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Let us change the world by using TED to crowd source an idea.

TED is awesome. TED is all about great ideas. TED brings us all together.

We, the public, should use TED to do something great. I have no idea what that would be, but because everyone has something to say, I am sure we can accomplish something great.

Any idea is welcome. It literally can be about anything. The following is a greater explanation on what I am actually planning to do.

First Discussion: Creating multiple ideas for ideal reasons.
Second Discussion: Choosing the best idea from that list based on crowd vote and expanding on it.
Third Discussion: Formatting the model of that idea for application.

P.S TED is the greatest website ever and any person following TED is an awesome individual.


Closing Statement from Zared Schwartz

We created multiple ideas for ideal reasons. Now, we shall expand the best idea from that list, based on crowd vote, and expanding on it.

The idea was introduced by Jimmy Strobl and it is called Autonomous Traffic. According to the website, it involves electricity-powered cars that can be run by themselves. We, the public, should now expand this idea to make it a working model for us.

Join this discussion at http://www.ted.com/conversations/8729/let_us_change_the_world_by_usi_1.html

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    Dec 27 2011: My current passion: how to dispose of(recycle?) human waste instead of wasting a zillion litres of carefully sanitised water to flush toilets in our megacities, what an incredible waste of energy!
    • Dec 27 2011: If you can develop the concept more depth and get the people who commit on this page to support your idea by asking them to click on the thumbs up icon, then we will focus on the idea in the next discussion.

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