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Injecting "Happiness".

Could we perhaps inject "Happiness" into ourselves? I have been reading up on what causes our emotions and the chemicals in our brain that contribute to our sense of happiness. My question or "conversation" is could we do this? I'm not looking for the specific chemicals (which is why I don't name them as it is not the point of the conversation) I just wonder if we could create a product that would replicate the emotion of happiness or cause it. I know that such products exist although i would like to know if they are stronger than the happiness we create ourselves. I believe that oxytocin could be added to a chemical mix to increase it's effects. Maybe even the use of nanotechnology or nano-organisms to scan the brain for one's interest and likes. Example: What taste one prefers and the chemical along with the technology can give the person it's preferred and satisfied sense.... I am open to any chemical suggestions and any ideas that might contribute to this emotion.

Although my main point is to ask what would happen if we did acheive this?
If it worked would he brain repel against it?
Would eternal happiness in the end, destroy our happiness?
Do we need a contrast of emotions?
Does 1 emotion need none at all?
Will the Synthetic happiness be less effective?
Do we want this for humanity?
Will we lose the will to live because the drug does it all for us?
In the end will we be happy?
Can happiness just be made by the chemicals that contribute or do we
need something else?

Would love to hear others thoughts on the matter.


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    Dec 24 2011: The first thing that came to mind when reading this conversation was the fictional drug "soma" in Brave New World by Aldous Huxley.
    • Dec 30 2011: Same feeling here. What are the drugs like heroin? May be they make one forget themselves and be in a world which is not sad.
      Will the happiness drug solve our problems? When the effect of drug wears off, we are back to our sad selves, may be even sadder. To forget the sadness, we will be addicted to that happiness drug.
      Also, may be if we are always happy and content, we stop striving to be happy. We stop working. And in the end, we may become like any other drug addict.

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