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2011: what are the 3 things ( in three sentences) that you learned this year watching TED?

As we we review our year what are 3 things you took from TED this year.

Was this your first year on ted or have you been a tedster for a while?

1. Sheryl Sandberg: "Sit at the table"

2. Brene Brown: vulnerability is a strength

3. Thomas Goetz: Motivating patients in their belief of their OWN capacity to change their outcomes.

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    Dec 29 2011: Well, I just found out about TED by googling "positive websites" for my homepage in 2011. I watched two speakers I was hooked. I learned 3 in 3 hours of checking out the site yesterday:
    1) I am not watching FOX NEWS in 2012
    2) I am not reading the DRUDGE REPORT in 2012
    3) I am going to join all the positive people on this site
    Cheers to everyone! Shawn
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    Dec 28 2011: I am new to TED.

    I rejoyce in the universal approach to all conversations

    The ability to see through eyes of others that which I once took for granted

    Interaction which has caused me to self analyze and grow from the results.
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    Dec 29 2011: I've been watching TED presentations for many years now. This year I would say that the 3 things I took from TED were that:

    - consuming these inspirations was no longer enough, there was something about the talks this year that made me realise I needed to act
    - I need to learn more about my personal drive and inspiration to ensure that I am being my authentic self
    - we all have a knowledge/wisdom/unique insight within us that can inspire others.

    That is why I started my Year of TED project in November 2011, you can follow the experience at www.kyliedunn.com. I couldn't possibly pick one talk from this year, or any other, that was a singular inspiration for this or other changes in my life or concepts of myself. However, if the talk appears in the blog as a Presentation I've Used then there is a good chance it's one that I really value - but that is not exclusively so.

    I came to TED through being Stumbled onto Randy Pausch's talk, not actually a TED one but a curated talk - truly inspirational.
    • Dec 30 2011: Neat, will check out your year of TED - are there any TEDx events near you?
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        Dec 30 2011: Not in Tasmania, Melbourne are closest ones but not something I can take advantage of this year. Maybe after house is built and Derek goes back to work. I did have a thought that part of the project might be to talk to some people down here about holding a TEDx event, need to give that more thought though.
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    Dec 28 2011: I've been a TEDster for a full year now and 2011 has been the most mind-blowing year of my life!

    I really don't know how to begin to asses the lessons that I've learned or the changes that I've made... And I also don't want to credit a single Talk or Conversation for changing my mind, it's the sum of all that I've experienced that have led me to insights that are greater then the parts (although many of the parts by themselves have also been truly mind-blowing and life changing).

    But Brene's Talk "the Power of Vulnerability" http://www.ted.com/talks/brene_brown_on_vulnerability.html has perhaps been the most valuable lesson that I've learned, in all my life!

    Raul sang right into my heart with "Everybody" http://www.ted.com/talks/lang/en/raul_midon_plays_everybody_and_peace_on_earth.html , his song and many, many Talks and Conversations has made me engaged in the world, I've gone from passive to active!

    Lastly I'd like to mention that many (in fact most) of my definitions of what things are have changed or been refined, that includes my view on friendship. The friends that I've made here on TED are a constant source of inspiration in my daily life. I do think about many of you on a weekly basis and the knowledge that there are so many good, intelligent and awesome people in the world makes me want to to my very best to make the world a better place.

    Well, that wasn't three sentences but it's been so long since I've felt the urge to write on TED so I hope you don't mind...
    • Dec 30 2011: This fall was a time for quite growth for me and I too hadn't been conversing here for awhile- In fact it is like my subconcious wanted me quite in general (I had lost my voice twice the past two months)

      Glad to hear from you again!
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    Dec 26 2011: I have been with TED less than one year
    --There is a home with a warm fire burning and all are invited to sit at its edge...
    --Around this fire are great hearts and minds seeking answers to very significant questions...
    --From this fire grows the possibility of creating a better world for our children...

    This aspiration is energized with each visit to the fires that burn at TED.
    • Dec 28 2011: I love your fire burniing metaphor- it does feel like home

      What was your first exposure? My first was Jill Bolte- Taylor :)
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        Dec 28 2011: Thanks, Autumn, I read several online publications and I think I followed a reference by Glenn Greenwald in an article he had submitted to Salon.com., or it may have been from the website Cornucopia.org. or The Institute for Responsible Technology...I can't remember, exactly. I joined, listened to a few of the speakers and felt like these were proper people to spend time with to facilitate personal growth, share ideas, and gather fresh perspectives concerning our universe. I have not been disappointed.
        Many of my ideas are considered eccentric, to say the least, and I hope to utilize TED as an intellectual sounding board. I am interested in knowing how far, and how much are people willing to sacrifice if we are to restore a healthy future for our children, undoubtedly, we will be required to suffer considerably if we are ever to return to a more balanced path on this planet.
        I feel very comfortable here at TED. The hearts and minds of the members are second to none that I have found anywhere Thanks, again..
  • Dec 30 2011: The 3 things I have learnt after watching TED for the first time are as follows:-

    (a) Beauty in diversity - ie., everyone has a beautiful story of his/her life to tell;
    (b) A big majority of people regardless of backgrounds and residence are earnestly doing their respective projects to make this a better world
    (c) We should smell the roses while on our journeys of life in this world
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    Jan 2 2012: There are simple and effective solutions all around us. We just need to open our minds enough to see them...then learn how we can apply them.
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    Dec 30 2011: 1. Steve Jobs: How to live before you Die .
    2. Pavan Sukhdev : Put a value on Nature!
    3. Joe Sabia: the technology of storytelling.
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    Dec 30 2011: 1.In 2011 I konw TED
    2.IN 2011 I like TED
    3.IN 2012 I will introduce it to everyone surrounded me.
  • Dec 29 2011: I discovered TED about 30 minutes ago and learned at least these 3 things: 1. I am not alone, there are other people like me.
    2. I'm going to need more time so I can peruse the many ideas on TED, so I can read intelligent conversations on any topic.
    3. Obviously, since TED remained hidden from my view for years, my significant other was right - I'm not really that smart.

    Thank you for being available to lesser mortals like myself. I'm so glad I found you.
    • Dec 30 2011: Everyone comes across the right thing at the right time!

      You are not lesser by any means- glad to hear from you!
  • Dec 28 2011: I am new to TED.

    I learn and drench in the new ideas

    the sixth sense technology

    hope to grow better with interactions and positive energy flowing
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    Jan 2 2012: 1. Great tool for my education.
    2. Issues we should care and take action.
    3. Change myself, change yourselves and change the world itself.

    Love TED so much.
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    Jan 2 2012: 1. More should be spent exploring the Oceans, and less on Space.
    2. We can avoid being hit by an asteroid.
    3. Private enterprise will take humanity to space.
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    Jan 2 2012: This is my first TED year
    1. There's a vast, underground wealth of change-agents/cultural creatives bubbling-up through the muck
    2. The glass is definitely half-full, and plenty of room for beautiful, exciting manifestation of all this great thought
    3. Time to act as much as listen, learn, and talk!

    May this year be the tipping point to a positive future for all
    • Jan 2 2012: Hi Kriste,

      Awesome sentence, "Time to act as much as listen, learn, and talk!"

      its really inspiring

      keep up the good working..keep posting
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    Dec 30 2011: Very nice and yet also very difficult one, Autumn! I'll do my best and say the top 3 things (as I think I learned much more) from TED this year in no particular order were:

    - we should consider hiring hackers (http://www.ted.com/talks/misha_glenny_hire_the_hackers.html)
    - that I should watch out for online filter bubbles (http://www.ted.com/talks/eli_pariser_beware_online_filter_bubbles.html)
    - there is a hymn for hope (http://www.ted.com/talks/eric_whitacre_a_virtual_choir_2_000_voices_strong.html)

    An honorable mention goes to all the tech and medicine talks as there were some great ones this year!
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    Dec 30 2011: The first two weren't from 2011, but that is when I watched them.
    1. Terry Moore - How to Tie your Shoes. I've been doing it wrong all these years! It really worked.
    2. Jamil Abu-Wardeh - Righting writing wrongs. With humor
    3. Just about any other Ted podcast that I downloaded.

    I always learn something from the podcasts and pass them on to friends and co-workers. I'm so glad I found TED.
    • Dec 30 2011: how to tie your shoes made me laugh it was great! thanks for your insight!
  • Dec 30 2011: Another thing I learned, when the words arent coming-try a list (Sarah Kays If I should have a daughter)