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Is Marketing impacting human life most than any other subject ?

For sometime I was wondering , which subject has got highest impact on human life globally. When I am thinking of IMPACT , I wanted to see change in observable behavior of individual.
First thought of Religion could be the subject being one of the most ancient & still widely practiced. But found even if some one is believer of certain religion most times it doesn't impact the human behavior much. Say all religion promotes truthfulness , how many of us are really truthful ?
Politics could be another subject and it has got high influence on human life but what about impact on individaul behvior. Let's take the example of what is going on in Middle East as a whole it got high influence not only local but also on global Economics, Politics hence some sort of influence on our life positively or negatively. Many will suffer , many will profit out of it but at the end what is change in individual behavior.
Science and technology defintely brings change in individual behavior but only it brings those change once those discovery or inventions are marketed well. Taking the example of this era of mobile phone. This technology was invented much earlier but only started impacting human life once it's being marketed.
Similarly I thought of Economics, Philosophy etc. But it seems to me marketing actually impacting human life more profoundly , more globally than any other subject.
As for example, until the huge marketing of bottled water , what people used to drink ? Definitely water from tap, or spring or river with some purification but now a days even who can't afford a bottle water in certain part of world all the time feels of missing something. Who can afford thinks all other water is unhygenic.
Similary before marketing of fast food , what people used to eat ?
Before the marketing of toothpaste and brush people used to clean their teeth in many varried way but what is happening now ?
The list can go on .... what do you think ?


Closing Statement from Salim Solaiman

Contributors here with slight differences with the premise seem agrees about the power of Marketing in changing the lifestyle or thinking process of mankind. The financial GREED of board room or of wall street pushes all the organisations to get more and more and Marketing makes it happen, ending up in to a era of thoughtless hyperconsumption poising threat finally to the mother nature.

It's time to put some strict ethics in place for the Marketing Code of Conducts of any industry.
Thanks for all the contributors for their thoughtful contributions.

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    Mar 8 2011: You got a good point, the only problem I see is about time. When is the beginning of marketing? What happened before marketing took such an important role in our lives? Except that, I agree with you that nowadays Marketing has probably the biggest impact on changing people's behavior.
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      Mar 15 2011: Yes thats another good question , since when human civilization started marketing ? It seems industrial revolution could be a good starting point for modern day marketing but was not it there earlier ?
      Moreover I feel marketing became more and more prominant in its role , since the products getting more and more competitors in to the market and started losing clear differentiator from one another. So marketers started becoming more customer focused then ever before.

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