Daniel Acevedo

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What is something you've learned that dramatically changed your life?

When I tried being positive and optimistic for a week it changed the way i saw the daily challenges in life and opportunities. Since than I haven't gone back to a negative. Whats something you learned in life you feel is worth sharing?

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    Dec 25 2011: The importance of being myself and not being afraid to ask questions and challenge conventions.
  • Dec 27 2011: I have learned patience in regard to important decision making.

    I have learned when there is heart break; yes it will hurt, but no it will not kill me.

    I have learned when I need to keep my mouth shut when I know what I could say would ruin a friendship or relationship.

    I have learned that little things don't really matter if the big things are being taken care of.
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    Dec 26 2011: That without pain comes no happiness :)