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Knowledge Management - based efforts to complementing CERN mission on the issue of Higgs Boson

We need entirely different approach to confirm the existence of Higgs Boson. Not to negate the current method CERN used. We should seeking another approach as well as entirely new another paradigm to complement

Our Human System Biology-based Knowledge Management (HSBKM) model framework , relying on Top Down Mechanism : “Inverted Paradigm Method” by doing a kind of “reverse enginnering” based on “of proof” to a Knowledge-intensive body of Knowledge Management (KM) as applied science (Knowledgeable Science) for the benefit of basic science (Physics) development regarding the issues of Higgs Boson (“God Particle”).

On the contrary, Large Hadron Collider (LHC) used by CERN, relying on Bottom Up Mechanism : “Deducto – Hypothetico – Verificative” scientific mind set principles (Scientific Knowledge) regarding their research to reveal Higgs Boson physically

What we’ve done, our “Top Down Mechanism” on the issues of Higgs Boson, in reality is to complement the “Bottom UP Mechanism” of what CERN will acheived on the discovery of Higgs Boson. We, Mobee Knowledge Services – Jakarta, Indonesia, have already acheived to give statement on some features of Higgs Boson issues among others are :

1. The Knowledge Value (KV) of Higgs Boson particle within Nature (consciousness) Knowledge continuum,
2. “k” constant factor applied to relationship of Higgs Field ecosystem with E=mc2 environment
3. Quantum superposition of Higgs Boson particle containing the function of somato and psycho/consciousness mediating particle ,
4. Relationship of Knowon, our newly proposed 5th fundamental force with Higgs Field
5. Prediction of searching results by LHC–CERN vs HSBKM paradigm method
6. etc

The "starting references for this story :

http://bit.ly/ucoX5j - “ “Smart Universe and Superposed Higgs Boson in Knowledge Management view,

http://bit.ly/uUfNPx - “IN SEARCHING FOR HIGGS BOSON (“GOD PARTICLE”) Higgs Boson HSBKM – generated vs Higgs Boson LHC – generated"


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    Dec 26 2011: In your list of 1-6 you give issues on what Mobee Knowledge Services has given a statement of. Can you paraphrase what those statements are?
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      Dec 26 2011: Let me paraphrasing the points as follow :

      1. Higgs Boson particle we believed as the entity of 4th (Graviton) and 5th (Knowon) behaving Psycho-Somatic feature or containing consciousness element factor (CEF) scored 10 -38 (Planck number) at Knowledge Value (KV) measurement an absolute value scaling ratio ranging from 10 -38 (Planck number) consecutively KV = 5.0 applied to human Knowledge with Higher Consciousness (KHC) or accumulated to KV = 9.0 as human maximum possible score en route to infinity or goes beyond human KV.

      2. .....Constant factor written as “k” functioning as a constant factor ranging from 0.0 – 1.0 applied to Mass – Energy Equivalence or the equation E = mc2 to be written as E = k mc2. The “k” = 1.0 representing the highest entropy of certain Knowledge loci in the Universe.......

      3. Within our “duo-entity force” Knowon-Graviton which we believed as the real Higgs Boson particle, containing possible state of either Dependent to SpaceTime (DST) and Independent to SpaceTime (IST) as well as either in the function of “psycho / consciousness” state and “somato” state simultaneously (within psycho – somatic entity). In this case we frequently use the terminology “super balance” regarding its balance between “psycho” aspect with “somato” aspect instead of terminology of “super symmetry” applied to somato aspects structures only

      4. The“Ocean” of Knowon, our new proposed the 5th fundamental force as a hypothetical massless and independent to SpaceTime (IST) particle containing consciousness element factor (CEF) with speed of entanglement functioning as “psychic / consciousness mediating particle” counterparting each other with Graviton, the 4th fundamental force as “somatic mediating particle” to give shape of SpaceTime within Higgs Field by looking the (smart) Universe as psycho-somatic entity paradigm (...to be Continued)
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      Dec 26 2011: Let me paraphrasing the points as follow (...Continued) :

      5. Prediction of searching : ....“k” approaches 0.0 such as the ecosystem of Higgs Boson, will make all scientific efforts practically a “mission impossible” . We dare to say, almost impossible to any scientific effort (eg LHC) goes beyond “our illusion dream land” with “k” = 1.0 to leap into “absolute dream land” with “k” less than 1.0 or practically = 0.0 considering that “…... space-time is only the notion of human being in the universe to accommodate the existence of Matter and Energy. (Md Santo – http://bit.ly/umS2Xi - Knowledge Value (KV) – “k” Constant relationship diagram generated from Human System Biology-based Knowledge Management (HSBKM) model framework )

      6. The intensity of interaction among 1st Knowledge Interface to 6th Knowledge Interface along with the dynamics of consciousness element factor (CEF) of “duo entity Graviton – Knowon” as Universe DNA across the Universe making Nature's Laws may vary across the Universe and finely-tuned for the existence of life

      (Knowledge Interface (KI) is a terminology of Human and/or Nature Knowledge variable derived from HSBKM model framework acting as the function of Knowing Tools producing Nature or Human consciousness founded either in Human Knowledge (Individual KM), Organizational Knowledge (Nurture / KM) and Nature Knowledge respectively. Totally there are 9 (nine) KIs, 1st KI through 9th KI. Both of the Kis involved in contributing Knowledge sharing process through consciousness transfer towards (new) Knowledge evolvement in psychological phenomenon)

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