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What Clay Shirky said about using cognitive surplus in civic ways sounds great. Are there websites with links to specific ways to do this?

Examples would be making an informative You Tube video or contributing something to Wikipedia. However there is so many other ways to do this and it would be great if there was a place you can go to find them and to be able to add your own.


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    Dec 31 2011: Nathan,

    Thanks for responding. I don't believe this currently exists, but I envision a one stop site that has all the portals to places where people to do civic good online. Perhaps there could be an economy where points are given for contributions. These points can be used to purchase discounts on products and services from corporate partners.

    I think if this is organized correctly there is tons of potential for creating synergies.

  • Jan 18 2012: Getting together in groups with people you know who share the same interests and value as you or looking to form that group and then looking at substantial problems around you and brainstorming innovative ways in cognitive surplus is a way to pursue this.
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    Jan 11 2012: I've been thinking about this for a minute. If it doesn't exist yet, how should we go about building it?
  • Dec 31 2011: thanks for pointing this talk out, it was very interesting. just from reading the comments on the talk i was directed to openideo.com, which looks like an interesting, if somewhat limited, platform for collaborating and contributing to some specific issues. Educreations looks like it may be another evolving platform to share knowledge and instructions.

    I'm sure there are many many other. What are some of the places that you have found?