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Dream versus reality

Why do we wake up each day from our dreams remembering reality and never wake up from reality remembering our dreams?

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    Dec 26 2011: the thought came to me when i watched the film "I melt with you". At the beginning of the film you see words that come to mind when you wake up in the morning and remember who you are, what responsibilities you have. You wake up from being an innocent child dreaming to the person you became by circumstances and hopefully also choise.
    In comparison the rest of the film is about a dream they had in youth and that they now remember as being adult, fully captchured by their daily life.
    So i imagined: wouldnt it be a better world if we, instead of remembering reality and being prisoned in it the whole day, we would remember our dreams in our daily life and choose to change our action, to build our life in order to achieve this dream.

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