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Have there be a general tax for gas, electricity, water and housing without the bureaucratic entanglement of having to apply these things.

I work in the social services field and what I notice is that before someone can truly move forward in their life with education, vocational and social goals one must have a warm place to sleep without the worries of paying bills that are contingent on stable income and even living skills etc.

Yeah, I know, that's pretty much a given, right? If that is so, why are our social constructs failing many?

We employee thousands of people, and spend billions, to work this entangled system and throw money at a problem that never gets solved, so we would save money minimizing this humongous social services bureaucracy. It is in need of steam-ling.

We could minimize the cost of this venture by making amenities as 'green' as possible so that it can fit within the national budget.

This 'new social project' can be available to those who need it. Who would qualify?

Those living under a certain economic threshold and have it be connected to all so that even those earning a high wage who don't qualify for it can transition into it they ever find themselves in need-like our many unemployed people now, for example.

Have it be a system tied to fingerprints, or iris identification so that there is little or no fraud and let's start living like the First World country we are supposed to be.

I know it may mean that it could eliminate my type of job but it's worth it, in the long run and in the name of humanity.

Other factors will have to be addressed-like population growth etc. and maybe we can have incentives for people to transition out of the system like maybe some tax benefits etc.

What I'm really seeking here is better, thoughtful solutions that actually work for all. I wonder how we could make this work because I find what we do in the social services field leaves too many people quite literally 'out in the cold.'

What say you?

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    Jan 26 2012: Look up the documentary "Designing a Great Neighborhood", it's on netflix and might interest you.