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Have you thought about launching your own political party????

America was an invention from the ambition of the all to powerful british wigs the firt bunch of americans to actively respond to this political ponzi was the antimason party americas first third party to assemble independently from the two headed democratic republican snake if you desire to craft progress in your life time why havent you stoped being a drone and started your own political party??

  • Dec 26 2011: Yes.
    I have thought about launching ✐ :,)

    (tongue in cheek - tongue in cheek)
    • Jan 20 2012: Thanks for your comment fill me in on any thing which may be important to progress
  • Dec 26 2011: Absolutely. And have summarily closed the book on the notion. The American political system is very far from an ideal. It is a quasi-democratized oligarchy and sort of a democratically tinkered with monarchy. The is the best that could be done 200 plus years ago when assembly was difficult, paper was the only medium, and wealth was absolutely critical to get any foothold. The world moves much faster now. Technology exists to not only overcome geography but also fundamentally supplant the model with other political configurations that are nothing like the rigid hierarchies observed until now. Why insert myself into a system that needs a new model built on the outside which exposes the old system's weaknesses in no uncertain terms? Adding more parties just increase the crap shoot that you'll get the worst of all the evils and no one will want to cooperate. It's time to not bring the government or old system down but to bring the people UP so that government becomes a dynamic open to everyone's view where corruption and dilly-dallying can no longer hide year after year. I know how and where to start and pray for the serendipity to find the right people who can simply agree when an idea is achievable and then set out to retire lesser compromises with new attainable ideals.
    • Jan 20 2012: Thats the ideal response I was attempting to chanel
      • Jan 21 2012: Thanks for the atta boy. I'm enthused about this venue for communicating because I've mostly messed around on "forums" and there are so may free-loaders there looking to dismissive and nasty that it's often not worth freaky talking about ideas that need some real consideration before being ripped. I'm new here and hope to interact with some of you smart folk in the spirit of synergy and god willl.
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    Dec 25 2011: Yes, but it's not my original creation. This comes from Gracie Allen (comedienne)...THE SURPRISE PARTY!
    • Jan 20 2012: Thanks for the comment but remember politics holds sway