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Let us change the world by using TED to crowd source an idea.

TED is awesome. TED is all about great ideas. TED brings us all together.

We, the public, should use TED to do something great. I have no idea what that would be, but because everyone has something to say, I am sure we can accomplish something great.

Any idea is welcome. It literally can be about anything. The following is a greater explanation on what I am actually planning to do.

First Discussion: Creating multiple ideas for ideal reasons.
Second Discussion: Choosing the best idea from that list based on crowd vote and expanding on it.
Third Discussion: Formatting the model of that idea for application.

P.S TED is the greatest website ever and any person following TED is an awesome individual.

Closing Statement from Zared Schwartz

We created multiple ideas for ideal reasons. Now, we shall expand the best idea from that list, based on crowd vote, and expanding on it.

The idea was introduced by Jimmy Strobl and it is called Autonomous Traffic. According to the website, it involves electricity-powered cars that can be run by themselves. We, the public, should now expand this idea to make it a working model for us.

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  • Dec 26 2011: You know, it's amazing how leafs are able to collect the sun light and turns the light energy into food and other types of energies. My father and I were thinking of trying to collect something from the chloroplast just like we collected stuff from the atoms and use it instead of solar cells which cost too much. That is an idea that just may save the world from loss of energy and is infinite. Please comments. I need help with this idea. This idea is from my father and I
    • Dec 26 2011: Are you talking about using photosynthesis to collect light for solar energy because that sounds awesome. If you get the people who commit on this page to support your idea by asking them to click on the thumbs up icon, then we will focus on that idea in the next discussion.
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    Dec 26 2011: Hi Zared,

    I love your enthusiasm about TED, it's a trait that many of us share.

    Concerning your idea about using TED to change the world, It's something being done all the time here, we all take much of what we learn here and try to imply it in our everyday life, implementing the already great ideas would perhaps be the most useful thing we could do, don't let them be just ideas.

    Now, from what i see you're new to TED and there is probably much you don't know about TED that would please you.
    I advice you to really explore the site and all its options, you'll be amazed at what you find!
    • Dec 26 2011: Application is what I want. The ideas are ideals and do not become models. Lets create a great idea that can be a model. Any thoughts?
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        Dec 26 2011: I'm not sure of what you're looking for but you seem to be pretty broadminded so...

        One of my own ideas is: "AutonomousTraffic" It's a mashup of two great TED Talks, please check the website and tell me what you think.

        The project is however on somewhat of a stall, something I'm hoping to correct soon enough.
        • Dec 26 2011: It sounds interesting and it is possible. If you get the people who commit on this page to support your idea by asking them to click on the thumbs up icon, then we will focus on that idea in the next discussion.
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        Dec 27 2011: Well, right now thumbs ups are good but what I'm really looking for are a few (half) dedicated people who would want to help build this thing together...
        • Dec 27 2011: Yes, but this is a democracy. Rally up the people on this page to support you.
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    Dec 28 2011: Hi, everyone.You are seeing a 《Idea Vote》.My idea is a simple one and easy to do. For now, I would like to call it 《Online TED Conference》.Heres my idea: 《It is like some kind TED Conference except it is held on the Internet. It is something like a organized meeting, and It should be held at regular time then people will know when to participate. Sometimes some great people may show up, and it becomes an interview, people may discuss and ask questions. the topic should be determined before the meeting, and people will know what to say. 》 If anyone wants to know any detail just reply to me and ask what you want to know. If you think it is a good idea, then Thumb Up please. Maybe later, We will make it real.
  • Dec 26 2011: One of the main reasons why I'd like to keep using TED as my main source of learning is because TED has always "something" that can inspire me! TED is open to everyone, which is why people can share great ideas. Like ink that spreads in the water, TED is the main place that spreads creative and worthy ideas to everyone. If this site is accessible to anyone and has limitless exhanges of great ideas, people--even anonymous ones like me can change the world by participating in this awesome community. If you have a passion and are willing to change the world, TED could be your powerful supporter.However, I also feel like I am a lethargic and useless person when it comes to TED since I am so quiet and remain as a spectator in this community.I guess there are also people like me who enjoys watching TED talks and adds some comments as if this site is just a kind of exciting hobby. And more importantly, people like me may not have enough courage to try to change the world. Or may be we are just a bit of dreamers and not very practical.On the contrary, there are so many people in the world who want to challenge the old thougths, share their innovatve ideas and try to change the world passionately.I know that it sounds like too personal, but I realize something from this conversation. Even if I got a great opportunity, if I'm not active enough to take advantage it, that's meaningless. I really hope that this chance--the chance that I can access this site and participate in conversations--does not just remain as individual realization. I aspire to not only be passionate, but also be proactive.Any advice?
    • Dec 26 2011: You can definitely change the world as long as you have the passion to do so, hence list any idea that you think is great because it is probably a great one.
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    • Jan 3 2012: I am confuse. Is this your proposed idea to the TED community?
  • Jan 1 2012: Happy New Years to everyone! Please, share your idea to the great people of TED.
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    Dec 28 2011: ZARED, Nice to talk to you again. You and I have discussed modeling a Competent / non-competent educational format in the past. Perhaps that would qualify. What you seek is a project likened to the city 2.0 conversation.
    • Dec 28 2011: I am seeking any idea for any purpose. It can be small as a butterfly or be big as a whale. Please, share your idea to the public.
  • Dec 27 2011: I also share a large passion for TED and I think one of our main steps should be spreading TED. A lot of people know about it, that's for sure, but then again a lot of people don't. I was actually in a public speaking class and my TA, who previously taught at a different college for public speaking, never even heard of TED which surprised me because TED is a wonderful resource for not only sharing and learning new ideas, but also watching and listening to phenomenal speeches. Perhaps our first step should be organizing more (independent) TEDx events around the world. The TED conferences sound amazing, and I hope to be able to attend one within my lifetime, but it's not affordable for everyone.
    • Dec 28 2011: If you get the people who commit on this page to support your idea by asking them to click on the thumbs up icon, then we will focus on that idea in the next discussion.
  • Dec 27 2011: Have not yet looked at the youtube or ted things you recommended.
    • Dec 27 2011: Well, once you come back with the structured idea, I am sure it will be great. Just watch those videos for inspiration and please, reply to messages instead of making hew comments.
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  • Dec 27 2011: Zared, positive everything only always is what I am talking about. Thank you for the recommendations for the TED talk and the youtube thing. I will watch and listen to them. Some people were led to believe that life is so complicated you need big fat books (sometimes called "bibles") to figure out how to behave properly. The truth is all anyone needs to do is find the positive will within himself or herself and everyone knows exactly what to do in every situation by merely checking in with their own head, heart, gut, spirit, self. Positive cause/positive effect. I don't know what kind of "structure" you are thinking of. I am with you all the way, if your intent, your goal is to increase the amount of positive acts and facts in our wonderful world. Let's do it. The simple act of giving thumbs up here on is a positive act with positive consequences. But of course, the day is young (10:49am EST where I am now), so I will be blessed with many more opportunities to do simple and complex positive things which will cause positive impacts beyond my capability of measuring. I am very happy that we are acknowledging our powers to co-create a positive world and that we are currently using our powers to accomplish that right now. HAPPY TODAY to you and all you love.
    • Dec 27 2011: Okay. I mean can you think of a more structured method for your idea?
      • Dec 27 2011: I will think about it and get back to you. Maybe I'm not sure what you mean by "structure." Would it be "structure" to make dictionaries that contain positive words only? Would it be structure to suggest that each person commit 7 positive acts every day? I am a free spirit. I believe that people are born positive and they should simply stay that way and do what they do. I guess the term "structure" sounds controlling to me. I do not believe that good people, people with positive propensities, require external control of their behavior. I trust me. I trust you. I assume both of us will continue doing one positive thing after another and that we are currently co-creating the good world of our desires.
        • Dec 27 2011: Well, I am just stating a structured for positive thinking like Mr. Awesome's concept. Do you understand what I am saying now?
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    Dec 27 2011: If TED Removing my post then how to using TED to crowd source an idea. please tell me i want to ted to be more sccess but they do not let me.
    • Dec 27 2011: As long as you follow the rules of TED, I am sure they will let you be successful. If you have ideas that you want to share, please share it to the world.
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    Dec 27 2011: My current passion: how to dispose of(recycle?) human waste instead of wasting a zillion litres of carefully sanitised water to flush toilets in our megacities, what an incredible waste of energy!
    • Dec 27 2011: If you can develop the concept more depth and get the people who commit on this page to support your idea by asking them to click on the thumbs up icon, then we will focus on the idea in the next discussion.
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    Dec 27 2011: my idea is making all 16 year old new drivers pass the smith system defensive driving course before they get there license. its an eye opening program and im alot safer,better and healthyer driver for having passed it. have it be a part of there road test.
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    Dec 27 2011: I think of TED as a venue to bypass the mainstream media, politicians, or any other structure which limits new ideas or forward thinking. I am working on a presentation that combines concepts of cutting edge science, medicine and education, and the gist of it is, "what would you tell yourself if you could go back in time and talk to yourself when you were 5, and every 5 years after that, about how the world REALLY works. Or, from the vantage point of 20/20 hindsight, how would you raise your children differently? We spend a lot of time in our formal education system relearning the same things, or unlearning something we learned last year, and so forth. There are cutting edge discoveries available right now that make a huge portion of our current world obsolete. For example, we have federal standards in the US right now to increase gas mileage in automobiles by a miniscule percent over the next 20 years, when right now, on youtube, there are videos of people running cars on water, and the exhaust is water vapor - no more carbon monoxide or other toxins, just water vapor. These are the types of facts currently ignored by those vested in the status quo. Yet, by using TED, we can bypass all that, and go straight to the ultimate consumer, 99% of whom have never heard of these things. The car running on water is just and example - every field of endeavor has the same types of quantum leap improvements ready to be implemented right now. TED is therefore a vehicle for change.
    • Dec 27 2011: I agree with you and that is why I am using TED to turn ideals to great ideas to working models. Also, do you have a specific idea that you want to share with the public?
  • Dec 26 2011: Yes, let us do this...............quickly. Each of us can probably do at least 3 things today to accelerate the world's progress in the positive directions we all agree would improve life for everyone or for large quantities of our contemporaries and futurities. I guess we each need to come up with action items for ourselves. If we express them here, our action ideas may be implemented by others who read them. For me.....TODAY:
    1) Sent a detailed thank you note to wonderful people who co-created and invited me to a fabulous evening for many people within the last few days, thereby giving them positive reinforcement for having a positive impact on the happiness level of all the people present at the gathering as well as the people those people encountered while the good feelings lingered in the days following the event.
    2) Expressing my true thoughts and feelings on about how to cause health, justice, prosperity, happiness and other good things for all men and all women in the present and future.
    3) Complemented a young father on his successful fathering of a happy, healthy 2-year-old child.

    And it is only 3:01pm EST, so it is likely that I can commit more positive acts before this delightful day is over!
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    Dec 25 2011: That is actully what I mean. TED make Great people share their ideas. We can do it in cheaper and easier way. The private group I mean here is something different, i think it should be less "freedom". The time and topic is limited, people don't just chat, they come to attend a meeting except the meeting is held on the Internet. There should be a host and a result may comes out after the meeting. Maybe some great people will show up, and get interviewed. Above all, it must be organized.
    • Dec 26 2011: Are you talking about online meetings or online debates? Please clarify more in depth.
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        Dec 27 2011: It is just an idea. I think it is something like a organized meeting, it is held at regular time then people will know when to participate. Sometimes some great people may show up, and it becomes an interview, people may discuss and ask questions. the topic should be determined before the meeting, and people will know what to say.
        • Dec 27 2011: So your concept is a fixed meeting over the internet?
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        Dec 27 2011: Oui, I suppose it is.
        • Dec 27 2011: If you get the people who commit on this page to support your idea by asking them to click on the thumbs up icon, then we will focus on the idea in the next discussion.
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        Dec 27 2011: Maybe we can come out with this idea, and think it deeper. then publish it on the TED 《ideas》. What would you say?If you want a deeper discuss with me , my email address is
        I will be very glad to receive your mail and have a discuss with you.
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        Dec 28 2011: ok, I have seen many great ideas under your topic, the vote will begin~Let's see what i can do.
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    Dec 23 2011: how about a network party: people gather together on the in the internet, on the same time. chat on a subject, like we do off the line.the subject can be decided by the organizer. it is not something like TED conversation , it has only one subject, and at special time, maybe only invited people allow to speaking. it is like kind of meeting we do every day in company except it is online, and open to everybody.
    • Dec 23 2011: Are you talking about something similar to private groups on Facebook or the cloud meeting concept?

      I mean we can totally talk to TED about establishing private groups, private chat rooms, or online debates.
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    Dec 23 2011: well, i got a idea. let 's say this : I am a Chinese, and I live in Beijing. If Anyone in TED comes to visit Beijing, China, he can always contact me for a warm welcome. If you want a have a local friend in Beijing, just mail to me Before you come to China. My mail:
    • Dec 23 2011: Julius, I appreciate the input and the hospitality, but do you have any other ideas that can be applied to a larger group of people?