense that I will ever really know the world's end. Given those realities and my sense that humanity is more noble than we have yet grasped I do not think that the world will end soon. Just as in Egypt the average people of good will will not let the ship sink even if they have to rip the captains of corruption from the ship's wheel at the critical moment.
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          Mar 6 2011: so you belive in the people nobility and in their values ........
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          Mar 6 2011: I agree Birdia, and I think also that are a lot of things which are priceless( I don't know why but the grim side of the things come in my mind again, it's so painful of real that side of the world when at least i' looking at the news)............
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        Mar 6 2011: Hi Eduard,
        In response to your question, my answer is that I am Jeffersonian in my belief that humanity must be chained with the chains of a constitution and yet, in the collective, I believe that humanity can be very noble and that it will grow past the power and greed that some people are able to exercise to the detriment of all. We will not always be willing to accept that might is right. I cite what is happening in Egypt as growing pains toward that day.
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          Mar 6 2011: yes, I like the Thomas Jefferson ideas (as much as I know about it)........ so there is a posibility for better future(and politicaly)
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          Mar 7 2011: Hi Birdia:
          the news about coruption , the news about turmoils, the news about imorality, the news about potential conflicts.......why do you wanna know?
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          Mar 7 2011: yes you are..........and all this news make me really suspecting an end
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  • Mar 6 2011: Maybe the world has already ended and this is just a dream...or a nightmare.
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    May 28 2011: to be honest i dont believe that the world will end but as science have explained, before this world ends and becomes desserted and unhabitable we humans would already have the means to transfer colonies of people from one planet to another.

    but now in this present time, everything is an illusion. from wars to disease and famine will continue but not the end of the world in general. lots of people will die from natural disasters or from man made lunacy but to easily conclude that the world will end sooner is a sign of lost hope.

    maybe the world thus end as the past predictions have foretold and will continue to hear future predictions can represent one thing that the continous downgrade of humanity in terms of morality and spirituality.

    Is there life after death???

    hmm i have two reply , one question and another is theory of Einstein.

    1.) Einstein (not sure) "that energy cannot be created nor destroyed, it only evolve to a different matter.."

    2.) is a question that made my mind blank for a while....

    "What is the missing llink between a Surface Area and Volume?

    • May 28 2011: "Is there life after death???"
      human is made of body and soul and soul never die.
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    May 26 2011: Just look at nature and there is your answer. Everything has a beginning and an end. Change is the only constant we know as human. Nothing stay the same forever. Everything dies and something new takes its place. Live the Now!
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      May 26 2011: Live the Now ................ is there something after this 'end'?
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    May 10 2011: There is a man, here in NYC, named Harold Camping. He has followers in the subways and has posters there too, displayed that the world will end May 21, 2011. A long history of such claims have been made, each obviously wrong. Can you imagine the fantasy life those people live? If they are ever right, it will be by total accident. And these prophecies are sadly a fantasy that makes some happy believing they know based on something or someone, or some book, they believe to be true. Who can I ever really help, or can anyone really share life with while such illusions are the topic of discussion?

    Focus on a future end means distraction from the present life. Let me live while alive, fully. I hope you will too.
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      May 10 2011: I will too
    • May 17 2011: Hello James,
      "Let me live while alive, fully."
      1-are not you worry or interested about after death life?
      2-doing some pray does have any conflict live while alive, fully?
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      May 26 2011: "Focus on a future end means distraction from the present life. Let me live while alive, fully. I hope you will too."

      Great! Live the Now!
  • May 3 2011: "at your last question the answer is simple : the sin from a religious perspective but there are thousands of scientific answers which explain the cause of diseases. But why to not eat pork or to drink wine ? this aren't harmful at all in moderate quantities."
    also there is many scientific facts about its harms.
    at least it is corrosive to wisdom.
    what its much has harm, its little has harm too.
    about pork I do not know. if you search maybe you can find some facts.
    but we have no doubt in Koran and accept it even there is no scientific support for that.
    we did not believe Koran based on science.
    we accepted Koran rationally. not scientifically.
    and at 1400 years science developed and changed many times (for example earth is flat, then is round and many more)
    but never Koran had any conflict with Koran.
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      May 3 2011: "we accepted Koran rationally not scientifically." what's the difference(the science is deeply rational) ? how could you accept the Koran scientifically?
      • May 4 2011: actually we accept Koran both rational and scientifically.
        but science findings are not not rational facts. they are Impractical and by experiment.

        "how could you accept the Koran scientifically?"
        1- science advances by time during history step by step.
        2- Koran is for 1400 years ago and its text not changes from that time.
        3- Koran could say scientific findings of today at 1400 years ago.
        Koran is not written by a ordinary human. because an ordinary human do not know what science will discover at 1400 years later. and so Koran is from who know 1400 years later.

        do you know what will happen at 1400 years later?

        scientific method is rational. but scientific findings are just some empirical facts. for example "water boils at 100 degree" is rational?

        please read:
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          May 4 2011: "but science findings are not not rational facts. they are Impractical and by experiment." do you think that if something is by experiment this thing is irrational or something like?
          at your last question the answer is : yes it is very rational.
          So do you say that only by accepting the Koran I do it scientifically?
          "3- Koran could say scientific findings of today at 1400 years ago" I asked you about how can someone accept the Koran scientifically , it's about me for example not about the Koran , ok?
      • May 5 2011: "what's the difference(the science is deeply rational) ? how could you accept the Koran scientifically?"
        Koran is both scientifically and rationally unchallengeable. Koran is from 1400 years ago. please prove one word of Koran has conflict with Koran and then do not accept Koran.
        • Jun 9 2011: That is deeply irrational, and made me laugh a bit. The Koran must be right because we haven't updated it in almost a millenium and a half! Our ancestors knew much less than we did. But honestly, I don't think that the Koran should be updated. It should be trashed and forgotten about. The problem with the Koran is that it doesn't make nearly as many scientific claims as the Bible, so its harder to prove wrong, but that doesn't make it right. You can't scientifically disprove Allah, but you can't disprove Unicorns or Pixies either, and i hope you don't worship Unicorns. A magical man in the clouds is as preposterous.
      • May 25 2011: "do you think that if something is by experiment this thing is irrational or something like?"
        rational and scientific hypothesis are different. it can be rational or irrational impossible to judge rational.
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          May 25 2011: I don't see what you mean now but why do you are so strongly devoted to the Koran ?
      • May 26 2011: I mean science is by experiment.
        and rational is by thinking.
        and hypothesis is by guess.

        some hypothesis can not be verified or denied rationally.
        rational and experiment are separate.

        for example this hypothesis:
        "human and ape have common ancestor"
        how this can be agreed or disagreed rationally?
        it only can be agreed or disagreed by finding an evidence (fissile for example.)

        because Koran is valuable and source of science and knowledge. but people do not care about it.
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          May 26 2011: "Koran is the source of science and knowledge ".......hm.......... how? I hope you noticed that here on TED everyone wants to agree with the scientific facts but yet the most don't agree with the Koran , how do you explain it ?(and this happen not only here on TED ..........almost everywhere).
          I think you was born in Islam , do you? if you would hadn't been born in the Islam , do you think that you would be believing now in the Koran?......... perhaps you know a lot of people from your country(and not only) who gave up at their lifes for the Koran and at the same time they didn't know anything about the Koran as being a scientific book(if it is) , they just simple believed in the Koran and gave their lifes for it , why had it happened ? because the Koran is a scientific book : never , so why had it happened ?
          SR I don't believe you , you didn't answer me at why are you so strongly devoted to the Koran,
          yes you believe that the Koran is the source of science and knowledge and you use it as a pretext but you don't believe in the Koran only because it is so ....... there is something else more important for you about the Koran.
          Look around you (at least here on TED ) the all guys over here agree with the same science (of course presented in another way) which you think is presented in the Koran (I'm doubting of it, I would ask you the share only a passage from the Koran of this kind ) but still they aren't so devoted to it but you are to the Koran , why if it is the same science ? ................you didn't answer me.
          And by the way it's impossible for a book to be the source of knowledge and science .
      • May 28 2011: "......hm.......... how?"
        you know Koran is for 1400 years ago. when no paper. near 900 years before Galileo Galilei. when in all the Arabia peninsula the total people could write and read were less than 30 and many silly beliefs and people prayed many statues as God,...
        not is 14000 years after it.
        if you can show me only one error in Koran I accept it is not source of science.
        this is discussed here:

        "almost everywhere"
        unfortunately many websites discussing on Koran do not know Koran or know and want to people do not know Koran.

        "I think you was born in Islam , do you?"
        yes. although many people born in a religion follow the religion of their father blind, but this does not mean all people are so. I had different stages in my life and finally and finally I believed Islam strongly by much research for years.

        "do you think that you would be believing now in the Koran?"
        I do not know, may be I did not know Koran never. but I am sure even hearing about Koran is a gift from God that all people have not such opportunity. all relations to Koran is by God and not all people can read and understand Koran. all is by God and depends of the persons thinks and morals and deeds. reading Koran is a reward for believers.
        in the
        mis. hazelton says many wanted to read Koran but discarded. why?

        "didn't know anything about the Koran as being a scientific book(if it is)"
        the only amazing aspect of Koran is not science. Koran is amazing in all aspects. music, literature, medicine, language, grammar, mathematics, numbers, and many many more wonders.
        as western people (most people on TED) are more familiar with science I selects this aspect.
        even if Koran has not scientific amazing still many people gave up at their lifes for the Koran. please read this
        this war was by world.
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          May 29 2011: The fact that the Koran have no error (supposing it of course) doesn't prove anything about Koran being a science book in the human terms.
          Why if Allah is a right god don't give to all people the opportunity to believe the Koran?
      • May 28 2011: "they just simple believed in the Koran and gave their lifes for it "
        no no no. please do not say that. many of they were professors, doctors, philosophers,...
        you do not know them.
        please as little example read carefully:
        there are thousands of such examples.
        you mean in that war near 1 million people gave up their lifes only because they were stupid?
        they went to war voluntary because of saying of:
        if you want to know why they give up life you should know Karbala well:
        knowing Karbala is best possible learning you may have in your life.

        "you didn't answer me at why are you so strongly devoted to the Koran, "
        please ask your question clear.
        Koran is every thing. Koran is meeting God. Koran is eternal happy life for billions of billions of years.

        "use it as a pretext "
        before believing Koran I had years of research. please do not prejudice.
        I accepted Koran rationally.

        "there is something else more important for you about the Koran."

        "why if it is the same science ?"
        long question! I did not understand (language).
        if you be scientist and read http://www.quranmiracles.com/ you get it.

        "And by the way it's impossible for a book to be the source of knowledge and science ."
        usually yes, but disagree about Koran.
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          May 29 2011: You kinda miss my point (the language is a problem sometimes for me...........)
          ""there is something else more important for you about the Koran."
          God." ....................you said first time that you are devoted to the Koran because it is the source of all science and knowledge now you say that it's more important God in the Koran... so why do you believe in Koran?
          "........usually yes, but disagree about Koran." why? (the fact that it has no error or have some prophecies doesn't prove it )........
          I still wait to see a scientific passage from the Koran...........
      • May 29 2011: "doesn't prove anything about Koran being a science book in the human terms."
        Koran has many scientific predictions and many claims not approved by science still.

        "Why if Allah is a right god don't give to all people the opportunity to believe the Koran?"
        this refers to why God created world and life and human with free will and wisdom.
        the goal of God of creation is:
        "God Intended to be known"
        and this is possible only in a world with good and evil and free will and wisdom.
        if all believe Koran and God and know truth then all humans are like animals and God will not be known.

        "so why do you believe in Koran?"
        science and breaking limitations of human science by Koran is a proof that Koran is not from human and is from a all knowing being (God) and also many other proofs show Koran is from God. if we want to believe Koran first we should ensure it is really from God. after we ensured then we use it for knowing God and nearing to God. Koran is word of God with enough proof for any kind of humans (scientists/poets/musicians/doctors/philosophers....)
        I believe in Koran because it is the only valid and original and not deviated and ensured word of God available today for us. today we can not see any prophet and do not see any miracle of prophets and the only valid and ensured tool of communicating God is Koran. God replied any possible Question of human in Koran.

        "I still wait to see a scientific passage from the Koran........... "
        if you are not scientist how you want to understand it.
        this is some cases of scientific passages from Koran:
        please read them deep and carefully according you scientific proficiency.
        but if you are not scientist possible they make no sense for you.
        a jeweler knowing know value of jewel. and a gold knowing knows value of gold.
        I am not jeweler and if I find a rare high value stone I throw it out.
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          May 29 2011: I'm not a scientist but I am a man with reason ..................I'll read them.
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          Jun 1 2011: Ok, SR I've looked in this : http://www.quranmiracles.com/ and I have to tell you that I'm not interested so much in the explanations/interpretations presented there , what I'm interesting in are only the Koran's passages which you say that are scientifics :"47- With power did We construct heaven. Verily, We are expanding it." ,"30- Do not these disbelievers see that the heavens and the earth were an integrated mass, which We then split, and from water We made all living things? Will they not believe even then? " ............... but SR these passages aren't scientific in the modern usage of the term , there is just said something, it's nothing proved like in science usually : I don't see any demonstrations or something like : it's just said something which happen at this moment of time perhaps to be true , this doesn't prove necessarily that the Koran is inspired by Allah , i could find another explanations for their presence there (for example :the genius of Muhammad) , why not?
      • Jun 2 2011: I do not know what to say.
        I only say again:
        "I am not jeweler and if I find a rare high value stone I throw it out. "
        Koran also say that the universe after expand will come back again. what about this?

        "I don't see any demonstrations or something like"
        Koran is not limited in two sample you said. also this two have meaning for specified scientist.
        "I don't see any demonstrations or something like"
        if you do not see not mean not exist. I not see air. it needs more research. that link has many more facts.

        "the genius of Muhammad) , why not?"
        do you know muhammad (peace on him)?
        he started saying Koran at age of 40 and before 40 he was completely uneducated and and could not read or write any thing. do you believe such man can say such book that after 1400 years still has no error and Arab poets are submitted to it?
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          Jun 2 2011: I agree perhaps one link or another have many more facts but only facts = like a final result (statemant ) , noone says how the things work: for example in the Koran isn't explained why the universe is expanding (I know some things about it) what laws , effects determine him to expand (like is Doppler effect) , the Koran only assert something : this in my opinion isn't science .
          When you talk about research I think you talk about the Koran research but researching the Koran I don't think we'll find out demonstrations .......................my point is with all these that the idea with the Koran being a scientific book (and with any other so claimed :'holy book') doesn't prove is 'holiness', doens't prove that it is an inspired book form God .
          It has to be something else which would prove the holiness of a book , specifically to the Koran what could you say (about it's holiness/inspired source of course)?

          Yes , I don't know too many things about Muhammad.
      • Jun 4 2011: "like a final result (statemant )"
        Koran has many statements.
        have you read Koran?
        right now I do not know an verse saying why universe is expanding. please note Koran does not all things in details. but mentions every thing. there are many verses in Koran about creation of universe and many steps universe expanding is described in Koran. Koran is very compact and has high amount in information while being very compact that extracting information needs knowing Arabic language. translation is not workable for such researches on Koran.
        Doppler effect is a way for measuring the speed of expanding.
        "in the Koran isn't explained why the universe is expanding "
        please do not say ensured. please say I do not know.
        "researching the Koran I don't think we'll find out demonstrations"
        you do not know Koran. Arabic language is amazing. every year many many new books are written from Koran by new findings. it is endless.

        "point is with all these that the idea with the Koran being a scientific book (and with any other so claimed :'holy book') doesn't prove is 'holiness', doens't prove that it is an inspired book form God ."
        agree. claim is not prove. so I hope you do more study on Koran. about knowing scientific aspects of Koran you should be scientist or know at least a scientific branch well.
        another example recently is found that Iron was impossible to be created in the earth according to temperatures of inside earth during earth history. so no one know how Iron is made inside earth. Koran says:"and we sent the Iron to earth from sky". what this means?

        "It has to be something else which would prove the holiness of a book"

        "specifically to the Koran what could you say (about it's holiness/inspired source of course)?"

        if you want to know Koran without any study it is impossible. truth has its price.
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          Jun 5 2011: SR , no I didn't read the Koran but how can be something science without getting into the details (the reality/world isn't so easy understandable).
          You know SR would be better if you will make a coherent text without quoting me (I've done it and myself before with others :isn't a good method) connecting yourself the all dots.
          But again SR the fact that the humankind alltogether couldn't write a book like the Koran (perhaps) doesn't prove that the book is from Allah , perhaps it is from Satan, perhaps form another supernatural being , why not ? ....................is there a certainty beyond any doubt that the Koran is from Allah?
      • Jun 5 2011: Dear Iqbal,
        I mean the origin of iron in the history of earth.
        please look:
        you know earth is separated from sun billion years ago and each element (gold, nickel,...) are formed during history of earth in special temperature and other conditions inside the earth.
        scientists say that the temperature needed for forming iron is much higher the max. temp. happened in all the history of earth. so this mean it is impossible Iron formed in the earth and scientists are confused how iron formed originally.
        now Koran says Iron is came from sky to earth.
        what you understand from this saying of Koran?
        (please note I myself did not do enough research about this and I heard this in a speech about Koran and it is possible this claim that Iran is not formed in earth be false).
        but no doubt Koran says: "we sent dawn the Iron" انزلنا means sending down from sky to earth like elevator.
        such examples are unlimited about Koran.
        the is a chapter in Koran by name of Iron.
      • Jun 8 2011: Dear Eduard Ghiur,
        what I said about Koran is a drop from ocean of knowledge available about Koran (a very small part available in Internet and a very small part of what is internet is in English).
        more you know Koran more you understand it is from Allah.
        I wonder you are speaking about Koran before reading it at least once.
        if some one wants to speak about Big Bang or Evolution at least read one book about it and then let himself speak about it.
        you do not read it and say maybe it is from Satan.
        please read it and if you know Satan you will be sure it can not be from Satan.
        Satan wants to people evil deeds and evil morals and try to send people in Hell.
        knowing Koran is step by step:
        1- it is not from human
        2- it is not deviated
        3- it is exact same as what said prophet and not changed
        4- prophet was not liar
        5- prophet was really from Allah
        So Koran is world of God.
        if you accepted first step then other steps start.
        when people say Koran is copied from Bible and is written by Muhammad (PBUH) himself then I prove next steps?!
        people are brainwashed in basics and alphabet of Koran and Islam then I prove advanced steps of Koran and prophet?

        there is a Persian Poem:
        if you want to go on the roof you should go up the stair step by step

        please first read Koran. then other steps.
        reading a book is hard? please note you do not read it for my benefit.
        reading part of Koran with think is better than finishing it with no think.
        better to read Koran after washing and cleaning your body and face and hand and even your heart. it helps reaching depth of Koran:

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          Jun 8 2011: Dear SR I was impressed with your logic about the Quran:
          "1- it is not from human
          2- it is not deviated
          3- it is exact same as what said prophet and not changed
          4- prophet was not liar
          5- prophet was really from Allah
          So Koran is world of God."

          But SR one thing I do not understand, there is so much knowledge in the Quran, for example that the atomic number of Iron is 26, a very useful piece of information, and one I would not have discovered had you not pointed out that Ha, Da, Ya, Da adds up to 26 and the verse which refers to iron is the 25th verse in the sura Hadid, how is it that all those Muslims who study the Quran night and day are not able to come up some ground breaking scientific discovery?

          All you seem to be doing is trailing scientific discovery and saying oh here is something about iron which was discovered many years ago. The Jews and others who do not read the Quran seem to be getting all the Nobel prizes. Why is this?

          PS What is the name for Hydrogen in the Quran and which Sura does it appear?
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          Jun 8 2011: Ok but you have to prove your points :"1- it is not from human(this send you back to my question which I've posted right bellow ).
          2- it is not deviated
          3- it is exact same as what said prophet and not changed (but still it doesn't prove that the Koran is true because the human beings was that persons who transmitted the message foward to us ).
          4- prophet was not liar , why? he was used by the supernatural and again if the supernatural was the liar, that again send you back to my question , why Allah and not anoher (it doesn't matter who) supernatural being?
          5- prophet was really from Allah " .............. and the question stays the same : how could we know the Koran is form Allah and not from another supernatural beings? (not necessarilly from Satan if you don't wanna talk about it and by the way the fact that the Koran say some good things doesn't prove that Satan don't backed them which is to say Satan could urge us to do some good things ).............I'm waiting an answer and thank you for your patience.
      • Jun 9 2011: Dear Eduard,
        "Ok but you have to prove your points"
        OK. no problem. there are tons of books about them. and also I recommend you study some history especially life of prophet not from biased and interested links that first of all say lies like prophet had sex with a 6 years old daughter. but as I said they are step by step. it is like a new student asks questions from PhD level. even if some one want to reply him he does not understand and needs some bases.

        about supernatural beings the are:
        1- God (Allah)
        2- angels
        3-Jinns (also Satan is from Jinn). Jinn are some peoples like humans having society, family and so on. but as they are not material they have no limit in time and place and can go to past or future. (remember when you are in dream of sleep. your soul at sleep is out of time and place)
        Satan a famous and great Jinn and has much power and much Jinns work for it. Satan has oath-ed to seduction of all humans unless who only consider Allah in all deed. also some people can predict future and say some things from future use evil Jinns to get information of future.

        there is no evidence any other type of supernatural being exist. if we assume for example any other God exist so we should at least one evidence. for example if other God exist why did not send any messenger to us? according to evidences available no other supernatural exist. at least until now no evidence exist.

        do you know any other type of supernatural?
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          E G

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          Jun 11 2011: (I'm back)Ok , let's take only this three categorise , what prove do you have that the Koran is from Allah/God and not from any other Jinn , from the good Jinns or the bad ones , or from angels ? or is it only a matter of believing ?

          I don't like something SR at you because I don't accept anything only because something is believed by the most or are wrote books on that specific subject and I don't accept the idea that I can't understand something as long as that something is rational (perhaps it's needed of trainning , yes, but ..............)
      • Jun 12 2011: the problem is proving Koran is not from Jinns or angels.
        angels are servants of God. and do not know any thing more than God and by default are friends of God not enemies of God.
        the main problem are humans and Jinns that are possible to make a fake Koran not from God.
        Koran itself claims that is from God and no one can make a chapter like Koran in many verses like:

        so Koran itself call all for compete. if there was any one we should hear it until now. today Islam has many sever enemies specially Zionism. be sure if they could make a chapter like Koran to destroy Koran Indeed they had been done it until now. but no one claimed. although many famous and great Arab poet tried to make some thing like Koran. but finally themselves admitted we can not.
        if you know Arabic you see Koran is great in aspect of poem. great Arab poets during history are like a mosquito against elephant when they wanted to compete Koran.
        Satan and its friends from Jinn and human are enemies of God and try to cheat human in any possible way. if they could make a fake Koran it was the easiest way of cheating humans. until today there has been no one from human or Jinn that claim can make only one chapter like Koran ( the same as Koran in all aspects, beauty of poem, no error,...).
        do you know any one claimed can make a chapter like Koran?
        please note Jinns have communication with human.
        there is no evidence any one but God claimed Koran is from him.

        "I don't like something SR at you because I don't accept anything only because something is believed by the most or are wrote books on that specific subject and I don't accept the idea that I can't understand something as long as that something is rational (perhaps it's needed of trainning , yes, but ..............)"
        this is sign of a wise human. and is normal.
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          Jun 12 2011: Perhaps the good jinns or the angels are the friends of Allah but it doesn't say anything sure about if the Koran is from they or rightly from Allah , why couldn't it be from they?
          And your arguments are (as much as I understand) that the Koran is from Allah because :
          1.the Koran claims it itself;
          2.no human being (the zionist , any other poet arabic or not) can create a book like Koran .
          About your first argument I have to say that it doesn't make too much sense without appealing to faith because what I asked you to do is to answer at why the Koran is from Allah in other words: why the Koran claims that , you didn't make more than transforming my question in an affirmation so you didn't answer yet at the question.
          About your second argument my answer is frankly that: I don't care now if an human being can create/invent a book like the Koran because my question was about if a supernatural being could create/invent it...................so SR I would like to receive a more concrete and logically a more well-made answer..................thank you.
      • Jun 12 2011: please about Koran continue here:
        that topic is more related to Koran.
        or here:
        or continue here.
  • May 3 2011: "From what I've heard about this law Sharia this instruction of living are very rough , what can you tell me about it? and why do you think that doing something with my body (to not pork or to drink"

    first you should know Heaven and God are not cheap and you should pay for them.
    second always have this law:
    "what you hear is lie and what you see by your own eye is true"
    Imam Ali (peace in him):
    "distance between true and lie is four finger"

    its not rough.
    maybe some first days because you have used to other life system. but it not rough at all. at least not for me.
    also when work mix with love then no rough work exist.

    if your beloved ask you a work do you say: "it is rough"?
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      May 3 2011: "first you should know Heaven and God are not cheap and you should pay for them." I can't believe you said it because it's absurd , did you mean to say that I can pay for a place in heaven? how come?

      "if your beloved ask you a work do you say: "it is rough"?" yes, a rough thing is a rough thing , only my perception of it perhaps can be different.
      • May 4 2011: I not mean paying money. even all moneyes of world can not buy a little piece of Heaven.
        it is a statement that means finding truth and reaching it and entering Heaven is not easy and is very hard and you should take care of all your manner during all life and work hard for entering heaven all the life in world. i.e you should pay yourself as the price of Heaven.
        do you read poem? please have some sense of meaning and poem. this is not a philosophy class.

        "yes, a rough thing is a rough thing , only my perception of it perhaps can be different."
        anyway catching heaven is not easy. also God said:
        this is a law of God:
        "God does not anyone more than his capacity".
        make sure you can do commands of God otherwise God is cruel.
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          May 4 2011: here are some problems , do you think that I could take care of all my manners?
          what means to work hard in order to enter in the Heaven ? what have I to do? give some examples if you want........................... but lets's look a bit from another perspective , you said that I have to 'pay' a 'price' for entering in Heaven , which is to say I have to pay for my future , for myself ........... the selfishness here is obvious , how come? Do have I to accept to be the most unselfish person (humble , a forgiving , loving person .....and so on) only for this selfish thing: to go myself in the Heaven ? This is absurd.....................I would like very much to know how it come?
      • May 5 2011: pay not meany neccesarily money. all money of world is still nothing for Heaven. even if you can pay all the earth and all things in it+ all the sun you can not buy any small piece of Heaven.
        the only price of heaven is yourself.
        I said "pay" from above verse. "Allah has purchased from the believers their lives and their properties [in exchange] for that they will have Paradise."

        "do you think that I could take care of all my manners? "
        sure. why not? you are human and can control yourself.

        "what means to work hard in order to enter in the Heaven ? what have I to do"
        please read here:
        but a short reply: being a good person in think, moral and deed and not bothering people and doing religion laws (mostly 5 (each 5 minutes) worship each day, one month fast each year).
        Generally each deed is in one category:
        1- must be done. like worship every day)>has reward and make you closer to God
        2-better to be done, but not must. like saying hello to people> doing has reward and closer to God, but not doing has not punishment.
        3-nutral, with no moral vaue, like drinking water. doing or not doing no reward of punish (but if you say to God: my God, I eat to can obey you, then these deeds has reward too)
        4-(better to not done, like eating while stomach is full
        5- must not done, like drinking wine and pork.

        total reward and punishments are calculated and weighted in Judgement day and based on button line you will go to a level of Heven or a level of Hell. (Heaven has levels the same as verses of Koran)
        maybe you can not be the the most unselfish human on earth. but you try to fight evil morals and based of the level of your unselfish you will get a level of reward in Heaven.
        each good deed has a special reward in heaven and also each evil.
      • May 5 2011: ".I would like very much to know how it come?"
        first better to know there is 3 kind of obey (pray):
        to catch heaven and escape hell:
        but 3 is the best kind:
        such believers do not pray for Heaven. the pray for pleasure of God and Love God more then heaven and pray God because found God the only one who has potency to be Prayed. so God is their friend and enter them in a special Paradise prepared for close friends of God.
        a poem about this says:
        "a woman wanted to buy jewelery and went to gold market. she looked many shops and finally said herself: if I make friend with the shop owner then all in the shop will be mine because he will love me and give me what I ask."
        shop is like heaven and shop owner is like God. if God love you then gives you anything you ask him.
        please note each deed has an equal result. good or evil. have you reed "Divine Comedy"? something like that. in both Heaven and Hell.

        "only for this selfish thing to go myself in the Heaven ? "
        not only by one deed. the total of good and evil deeds determine where you will go. you can have unlimited level of evil deeds or unlimited levels of good deeds. also God has unlimited levels of reward and punishment.
        for example any moment you remember God in your mind and do not forget him that moment will come back to you in form of a tree with many different delicious fruits on it, they come to your moth any moment you Intend to eat them. or birds come dawn and being barbecue immediately you Intend and they come in front of your mouth. so if you always remember God you will have a large garden full of trees. large means its width is same the size of all our universe. you will be there for billions of billions of year (infinite)
        remember God means when you are in a position of doing evil remember God and not do it. like when some one suggest you wine
      • May 5 2011: exact calculations of deeds in Judgement day:

        the size of one Garden of a believer in Heaven:
  • May 3 2011: "Can you say me more things about the Gospel of Barnabas ? I don't know too much about it , who was this Barnabas , was he the somehow the biblical personage ? "

  • thumb
    May 3 2011: There is no end however it is probable that mankind, through ignorance, could bring an end to a large population on Earth and many life forms. Our selfishness could see it through.

    With regards to 2012, the date is actually 2013 December 21, of which marks a new beginning in Earth's and mankind dimension. it involves galactic position that started around 1993 already. We moving from a 4th dimension to a 5th. The 5th dimension involves both physical and spiritual improvement for all. It is a fact that we all going through a time of discernment, sifting out what is conducive from what is not. Some call it a judgement. This period has come to many in the past.

    About 5735 years ago mankind had a new beginning after a time when the world destroyed itself in ignorance. Their were great civilizations that existed before Adam-man. The initial builders of the pyramids, the Indus valley, Sumeria, Ancient Greece (not the later settlers), the Puma Punka area and the Machu Pichu area were all civilizations that lived around 17000years ago. The were new settlers that existed again around 3000yrs ago at these now unearthed sites. Anyway the point is that if we continue to be this technologically powerful (as that ancient civilization 1700yrs ago was) then we too will bring our end.

    As for ufo's bringing our end, NO! in fact although their are malevolent Human aliens, their are more benevolent Human aliens who have shared their wisdom on peace an harmony. The Andromedans, the Pleiadians, the Arcturians, The Ummites, and many more that belong to a galactic federation and is guarding our planet. They have been doing this for thousands of years and more so now because we destroy our environment and each other. They claim that they do not intervene in our global disputes but will if we destroy the environment any further because it threatens all life forms and innocent people.

    As for life after death.
    Death in this world is merely a beginning of life hereafter.
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      May 4 2011: interesting conception
  • May 3 2011: "Those who differ concerning him (Prophet Jesus) are surely in doubt regarding him, they have no knowledge of him, except the following of supposition"
    it says:
    "they are surely in doubt regarding him"
    its by you and is easy. turn off your computer and go to some library or church and research it and if you see there is no doubt and you could find clear reply about end of Jesus (PBUH) then Koran is wrong.
  • May 3 2011: "give me some examples of diiferent bibles which are accepted by christians , becasue I don't know what you are talking about"
    look here and say how many you can find:
    God sent just one Bible to Jesus (PBUH)
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      May 4 2011: "God sent just one Bible to Jesus" no He didn't , .................. there isn't said anything about the existence of more Bibles in christianity ...................there are more translates of it of course but there isn't no main differences between them .
      • May 5 2011: after Jesus (PBUH) went in sky, all bibles was collected from people and all was dislimned (extirpated) and for many years Christians had no Holey book. and then some of apostles and religious leaders decided to make book and different versions of bible was written by them. then from all of them 4 best version of bible was selected and others were not confirmed by church. many of researchers believe and say the writers of that 4 bible were not direct pastel of Jesus (PBHU). and until year 170 nothing by name of bible existed. this was a short explain and if you want to know more details about distortion of Bible please read this book from Maurice Bucaille:
        not 100% of Bible is distorted. but not 100% of it is valid and original. it is partially distorted. and perhaps more than partially.
  • May 3 2011: "'believing by heart' ?"
    heart has 2 meanig:
    1- tool for pumping blood. in medicine
    2- soul and sprite and think and wisdom and belief=heart. in religious and Love field

    when some one say you: you are in my heart. what it means?

    God do not want to see anything but himself in your heart.
    "heart is a home special for God, so do not settle any other in that home"
    if you love food more than God then the food is in your home. if you become angry and do not control yourself because of God, then a dog is in your heart.
    if you speak your mother loud then Satan is in your heart.
    Satan is always trying to find a way and a hole to your heart.
    wine is the key and the start of many sins. wine cause adultery, and other sins like a chain. and wine is corrosive to wisdom the most valuable property of human and if some one drink wine, God not accept any worship from him until 40 days.
    when some one drink wine then the job of Satan becomes very easy.
  • May 3 2011: "why is it so important to accept that Muhammad was the messanger of Allah"
    if you do not so, you have rejected the messenger of God that you lived in his time. current time is for Muhammad (PBUH) because no new messenger has come after him yet. and you are people of Muhammad (PBUH) and all people in world living now. muhammad appeared in Arabia, but is not just messenger of Arabs. he is messenger of all humans and you can not find in Koran that he is just for Arabs and all audiance of Koran is to all people of world, not just arabs. at past world had 3 main power: arabs,roman, sasanid (Persia). muhammad (PBUH) immediately after becoming prophet sent letter to sasanid and roman empires. the sasanid emperor not accepted and teared up the letter. but roman emperor asked some questions and said I personally accept and I am sure this is lettter from next messenger Jesus (PBUH) said us, but I am sure my people not accept and he consulted to top church leader of that time and he kissed that letter and changed his black cloth to white and told people: I have for you the letter of Ahmad (the name of Muhammad in Bible is Ahmad). but finally some people killed that leader of church.
    if you not accept messenger of God, God not accept you at judgement day.
    the first questions after death are:
    who is your God?
    what is your religion?
    who is your prophet?
    who is your Imam? (Imam means the true successor a prophet and also prophets are Imam. Imam=substitute of God on earth and at any time at least one Imam exist on earth and is not exist, earth will sink all its people. also meaning of word of Imam is leader, front and has other meaning same as leader of country)
  • May 3 2011: "why to not accept the christian version of only one God ?"
    as I know christian version of God is a triple God. father, son and spirit of God. or some thing like that.
    it is not one God. God do not hate anything more than partnership in worshiping and obeying.
    God just accept who are Unitarian.
    also if there is any one God in Christianity at this time God do not accept any religion but Islam. at the same reason you accepted Jesus (PBUH) you should now accept Muhammad (PBUH). there is no difference between them. all messengers of God are the same. and every believer should follow the messenger of his own time. not a messenger at past. because when God send a new messenger the religion of previous messenger become expired automatically and all should follow new messenger. its like a soldier in battle field when top commander decide to change the commander and assign new commander to you. or like a worker in factory that top boss decide to change the manager of that worker. the God is important, not messenger. and if messenger is important it is because of God. not because of messenger himself. messenger without God is nothing.
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      May 4 2011: "as I know christian version of God is a triple God. father, son and spirit of God'' you don't know too well what are you talking about.
      "when God send a new messenger the religion of previous messenger become expired automatically" oups , so everyting what had been until Muhammad is wrong , expired?
      • May 5 2011: "don't know too well what are you talking about."
        I am talking about Trinity:
        if I am wrong please explain me. thank
        "so everyting what had been until Muhammad is wrong , expired?"
        not wrong but not valid any more and expired and God does not satisfy people continues the past religion.
        always the pas has no conflict by new. but new is more complete. its like upgrading an antivirus software. (the most dangerous virus is Satan)
  • May 3 2011: continue from previous comment:
    and so big tax and income that in the time prophet all was spending for welfare of people and prophet himself had a very poor life with a very plain cloth and with a donkey and very little food. he said always:"poverty is my honor". and Islam has a law:"the leader of a society should have the welfare at the same level of poorest member of that society". and so the only way prophet could eat a good food was that all people could eat that good food.
    those people (who had power before prophet) waited until death of prophet to get power and control huge income of Islam from all Territory. God has a law:"any prophet before his death should introduce his successor (selected by God) to people and people should can know that successor very very clear". (also Jesus (PBOH) did so, and Koran says:
    and this is clear in Gospel of Barnabas.
    and also Muhammad did so:

    but those people waiting for opportunity using their power and money and advertising and controlling people and threading people could get power after prophet and the ugly and tearjerker story of Islam started from death of prophet like medieval started after death of Jesus (PBOH). this is repeated story of human all over the history. but real believers always can find the right way in this dark jungle. God never let his light (signs and guide) be extinguished:

    do you know who was real successor of Jesus (PBOH)? if you do not know that you are not a real believer.
    he was Simon, son of hamun also son of uncle of Mariam (peace on her).
    do you know him?
    I do not know if he could get power or not? do you know? (usually reply is no for most messengers)

    now I think you got your reply.
  • May 3 2011: "why do matter so much who was the successor of Muhammad after his death"
    at time of Muhammad the religion and politics was one and mixed together and not separate. the religious leader and governor (president) was one (Muhammad) and actually true Islam includes politics and all aspects of human life.
    Islam includes politics, medicine, social, eating, sleeping, speaking, physics, chemistry, praying, war, and all aspects of human life. Islam has instructions for all aspects of human life. it is impossible you ask a question about any aspect of life and Islam has no instruction for that. for example how to brush teeth? how to sleep? how to walk? how to make food? how to slaughter the animals? how to drink at day and how drink at night? what foods should not be eat together? what herb is good for what disease? which birds eat? which not eat? what fish eat and what not eat? in what direction sleep? how to pray god? how to war cloth? what color is best for cloth? what color for shoe? and thousands of thousands instructions for life. there are many books extracted from Koran for detailed instructions of life.

    before Muhammad (PBOH) some Arab kings were rich and was controlling people and people were praying statue and they had 2 big statue (Lat and Oza) as God and those kings had many income (tax,...) from people.
    when prophet came those kings started conflicting prophet because he was a danger for their incomes and even they had many wars but finally prophet was winner after many wars because support of God. at time of Muhammad there was no empire and Muhammad was tax collector at the same time. those people had power before prophet when see can not compete prophet and had no way unless war or accepting Islam. so they decided to be Muslim (in appearance and really enemy of him) and waited for a political opportunity to get power again (killing prophet or ...). at time of Muhammad (PBOH) many countries converted to Islam and Islam has a very big Territory ..
    • Comment deleted

      • May 3 2011: Dear Birdia Tak Wai Chan,
        the Islam says what colors are better for what. also it is not Must. in Islam each doings is in one category:
        1- Wajib (must be done. like worship every day)
        2- Mustahab (better to be done, but not must. like saying hello to people)
        3-Mubah (nutral, with no moral vaue, like drinking water)
        4- Makruh (better to not done, like eating while stomach is full)
        5- Haram (must not done, like drinking wine)

        about your question, this is reply of God:

        a yellow shoe from skin of yellow cow. bright in color - pleasing to the observers.
        make sure that color makes observers pleasing. because God says that.
      • May 3 2011: Dear Birdia,
        thanks for poem.
        a poem from Saadi:

        بنى آدم اعضای يك پیکرند
        که در آفرينش ز یک گوهرند
        چو عضوى به درد آورد روزگار
        دگر عضوها را نماند قرار
        تو کز محنت دیگران بی غمی
        نشاید که نامت نهند آدمی

        The poem is translated by M. Aryanpoor as:

        Human being are members of a whole,
        In creation of one essence and soul.
        If one member is afflicted with pain,
        Other members uneasy will remain.
        If you've no sympathy for human pain,
        The name of human you cannot retain!

        by H. Vahid Dastjerdi as:

        Adam's sons are body limbs, to say;
        For they're created of the same clay.
        Should one organ be troubled by pain,
        Others would suffer severe strain.
        Thou, careless of people's suffering,
        Deserve not the name, "human being".

        and the last translation by Dr. Iraj Bashiri:

        Of One Essence is the Human Race,
        Thusly has Creation put the Base.
        One Limb impacted is sufficient,
        For all Others to feel the Mace.
        The Unconcern'd with Others' Plight,
        Are but Brutes with Human Face.

        it is impossible to translate Persian poems by same beauty and meaning. also Koran.
  • May 3 2011: "so do you understand how to make a dead alive again for example ? "
    I not understand. and this miracle is not for my time of living. this miracle was for people living at time of messenger Jesus (PBOH), not for now. if was at that time still I could not understand how he do it. but it is clear death has no drug. but this is piece of cake for who created human and created live and death (God) and God can grant this power to any one likes.
    miracle is not special for prophets. some people who are close friend of God can do that. they are few but exist at any time. this is a law of God: "if you love God, God loves you and you become same as God. when God Intend some thing say it: be, so it becomes. and you say be and it becomes". for example you say to a dead man: be alive, and he becomes alive. or any other work. for example you say to sun after it set: come back, and sun comes back.
    but first you should become close friend of God and it is when you Love God more than anything else and pray God specially at dawn. who is asleep at dawn will not be close friend of God and will not visit God.
    any one can reach to the same level of prophets and have all powers of prophets but except revelation. revelation is special for prophets.
    "Explain me a bit about miracles."
    this is miracle: anything you Intend in Nature you say: be and it becomes.
    this is a power God gives to his close friends.

    "but who make the miracle the prophet himself or God through the prophet?"
    God through the prophet
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      May 3 2011: "I not understand" perfect then do you agree with what I said? if not why?.......................you wrote many things , I'll read them ............. please still visit this converstaion .
      • May 4 2011: "then do you agree with what I said"
        you said many things? which you mean?
        we did not see miracles of Jesus (PBUH) also miracles of Muhammad (PBUH) at their time. but we can see the holey book of Koran and Bible. but Koran is better because the no doubt about to be distorted and all 1.5 Billion Muslim have just one Koran and no one claim Koran is distorted and all accept all words of Koran are exactly the same as words exited from mouth of prophet. the only doubt remains is that prophet be liar (god forgive me) that it has its special proofs.
  • May 3 2011: "New Testament is about the Jesus sayings
    perhaps you know about the scrolls from the Dead Sea"
    I do not know about it. Bible is distorted from medieval times and before that, not recently.
    maybe scrolls from the Dead Sea are distorted too.
    please study about "gospel of Barnabas".
    it is min. distorted and most near to truth.
    please go to http://www.barnabas.net/ and find the word "Mohammed" in his Gospel also about birth of Jesus of Virgin Mary (peace on them) You can also read the Gospel of Barnabas.

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      May 3 2011: No SR , in judgement you should consider the all possibilities and you don't, this is very sad , I will read this book when I will have enough time but from what I know now (wikipedia ...........) I don't think I'll find something which will destroy what says the Bible..............but I'll read it.
      I don't think your argument with the idea that the Bible is distorted stand because for someone who read the Bible it's imposible to not see the continuity of it , to not see that the all Bible is about the same God , and who study the Bible can say you that no verse is in contradiction with the others, can bring to you thousands of proofs of this kind . It's enough only to look for example at the anglican church Bible interpretation .
      • May 4 2011: yes, right, we should consider all possibilities. but when you want to find a valid and 100% true text, if there is just 1% probability that one text is distorted then that text is not valid any more. but it is not 100% invalid at the same time.
        its good that you want to read Gospel of Barnabas. please while reading consider comparing it with bible and you will find out distortions in bible.
        the name of next messenger is mentioned in the bible or not? do you believe a messenger of God do no introduce the next messenger of God at all?
        "I don't think your argument with the idea that the Bible is distorted stand"
        please do some research about that and make sure. just the triple God is enough for distortion.

        "and who study the Bible can say you that no verse is in contradiction with the others"
        1- which kind of reading? simple review? or rational and critical?
        2-who makes distortion is not stupid and do his job very perfect and its not easy to see distortion.
        for example triple God is not distortion? there is no God more than one God.
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          May 4 2011: SR , you don't understand something about the christian God , there is ONLY one God , I know it is kinda difficult to understand how from in a god to exist three Gods and at the same time all these three Gods to made up only one God (I don't know if what I'll say is corect but for a simple understanding is enough to think at the chrisitan God (one single God) who manifest Himself in three possible ways and you so have only one God and at the same time three Gods).
          Hey SR , suppose you are christain and as any christian you believe that the Bible is 100 percent true , what you will do when someone else would say you that the Bible is distorted only becasue (you didn't say anything else , I wanna some historical proofs which will share that the Bible is distorted) some others books say it , this isn't a proof , ok?
          About your two points : SR think that are thousands of theologians some of them are genuises ..............
      • May 5 2011: "and at the same time three Gods"
        No, God hate this. God is alone and only one. three God means polytheism, and making partner for God.
        God has no partner.
        "distorted only because (you didn't say anything else"
        said some things in past comment. these are fagend (vestige). the research is by you.
        also do you consider Gospel of Barnabas valid? if no why? prove it is not valid.
        please read it and compare it by your bible and will understand distortions.
        "SR think that are thousands of theologians some of them are geniuses"
        please do more research. world is very dark. not any thing all say is true:
  • May 3 2011: "son of God"
    why God needs son?
    son is for what?
    sex and regeneration is for what? it is for a spice not be extincted.
    if there is no sex and regeneration all humans and animals will disappear on earth.
    so God left (programmed) human to enjoy sex and sex is a tool for maintaining the generation of a spice.
    why we eat? because we enjoy eating.
    why we do sex? because enjoy it.
    actually they are tools from God for human to human not extinct.
    why a mom carry a heavy weight 9 month with many pain and harm? is a mom crazy?
    why human work so much to make and spend time and waste time to put so much material in his mouth? is not it silly?
    if some alien come in earth and see doings of eating and sex they will laugh to human.
    son is for regeneration. son is needed for who needs regeneration. son is for who fear from extinct.
    does God fear? God fear from extinct? God is first of first and end of end. God is not human, God is not material.
    please read my noteshere:
    any thing needs son, Indeed it is not God, God never die.
    God is alone and is only one.
    Jesus (peace on him) had worship.
    worship is for who?
    so he is not God. he is servant of God.
    maybe son means God created him with no father.
  • May 3 2011: "You've made a very dangerous afirmation :"but problem is that the Original Bible can not be found today" which I can't believe that it's true , there are too many evidence against it. "
    I do not mean all the Bible is distorted. it is generally and most true. but as it is partially distorted it not valid no more. because no one know what part is distorted and what part is original.
    yes, there is too many evidence for Bible, we not disagree that. but please note they are about Original Bible. and today bible is not distorted completely, so many parts of it are wonder and miracle and true. but we can not accept all the today Bible as truth. is some parts of Bible are distorted it still has many evidences and scientific miracles.
    evidences showing Bible is distorted are long and detailed.
    please read this to find out more:

    I wonder you are looking true and not want to read some books.
    dear brother there is an important law:
    food comes to you even with little work, but knowledge and truth does not come to you and you should come to it.
    you want to sit on chair and drink cofee and truth come to your room and knock door and say hello I am near you! No, it is impossible, you should try to find truth. truth is expensive and no money can buy truth. the price of truth is yourself. your "self". you should discard your "self" to find truth. I mean discarding what yourself ask you. (much sleep, much food, angry, wine, wishes, being lazy,...)
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      May 3 2011: "I do not mean all the Bible is distorted" you know the Bible is completely agreeing in itself , it have continuity in what says , how could I explain it (if it is partially distorted) ?
      You are right in your last paragraph...............but I wanna see your opinions .
      • May 4 2011: please consider this that son and father are the same. this makes many contradicts.
        do you accept son is father in today bibles?
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          May 4 2011: what are the contradictions?
      • May 4 2011: Dear Richard Dawson,
        could you understand meaning of verse 5:68? please first read some translations and some valid tafseer then conclude.
        about http://prophetofdoom.net/ I agree some but disagree most of it.
        for example it did not say anything about:

        "Even a cursory reading of the Qur'an is sufficient to prove that it is a fraud."
        I am reading it for years and did not found fraud. but all truth. but if read it by clear heart.
        no one can touch deep meaning of Koran unless has purified his heart from ugly morals.
        this is promise of God.
        but if read it by clean heart can reach its deep meanings.
        Koran has many levels of meanings. translation if Koran is just surface.
        "devoid of context"!!!!
        how many times you have read Koran with think?
        "Such a creative spirit wouldn't need to plagiarize. "

      • May 5 2011: "what are the contradictions?"
        please read other comment here starting with:"son of God"
        it makes God needing the regeneration.
        God does not need anything.
        God created Jesus (PBUH) like created Adam from no father. God has no son.
  • May 3 2011: "US and Europe are somehow the leaders of the world,.."
    No, not think
    real best leader is who is best human. not best killer.

    God can be seen by Khomeini. know him well
    • thumb

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      May 3 2011: I don't think that in our world a leader should bother himself too much with the humanistic side of the life , if you'll look in the history you'll find out what I'm talking about.

      Khomeni , I know some things about him and he was a good politician too , this say everything .
      • May 4 2011: "I don't think that in our world a leader should bother himself too much with the humanistic side of the life "
        but I think. when a word exit from mouth of a leader if has effect on millions or billions of peoples life and maybe waste rights of many peoples all over the world.
        if some leader can not control himself (from angry, greed,....) how can control people with fair and just?

        thanks for your Idea about Khomeini. I love him and I consider him as my father, because he bring in me to a new universe. (spiritual universe). he was the only who one turned on light of God in world when all the world was dark.
        did you read any of his works?
        I see God through him.
        He was a real Muslim and a real Believer. not just Muslim in name.
        he could reach to the level of perdition in God.

        one day some one came to Khomeini and said I want to be your soldier. Khomeini showed him stove with fire and said him: go into fire. that man said: what? I come in fire? no.
        then Khomeini said to some one near him: go to fire. and he Immediately went in fire and sit there with no problem.
        then Khomeini said to first man: I want such soldiers.
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          May 4 2011: I don't wanna be rude with you but you don't know what are you talking about (this is about politics)
      • May 5 2011: sorry to disturb you.
        Khomeini is a moral and religious leader rather than politics.
        politics is a small part of his life.
        I mean his spiritual aspects of life.
        among all his books, only one of his books is partially related to politics.
        politics is bad? why speaking of politics is bad?
        he is really a close friend of God and a good teacher for learning how to visit God and becoming a close friend of God.
        religion and politics are not independent. and if a religion is separate of politics that religion is not complete and is defective.
  • May 3 2011: Dear Eduard,
    I apologize you,
    I not replied some your questions.
    "how could I know what revelation is true from so so many revelations?"
    revelation=truth and truth=revelation. if not then no truth exist and we all become crazy. God created truth, not humans. and our mind is programmed by God to accept truth. why animals do not accept truth even if Einstein speech for them? after speech they still eat grass and do sex, same as before speech.
    all revelation are true. God created our rational and wisdom. if God change our wisdom. so out true will change and then for example it is possible 1+1=500. God created our wisdom and our wisdom is like a map and God left some signs in earth for us to we find and go to him using map and signs. but people are free to go to God or not go. but no human has claim against God at Judgement day. because left enough map and enough signs for human. and the best sign available today is Koran and also all part of nature is a sign. for example your body. it is very very advanced and complicated. do you know how many books is written just about cell? I think at least thousand. how evolution can make it? evolution is just a theory (guess). just a tool for understanding nature. and maybe God wanted to create us using evolution.
    the problem is that not revelations available today are original. most of the are changed and distorted during history mostly by worldly empires wanted to people believe and obey them with no protest and pay tax in peace.
    if people believe their king is from God then pay with peace of mind because they are paying to God, not to a king.
    so before accept any revelation better to research if it is distorted or not, then accept it.
    we do not know any revelation today more valid than Koran. do you know?
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    Apr 27 2011: "Timewave zero" is a numerological formula that purports to calculate the ebb and flow of "novelty", defined as increase over time in the universe's interconnectedness, or organized complexity.[62] According to Terence McKenna the universe has a teleological attractor at the end of time that increases interconnectedness, eventually reaching a singularity of infinite complexity in 2012, at which point anything and everything imaginable will occur simultaneously."

    "McKenna expressed "novelty" in a computer program which purportedly produces a waveform known as timewave zero or the timewave. Based on McKenna's interpretation of the King Wen sequence of the I Ching,[40] the graph appears to show great periods of novelty corresponding with major shifts in humanity's biological and sociocultural evolution. He believed that the events of any given time are recursively related to the events of other times, and chose the atomic bombing of Hiroshima as the basis for calculating his end date of November 2012. When he later discovered this date's proximity to the end of the 13th b'ak'tun of the Maya calendar, he revised his hypothesis so that the two dates matched."
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      Apr 27 2011: very interesting.......thank you
  • Apr 26 2011: Self-fulfilling prophecy is the darnedest.

    We are set to reach a new celestial age, the age of Aquarius. People have interpreted it incorrectly as the end of time. We are seeing more and more incredible natural disasters because of climate disruption. Aliens certainly have not visited earth, come on now think about it.

    If we would all just engage in a little more critical thinking we will be just fine.
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      Apr 26 2011: could you give us more details about this new age ?
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    Apr 25 2011: Is it possible that we are the life which occurred as the effect of the end of a world?
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      Apr 26 2011: the idea is interesting , but the end of what world ?
  • Apr 23 2011: "What are the possible scenarious for happening it?"
    Quran says it happens immediately and there is no scenarios before it.
    for example some one is eating food and before food reach to mouth it happens.

    but before it happens it is a big war between good people (leading by 12th Imam and Jesus (peace on them)) and bad people.(leading by Satan)
    but this war is not at the same time of Big happening of end of time. ant after that war the good people will have a long time global government in peace for many years and Big happening of end of year is many years after that war.

    this is some of description of end of life in Quran:
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      Apr 23 2011: but can you explain rational why do you say that before the end of the world will be an big war? how can we know who is good and who is bad?
      why do you think that I should believe what say the Quran about the end of the world?
      • Apr 23 2011: there is more than thousands hadith (sayings of prophet Muhammad (peace on him)) and tens of ayah in Koran promising this.
        for example this is one of many ayah of Koran about that:
        http://tanzil.net/#trans/en.sahih/17:81 (this is slogan of 12th Imam and Jesus (peace on them) when they come at the ends of world)
        or: http://tanzil.net/#trans/en.sahih/28:5 or http://tanzil.net/#trans/en.sahih/21:105

        it is not rational.
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          Apr 24 2011: ok , but who is good and who is bad ? because as it is said in that verses only the good people will inherit the paradise.
      • Apr 24 2011: who obey God is good and who deny God is evil.
        and all is said in Koran.
        there is 3 group of people at Judgement day: Right people, left people, Front people
        please read Al-Waqi'a sura (chapter) of Koran to get your reply:
        Muhammad (peace on him) said:
        who read Al-Waqi'a sura every night before sleep God love him and people will love him and will not have bad happening and poverty in world and will be from friends of Muhammad (peace on him) and will visit God while his face is luminary like full moon.
        (note: at judgement day there is no light and water and every where is dark, but just the face of good people has light)

        also please read:
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          Apr 25 2011: another curious thing: the judgement day , when will it happen? have this something to do with the end of the world ? how can I know that it is a future reality ?
          Can you be more precisely about the war that will foretell the end of the world? Will Satan appear in the flesh here on the earth ? Who will be so crazy to follow him if all of us will see him? But Satan (from christian perspective I know who he is) ,but for you who is he?
      • Apr 26 2011: Dear Eduard Ghiur,
        God is best fair and just Judge.
        if some do a deed as small as the smallest particles God accounts it. even God accounts thoughts.
        and gives reward of punishment very exact.
        God is the quickest calculator:

        "the end of the world"
        yes the Judgement day is the end of world and is the last day of world and God change everything including sun, earth, mountains,... and dead people arise from soil and every one should be responsible for his deeds and them according to Judgement and according to balance of deeds every one go to a level of Heaven or a level of Hell.
        this is more details of judgement day (Qiamat in Arabic language):
        The Hereafter - Ma'ad by Ayatullah Dastghaib Shirazi
        Home > Browse Library > Belief & Creed > Resurrection
        Home > Browse Library > Belief & Creed > General
        A detailed account of humanity’s experience of death, and the stages beyond it, including the status in one’s grave, Barzakh, the Day of Judgment (Qiyamah), and the final recourse in Heaven or Hell.

        please go to Chapter 3, Qiyamat

        also this is some of description of Judgement day in Koran:

        "about the war that will foretell the end of the world?"
        its long, but there is many (near 1000) signs mentioned in Koran and sayings of Muhammad about the time of that war. some Islamic religious researchers say near 950 signs are happened until now. but its exact time is Just by God and no one know it. and Muhammad said: who said a time for Appearance day (the day 12th Imam and Jesus appear and come out of Hide) Indeed he is a lair.
        more detail:
        http://www.al-islam.org/commentaryhaeri/ need more?

        Satan appear in the flesh at Judgement day and will be killed by Muhammed (peace on him).
        untill that day Satan can sa
      • Apr 27 2011: untill that day Satan can see human and can enter heart of human (the home of Satan is heart of human), but human can not see it.
        (Iblis is other name of Satan)

        "for you who is he?"
        its long, there is hundreds of sayings about Satan in Koran. if you read Koran, you understand.

        Tafseer of latter portion of Surat al-Qadr by Abu Baqir, Fatima Center, Hayward, California, USA, 29th November, 2001 Views: 2333
        Home > Browse Library > Qur'an and its Sciences > Text, Translation, and Commentaries
        Home > Browse Library > Gallery of Audio, Video, Images, and Calligraphy > Lectures
        [Listen/Watch: 41 min. 47 sec.] [Download: 7.3 MB]
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          Apr 27 2011: so its clear that all your scenario for this events are relying on the Koran and if I will read the Koran carefuly I'll find all about it............................ do you know what's the strange thing? the Bible says almost the same things about the end of the world (a big war , the role of Satan, this judgement day....) , and the Bible had been wrote before the Muhammad birth , why to not believe for example that Muhammad had been taking his ideas from the Bible?

          What do you meant to say with this expressions : "believing by heart " and Satan has as hote the human heart? why don't Satan have as home the human stomach for example (I'm very serious when I'm putting this question)?
      • Apr 29 2011: Dear Eduard Ghiur,
        Koran and Bible both are one message from one source (God) and both for all humans (not just for place they have appeared) but in different time. so it is not wonder to they be similar generally. but they have different in details because as time and context of world changes there is new instructions needed and God updates his accepted religion. also torah and other holy books the same.
        but the problem is that today the only book from God that is valid and it is proved is original is Koran and others have been disappeared or changed (for any reason political or other). even if the original past books can be found today they are not usable (except moral instructions) because when God sends new message or order if new message has conflict with past the past is canceled automatically.
        for example consider you are a soldier in battle field and your commander sends a message that "go ahead" and you obey it. next day your commanders sends new message:"come back". then what you do? you start a philosophical talk by your commander that why your messages have conflict? or just say:"yes sir"?
        also if you study the society beliefs at that time you see it is impossible to Koran be copied from bible. for example the thought of church was controlling all scientific schools and they all said earth is flat. if Koran is copy of bible why Koran said earth is round at that time? also people in Arabia country at that time all believed earth is flat (this is clear in history) but why Koran said earth is flat at the same time church said earth is flat?:
        this is just one little example of thousands. if you want more you should start reading and research until your heart become calm at finding truth.
  • Apr 23 2011: when we are dead and we were soil and bone, then we will be alive and wake up again?

    if this is possible should have at least an evidence. if it is possible so it should be possible our body be selected and collected and made from particles of body distributed in soil this is an evidence:
    did you forget your creation?
    when you was in womb of your mother how your body was collected and made from soil. any food your mother eat is from soil. fruits and meat is finally from soil. plants make food by selecting and collecting particles from soil. so you already are collected and created from soil. so it not impossible a machine or organism like your mothers body collect and create you again from soil after death and you will be alive again. so it is possible.

    when a baby happen from soil so it is possible it happen again.

    this is reply of God to this question:
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      Apr 23 2011: so you say that the process of receiving life will repeat in opposite at my death , yes, that's make sense but after it what will follow?
      • Apr 23 2011: Dear Eduard Ghiur,
        I appreciate you because you are not proud (assumptive ; assured ; bigheaded) and you "ask question". questions cause me not leave TED.
        prophet Muhammad (peace on him) said:
        when someone asked you a question, he has a right on you and this right is removed from you in only2 condition: reply complete and perfect or say I do not know.
        what happens is long.
        this is 2 valid reference, first simple and made like story and second more detailed.

        Journey to the Unseen World
        Home > Browse Library > Kids Korner > Books and Activities
        A picture book with an abridged text of the original book 'Jouney to the Unseen World' in simple English, which discusses the circumtances of life after death.

        The Hereafter - Ma'ad by Ayatullah Dastghaib Shirazi
        Home > Browse Library > Belief & Creed > Resurrection
        Home > Browse Library > Belief & Creed > General
        A detailed account of humanity’s experience of death, and the stages beyond it, including the status in one’s grave, Barzakh, the Day of Judgment (Qiyamah), and the final recourse in Heaven or Hell.
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          Apr 24 2011: we are all human beings and in my opinion S.R. the most clever man will ask the most questions. I don't know how is at you in Iran but ( here in Europe) I feel so much contempt for all who call themselves scientists and look at the others downwards just because they have had the privilege, the opportunity to make some more advanced studies because they can't think better than I and many, very many people do .I think that you should make the same thing : to put questions, doing it you will notice that the most people here on TED do not have continuity in what they say.
          I didn't read your last recomanded book to me because it is too long , but I looked a bit in it and even the first title is :"No Other Source of Knowledge Except Revelation" about what fallows after death , but you know it's only revelation , it isn't necessarily something rational, how could I know that this revelation is true , is good , is something after which I should conduct my life if I do not use my reason?
          Another title (I've read the all paragraph from under this title) "Characteristics of the Hereafter have nothing to do with the Brain" and if it is true , how could I know what revelation is true from so so many revelations?
          I've read you first book but as it is known, it is a book for kids , I have need of some certainties in order to can judge what is said there.
      • Apr 24 2011: Dear Eduard Ghiur,
        thanks, but my evils are more than my goods.
        in Iran scientists are two main group. some has materialist view and their God is Europe and they follow what Europe and US says and do not allow themselves to think against US and Europe and consider them leaders of world.(I think this is much influenced of movies of Hollywood, Hollywood makes 500 movie each year and most by materialist thoughts) also some other are believer scientists and do scientific research while believing God. but those having materialist thoughts still believe God. as I think at least 99% peoples in Iran believe God, but in different levels of believe. most are drawn in every day work and Gos is not important for them while believing God.
        I had put many quesions on TED (and I have many many more questions to put) but TED removed them but "why our universe has laws of physics?" is not still removed.

        "TED Conversation Removal

        Dear S.R. Ahmadi,

        The topic you posted on TED Conversations needs more information to be useful to the community. We've removed the topic for now (copy of text below), but we hope you will re-post it with more details, and possibly a related TEDTalk video."

        I do not know what more Information TED need and I do not care my questions be related to TEDTalk video. some questions seem silly and useless.

        as I see TED has not much activity and influence in conversations and just few people are in conversations but if any one ask question I try my best and do research to post a perfect reply. and I try not say anything from myself, all be from God. I try drink you clean pure water of true from its source spring (Koran)

        "how could I know that this revelation is true"
        it related to this question: if Koran is exact the saying of God or not?
        it has its own proofs and is long. Koran has many many miracles.I say just few here:
        1- even one word of Koran has no conflict with science (valid science, not theory or under research science)
        2- Koran has many many sci
        • thumb

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          Apr 24 2011: Some question are really silly and useless , you are right. You know US and Europe are somehow the leaders of the world, don't you think so? (militatry ......).......... Koran , Quran how is corect?
          "I try drink you clean pure water of true from its source spring (Koran)" i understand this but for me the Koran isn't a clean pure water, ok ? so your arguments do not make too much sense for me , I want to know first why to believe that the Koran is this clean pure water, if you want to tell me. It's a kinda of absurd to say me that the Koran is corect only because the Koran say that it itself is corect.
      • Apr 24 2011: 2- Koran has many many scientific predictions. for example 1400 years ago Koran said earth is round or said when you go up in sky your chest will be pressed. or exact describe of fetus steps in womb or many many scientific predictions.
        3- historical evidences (with no doubt) say Koran has not changed even one world during 1400 years ago (time of Muhammad(peace on him) all all 1.5 Billion Muslims have no doubt about it.
        4- Koran said: if you can make just one chapter or just 10 ayah like Koran. but no one during history could do that. Koran is very very very beautiful sound and literature in its original Arabic language and make arab people entrance. Arabs say Koran is poem but is not poem,...
        5- if you read Koran 1000 times still it is new next time.
        6- there is thousands book written about Koran and all say still we have not discovered one drop of ocean of Koran.
        and many other evidences.
        here is some resources about Koran:

        you are wise human and wise human needs reason and best reason is miracle and best miracle available today is Koran.

        also please watch this movie:
        (I do not know Mis. lesley hazelton and this not mean I confirm all his thoughts, but I confirm this movie is most true)
      • Apr 24 2011: just a few miracles of Koran:
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          Apr 24 2011: I won't contradict you momentaly , out of these kind of arguments is there nothing else ?
          You know a christian will say me almost the same things about the Bible (I grew up in a christian family) why to believe the Quran and to not believe the Bible?
          You know , it's a bit anormal to defend something using what say that thing , using exatcly that thing , isn't it a kind of selfishness ? out of Quran are there no arguments for supporting the Quran?
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          Apr 24 2011: to not think that I'm cantankerous, but the miracle are something what I can't think about , the best reasons aren't the miracles but what you sent me to are really proofs (not miracle, for me now they do not are miracles) for believing the Quran , but the same think is said about the Bible so please me answer at my question about believing in Quran or in the Bible..........thank you.
      • Apr 24 2011: both Koran and Bible are the same and from one God.
        but problem is that the Original Bible can not be found today.
        what today we have access is different distorted versions of sayings of Jesus (peace on him) written many years after him by his followers or followers of followers.
        but this is not about Koran.
        if you can find the original Bible God sent to Jesus (peace on him) OK, very good its valid and usable.
        the only bible which can be said to have min. distortion is Gospel of Barnabas.
        I have no malice or selfishness to Jesus or Christians and I love Jesus very much. I am Muslim but my name is the name of Jesus (peace on him).
        but we should accept this fact that the original bible can not be found today.
        the only way of reading bible is comparing it to Koran and accepting parts that has no conflict by Koran or other way you ensure this is exact the saying exited from mouth of Jesus (peace on him) himself.
        if I was christian (peace on him) now and Jesus was the messenger after Muhammad (peace on him) Immediately with no doubt I would become follower of Jesus (peace on him). because the messenger and name of messenger is not important. who want to know and satisfy and visit is important. messengers are just like a post man. you never care about who is post man. you see who is sender of letter.
        "out of Quran are there no arguments for supporting the Quran?"
        please read above post again. there is many evidences supporting Koran. which of above are not out of Koran?
        what is your definition of miracle and please check bible and Koran are can be considered as miracle by your definition or not.
        • thumb

          E G

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          Apr 25 2011: I have to recognize my ignorance about the Islam (I do not know more than some general things about it, I would like to know more).
          You've made a very dangerous afirmation :"but problem is that the Original Bible can not be found today" which I can't believe that it's true , there are too many evidence against it. First of all , only the New Testament is about the Jesus sayings , and it have been wrote only by the persons who have had a direct contact with Him , you can check it, it's very easy.
          Look a proof (an archeological proof) : perhaps you know about the scrolls from the Dead Sea(it isn't something which can be dismissed so easy) , there have been found the whole book of Isaiah from the Old Testament (Isaiah being a prophet ) and in his book he has predicted the coming of the Jesus Christ as The Son of God(that's only one example , an expert in this kind of problems will say you a lot of this kind) .
          I would like now to try you to present your arguments for the idea that the Bible that we have today isn't original, why do you say it? (to not believe that I'm trying to defend the Bible , I just try to present the deeds how they are as objective as I can and to see your arguments).
      • Apr 24 2011: Jesus (peace on him) had many miracles including he could make dead human alive again or he could make mother born blind into health human can see. or Moses could make a dove by clay and puff to it and it became a live flying dove.

        can you think miracle?
        peoples confirms prophets by miracles.
        • thumb

          E G

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          Apr 25 2011: I have to assure you that I've read carefully your arguments but I have to fill myself a bit because I wasn't so precisely in my question when I asked you if there is nothing else more which will prove the truthfulness of the Koran out of that arguments , I've asked you to share me a proof from something what do not have nothing in common with what said the Koran (like an abstract process of thinking for example) , the fact that science have proved that one of the Koran prediction is corect have something to do with what say the Koran , ok? , all what you said me is linked somehow with what say the Koran, I want to find some objective truths (which have nothing to do with what say the Koran) which will lead me to the conclusion that the Koran is right , can you give me some proofs of this kind?
          I believe in the miracles because I believe in the existence of what's divine , but the miracles are the works of the deity which I cannot understand, I cannot think about (that's my opinion) , now the fact that the univers is expanding isn't something what I cannot understand (of course, I cannot understand it fully) while the making the dead humans live again is a miracle because I cannot understand how it is possible, that's what I meant to say , I think you agree with it , do you?..............and knowing it is easy to see that the wise man do not seek miracles without trying to understand them but to understand the miracles is very difficult (it's actually imposible) using my reason, my intellect , ok?
      • Apr 25 2011: Dear Eduard Ghiur,
        miracle is not what we not understand.
        miracle is what we understand and we have no doubt that any human can not do it.
        why God give different miracle to different prophets? why not same miracle for all prophets (124000 messengers during history). because in each civilization during history one branch of science was more dominant and advanced.
        for example at time of Jesus (peace on him) the medicine was the most important and advanced subject among people. so Jesus (peace on him) did miracles about medicine and as there was many professional doctor and could understand medicine very well.
        I do not know you heard the story of Moses (peace on him) or not. at that time the wizardry was very advanced and important. so he showed such miracles and faroh (king of that time in Egypt) made a big contest between him and best magicians of Egypt and they made many snakes and dragons and all people were looking and he throw his wand and then those magicians prayed him and accepted his God and said we have no doubt this is not magic. but ordinary people did not understand it and did not say such thing as those magicians.
        as Muhammad (peace on him) is final messenger of God and his religion is complete and includes all religions before and has no expire date, and as our era is time of science and think so God selected a suitable miracle for our time and it is the miracle of science. also it is miracle of literature and poem. maybe you not understand Koran, but an expert scientist sure understand it.
        did you check http://www.quranmiracles.com/ ?
        I still not understand what kind of reason you need. any reason is related to Koran.
        if you know the silly beliefs of people in Arabia country when Koran came sure you accept it is impossible any human at that time could write Koran. for example:
        in all Arabia country by many clan less than 30 person had ability of writing (not education, just simple writing). or said stars are daughters of God and they had 2 big Idol
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          E G

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          Apr 25 2011: so do you understand how to make a dead alive again for example ? if you know it you will solve the problems of humanity...........if you understand it please explain and me. I know the story about Moses , explain me a bit how he had done at least this ten miracles which you mentioned about.Explain me a bit about miracles.
          So in your opinion God give miracles to prophets , but who make the miracle the prophet himself or God through the prophet?
          I wanna some objective (objective= which doesn't depend on what say the Koran) arguments in order to prove the truthfulness of the Koran, ok?
          S.R. I understand that you are sincere in your belief but this doesn't help me too much.
      • Apr 25 2011: deities and almost all people was praying statues and they said earth is flat and nothing is under land or many many other silly beliefs.
        please think, from 1400 years to now science had not even one conflict to Koran.
        all Islam is Koran. Islam has nothing but Koran. if some one can prove one word of Koran is false scientifically I accept there is no God.(valid science, not hypothesis, guess or not completed research)
        why people hate church and its bad manners against scientists? Islam is religion of science please as little example look at Avecina
        he is a wonder in medicine. people just know The Canon of Medicine as a wonder Islamic medicine book. but there is near 5000 medicine book from Islamic scientists in history.
        do you know Imam Sadiq (peace on him). if you go back in history of science most science today has root to him.
        for example do you Jabir, the chemist:?
        what is your definition of miracle and do you accept miracle as a proof of it is from God?
        please read:


        Koran is source of all science and every thing is mentioned in Koran. but people leaved it.
        Koran is reminder of God.


        please ask me questions, please ask me questions, please ask me questions.
        not one question, but 40 questions.
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          Apr 25 2011: yes SR I've heard of this muslim scientists even though I do not know to many things about them.
          why the Koran says that Jesus Christ is only a prophet(bring some arguments in disscusion)?
          what is the diffrence between the Sunni Islam and Shia Islam (I've heard something about a problem with a son of Mahommed or something like........)?
          How the Koran say that I can be saved?What I have to do for it?
          Explain me a bit about the Sharia law, what is it?
          Why do you say that the Bible is partialy false ?
      • Apr 26 2011: Dear Eduard Ghiur,
        first I appreciate you, you are not proud and could kill your "self" and ask questions.
        I am sure you will get nice rewards from God by more research about God and Islam.
        Koran says Jesus Christ (peace on him) was a regular human just with no father and God says I created him from no father like I created Adam by no father. God says we blaw in holey Marya (peace on him) and Jesus existed inside her. this is because at that time the cruel roman King could predict birth of a son baby (Jesus) from Imran and will destroy his big empire and they controlled Imran and his wife for this boy when mother of Marya was pregnant. but they wondered when header the child is girl! (Marya) and became very happy that prediction was wrong. then God created Jesus Immediately with no father to not be killed.

        "son of Mahommed"
        Muhammad (peace on him) had no son. just one but died at child age and just one daughter (Fatima (peace on him), she is holy like Marya) so people satirize him and told: hey you have no generation. but God said:
        "the abundance" is large generation and today there is a very large generation of Muhammad in world (I am from them).

        I am sure you header many false things about Muhammad (peace on him).
        please ask all your questions until your heart become calm.

        and please consider the most important note:
        "Islam is what is in Koran"
        "Islam is not ugly behaviors of bad Muslims"

        I just confirm and advocate Koran and Ahl_al-Bayt. not all behaviors Muslims do.

        if you know this you never will lose truth in your life:

        (my dear beloved messenger you are my Cupbearer drinking me every day and night pure wine of knowledge God dedicated to you. I want to share it but people do not ask me. I count days to visit you before or after death.)
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          Apr 26 2011: ok SR, I understand that the Koran says that Jesus Christ was a regular man , only a prophet (you have to know that I've read the Bible , I was born in a christian family and this was a challenge) but why the Koran say so ? give me some reasons, I do not believe a thing only because the Koran says so, why the Koran says that Jesus Christ is only a man and isn't the Son of God how says the Bible? why? if you will say that the Bible isn't totally true , the question is the same: why do you say it? what are the reasons for believing it?
      • Apr 26 2011: "difference between the Sunni, Shia"
        it relates to this question:
        "who was right successor of Muhammad after his death?"
        Sunni's say it was Abubakr and Shia's say it was Ali.
        please read this:
        simple: testify 2 thing:
        1- I testify there is no God but Allah.
        2- I testify Muhammad is messenger of Allah.
        this is saving from fire of Hell. but not means having a very good position in Heaven. Heaven has levels as much as the number of ayah's of Koran (ayah is each numbers sentence of Koran) and good people according to level of their good deeds go to his level.
        "Sharia law"=religion law
        it is some instructions for living. for example you should eat just Halal food and should not eat Haram food (like wine, pork) and do 5 worship (each 5 minutes at home or mosque).
        Sharia does not make any special change in life and even makes it very better. 5 pray is at least a body exercise. and fast in one month each year.
        "Bible is partial false ?"
        its by research. Dear brother today bible is not original and has many changes during history, what you think about Jesus (peace on him) is not real. I strongly recommend you read Gospel of Barnabas at least one and please find how amazing Gospel of Barnabas survived for you. reply is simple: why so many different bibles exist today? how many bible God sent to Jesus (peace on him)? one or many different and some times opposite parts?
        Jesus was not killed, but went in sky and they killed one of his evil apostle God changed his shape like Jesus (peace on him)

        have you seen this wonderfull movie about life of Jesus (peace on him):
        strongly recommend watch it (if you could find!)
        it has a cinema version and also a serial of 20*45min.

        please read:
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          Apr 26 2011: eh
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          E G

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          Apr 26 2011: why do matter so much who was the successor of Muhammad after his death, if they both was perfect convinced of the truth of what had said Muhammad and they both had accepted the same dogma ? what's the point ?
          I believe that there is only on God (I can bring a lot of proofs for it) but why to believe that Allah is this god , why to not accept the christian version of only one God ?
          why is it so important to accept that Muhammad was the messanger of Allah (you said that had been 124000 of messangers during the history) why Muhammad is special?
          Can you be more exatcly , what means this expression 'believing by heart' ? how I know as every normal human being the main function of my heart is to pomp blood.
          give me some examples of diiferent bibles which are accepted by christians , becasue I don't know what you are talking about( in christianity the Bible is with very little differences the same).
          "and for their saying, 'We killed the Messiah, Jesus the son of Mary, the Messenger (and Prophet) of Allah' They did not kill him, nor did they crucify him, but to them, he (the crucified) had been given the look (of Prophet Jesus). Those who differ concerning him (Prophet Jesus) are surely in doubt regarding him, they have no knowledge of him, except the following of supposition, and (it is) a certainty they did not kill him. " very very interesting but how can you prove it (with solid historical and archeological arguments) ?
          the movies do not are proofs , they are only a mean to say your ideas , perhaps I will watch this movie.
          Can you say me more things about the Gospel of Barnabas ? I don't know too much about it , who was this Barnabas , was he the somehow the biblical personage ?
          sorry but I can't read all you have sent me, I would like to find out more things from you .
          From what I've heard about this law Sharia this instruction of living are very rough , what can you tell me about it? and why do you think that doing something with my body (to not pork or to drink
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          Apr 26 2011: to not eat pork or drink wine for example) help me in living better?
      • Apr 26 2011: Dear Eduard Ghiur,
        "because the Koran says so"
        I think you have not read my noted carefully.
        the proof is not only because the Koran says so.
        the reason is:
        1- historical research say this
        2-Gospel of Barnabas say this
        3- church wanted keep and control people so did not spread such information and still keep them secret. (I heard church sells heaven, right?)
        4-wisdom and rational says Jesus (peace on him) is not son of God. God needs regeneration? is God human of animal to need regeneration? will God die to need a son to continue his way? why God needs son? having son is a sign of limitations and weak and death.

        please first see the movie http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Messiah_%28Iranian_film%29
        and read Gospel of Barnabas, then yourself decide.
      • Apr 27 2011: "1 day ago: to not eat pork or drink wine for example) help me in living better? ",
        yes, I am sure.
        but if you are not sure please ask scientists first. maybe they have discovered the harms of wine and pork for human body. Koran does not need development and learning. God has absolute knowledge and so his Book has no error. even scientists have not found the scientific facts of Koran. I am sure Indeed no scientists can prove Koan has just one scientific error.
        who created wine and pork and human know better if they have harm on human or not.
        do you think what is the reason of many unknown diseases and cancers and HIV and many other sicks scientists can not treat them still or do not understand it at all?
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          E G

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          Apr 27 2011: at your last question the answer is simple : the sin from a religious perspective but there are thousands of scientific answers which explain the casue of diseases. But why to not eat pork or to drink wine ? this aren't harmful at all in moderate quantities.
          I've said you I've read the Bible , i have an idea what is it about , and the Bible do not allow us to sell heaven , in fact any rational christian know it.
          I do not see too well what you meant at your fourth , do God needs regeneration? what do you meant to say with it?
          How in your opinion to have a son means to be weak, how is it a sign of death? please be a bit more specific.
          "why God needs son?" this is an absurd question because God in the christian view is only a person , is only an entity.
          I'm very curious to find out at least one historical proof which will prove what you say only because I don't know anyone.

          And about all SR the question stays the same : why to believe the Koran or the Gospel of Barnaba and to not believe the Bible?

          About your third I have to tell you that I'm not adept of any conspiracy theory because daily life refute it. I'm not a christian yet but really I do not see the point of believing the Koran
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    Mar 7 2011: I suppose the worse aspect we can create is believing it has that kind of ending. This issue right now is the move forward non-uniformity the largest scare I believe in the public isn't death but meaningless creation. This isn't one that can be or used as penalty, but becomes penalty as the slight variations are never re-uniformly presented, and uniformity is used to create predictably and harsh circumstance later on. It is an implementation that it is produced to allow for evolving transition to produce dynamic and consequential lifestyle within the current forms of ones country and possible the world. It is possible that all being created today , creates the dynamic but ultimately we will have set forms of poverty behind us and simply remember through education as it becomes too selfish and disturbing to oneself to believe the balance is in a mass low end .

    I believe if we allow this to continue the end of earth really becomes the media cartoon idiocracy, a post Armageddon. media based lifestyle, Well Depicted in the Film A.I. as well as some of the others. The way you actually have stated the comment you kind of believe we are set to have so many people not care and get angry they will launch nuclear weapons until there is nothing left. The issue is , we obviously care, and that can only be someone in Russia's hope or likely a low lying member in America. The issue as always becomes we aren't doing enough to support business while pretending we are. I do know the feeling of wanting to wake up America and sometime show them their meaningless worth they have self created through generations of simply not abiding to any of the natural standards we have created in America or around the World. Though in the end the answer always becomes support one another for what they really want to do or have done. If your answer is to just kill you can not register as a leader, unless its population control. In which case you still have support business and industry.
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      Mar 8 2011: I agree but we should be however very carefully about it.
  • Mar 6 2011: Nature put into place the best safe-guard ever, the instinct for survival! This will not help us however, when the time comes for the sun to take us and all the surrounding planets on a journey of no return. Science reckons this will take about 15 billion years, so no reason to worry just yet. Nature has managed to help life to survive over the last few billion years by changing life to suit the changes and I expect it will when the time comes for the last throws of Earth. If we know it's going to happen then evolution knows and will adjust to suit whatever comes.
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      Mar 6 2011: but how about climate change for example or about the earth population overcrowding?
      • Mar 6 2011: In terms of climate change we see some positive signs like introduction of electric cars on large scale, increasing number of solar panels installations both for commercial and private needs, introduction of smart meters that help us to save electricity, improved technology to decrease consumption of electronics and so on.

        I am hopeful that the new generation of nuclear reactors that India, China and US works on will further help with energy needs.

        For Earth population, if we can bring education to everyone in the world we can keep population on the same levels or even lower it. It has been shown that birth rates drop substantially when basic needs are satisfied as it already happened in the Europe and North America. We also see decreasing birth rates in Middle East, Asia and elsewhere from a few decades ago. Again, when women have education and choice they seem to prefer smaller families.
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          Mar 6 2011: so you gave me some solution and you let me to understand that we have the means to solve any problems for having an peaceful and prosper future and you are right............ but yet I"m still doubting , a person like Hitler (from seven billions) could very quikly appear, and now we really have very strong means to destroy the earth , and look at the conflicts between israeli people and palestinians , Iran , North Korea..........what you think?
      • Mar 6 2011: Hi Eduard, this post is a reply to your post about conflicts like Iran etc

        Yes it is scare to think that Hitler seems to gain power by, to some degree, political campaign. However we live in a very different world today. I believe that education is the answer to most world problems. With lack of proper education (which in my mind includes ethics, history, social and political science etc.) people will make uninformed choices. So if we can improve education (and I see that access to education is improving all over the world) then people will not allow extremists like Hitler to take over. Look at Middle East and how educating people are fighting for democracy =)

        Yes it is unfortunate that Istraelies and Palestinians do not reach agreement. I wish they would and I hope they eventually will do so. However this conflict dates centuries back so it will take time.

        I know many people from Iran and I know that most Iranians want freedom and democracy and are very educated people. Most people agree that it is only a question of time before the current regime is overthrown by the people.

        Yes we have still problems but overall it seems that we are making the world a better place with less wars than every before?
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          Mar 7 2011: I won't be so sure ...........maybe aren't mondial wars but there's something else more subtil : the instilled fear.
      • Mar 14 2011: Climate change or overcrowding will be solved, if not by our intelligence then by nature. We haven't come this far, for it all to end just like that, what a waste of time that would have been.
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          Mar 15 2011: but Derek as Birdia (and myself) have said here , everything is meant to have an end what do you think about that? and for who is a waste of time?.......

          (I wanna keep the conversation going becasue it's interesting for me)....anyway thank you for your comment.
  • Mar 5 2011: When I lived in communism, we were constantly being told that nuclear war is about to happen. I think it was a way to control people so that they live in fear and do not think much about freedom and other ideals =)

    Today, I think we see some very positive social movements and technological progress that is, from my perspective, making the end of the world much less likely. People are more concerned and equipped to deal with problems. Our awareness of our fragile environment, causes of war and inequity is bigger than ever before. People are getting together (outside of any institutions) to change the world for better.

    With organizations like Wikileaks and Aljazeera, we have better visibility into our governments and what is happening in other countries. Free flow of information through the Internet allows people to take on dictators.

    Of course, there is still a danger e.g. with Iran developing and using its nuclear weapons but overall US and Russia both continuously working together and decreasing their nuclear stock pile. The level of nuclear weapons is much lower than just 20 years ago.

    So for me, the exciting beginning of a new era just began and the Internet is its first manifestation.
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      Mar 6 2011: you are very optimistic
      • Mar 6 2011: Perhaps I am. Perhaps our media are constantly feeding us mostly with bad news, murders and accidents and do not show how much good and how many positive changes are happing in the world. People then do not have the full picture. I stopped watching TV news and newspapers long time ago and I find it depressing every time I happen to see them again.

        Please have a look at speeches from Hans:

        I think Hans is showing us the world trends are positive.
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          Mar 6 2011: but this things really happen , should we turn our eyes from everything what's bad?
      • Comment deleted

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          Mar 6 2011: I really very agree with that , seem to me very ..maybe I'll try myself that
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          Apr 24 2011: amen birdia..and to that I would add Eduard that the internet is as vast and woderful as the library at Alexandra might have been..you can discover the truth for yourself and you will find in your serach..many others are asking the same quesuions and have the same concerns.
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          Apr 25 2011: I agree , but what you think about the end of the world? will it happen soon?
      • Mar 6 2011: Hi Eduard, you are asking "but this things really happen , should we turn our eyes from everything what's bad?"

        You are right. We cannot turn our eyes on everything that is bad. Rather I think we need to focus on bad things that we can change. Basically I don't need to or want to know about every murder case that happens in my city or in other cities. It makes me depressed and it does not really reflect the fact that murder cases in my area are very rare. However I like to know about local problems I can help to solve e.g. by donation or volunteer work.

        We also need to know about wars and politics as we have power to influence both. We need to know about global warming so that we can adjust our behavior and consumption habits etc. =)
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          Mar 7 2011: ok.....i understand your point
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    Mar 4 2011: um,that is hard to say,but the end of the world? oh no,that won't happen when i am alive,i think,that maybe a long long time later,no matter that will happen or not,i will live a better life,that will be the most important thing to me now,haha,wish you can also have a great day
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      Mar 5 2011: interesting ........thanks
      • Mar 19 2011: Hi Eduard. The end of the world is a certainty, but that does not mean it will be the end of human life. The end is assumed to be billions of years away and who knows what will happen by then. The other question about could man destroy life on Earth himself; lets look a bit further ahead. When Neil Armstrong walked on the moon, he gazed up at our world suspended in the night sky, he felt no predjuces towards his fellow man, no colour or creed. He only felt love for all life that dwelt there. This love must be lying dormant in all of us as we have all trod the same path down the ages. The future looks full of promise.
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          Mar 22 2011: I won't dismiss you but something still make me to don't think at an future full of promise.........anyway..... thanks . You know ,we all love the life but it doesn't mean that we won't bring predjudices to our lifes..............and by who is assumed that the end will be bilions of years away ? I'm very interested about it.