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2011: what are the 3 things ( in three sentences) that you learned this year watching TED?

As we we review our year what are 3 things you took from TED this year.

Was this your first year on ted or have you been a tedster for a while?

1. Sheryl Sandberg: "Sit at the table"

2. Brene Brown: vulnerability is a strength

3. Thomas Goetz: Motivating patients in their belief of their OWN capacity to change their outcomes.


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  • Dec 29 2011: I discovered TED about 30 minutes ago and learned at least these 3 things: 1. I am not alone, there are other people like me.
    2. I'm going to need more time so I can peruse the many ideas on TED, so I can read intelligent conversations on any topic.
    3. Obviously, since TED remained hidden from my view for years, my significant other was right - I'm not really that smart.

    Thank you for being available to lesser mortals like myself. I'm so glad I found you.
    • Dec 30 2011: Everyone comes across the right thing at the right time!

      You are not lesser by any means- glad to hear from you!

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