Neel Prabhu

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How do I update my profile regarding my favourite talk, speakers .. etc ?

I was trying to figure out the edit option for entering the details regarding my favourite but couldnt figure out

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    Dec 26 2011: Instead of going into edit profile, look at the top of the page. There are a number of links in four separate columns. On the far left column, there are four links: Talks, Speakers, Themes, and Translations. Follow the link which represents which aspect of your profile you want to highlight. Once you select a Talk, a Speaker, or a Theme, look you for a link which says "Add to my Favorites." Click that.


    You can also have favorite Profiles. If you see a profile that you like, look for the Add to my Favorites link again. This way, you can help keep track of interesting people or conversations.
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    Dec 27 2011: Thanks a ton Joseph. I appreciate your help and assistance. I could add the link to my favourites but tried the same for the speakers and themes which I couldn't.