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A soundtrack of your life. :D

A friend of mine proposed this idea on her blog and I want to surprise her by making it spread worldwide. :) She thinks that the music we listen to is very important because it should send the right message to our mind, soul and the people around us!

So what is the soundtrack of your life?
Here's mine:

:D And that's how it goes! What about you?
Do you have a soundtrack of your life?
Do you think music is important anyway?
Do you believe that there is life which can be expressed through music?
I can only add that me and Beyonce are born on the same date in the same year ... go figure! She sang my life so I believe in that ...

  • Dec 23 2011: If you are talking about application, then you should apply this concept on a larger scale. Create a Facebook page, Twitter message, or website that would challenge people to establish these soundtracks.
  • Dec 28 2011: Funny that you posted this. When I'm on a bus with my ipod looking through the window, it's like I'm watching a movie trailer.
    A few songs on my playlist would be:
    Nujabes - tsurugi no mai
    Ludovico Einaudi - primavera
    Common - go
    B.I.G. - kick in the door
    Cold play - clocks
    Buena vista social club - mami me gusto
    Stephen Marley - false friends

    With the risk of sounding corny, music transcends all boundaries, it allows you to "explore" different cultures. Even if you don't understand the language, you can still appreciate the music. I guess you can say it "builds bridges" between the different countries.
    So I suppose that's one of the reasons why it's important.
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    Dec 24 2011: Thats a great idea :) Music is very important to me as it has helped be get through alot of rough times:)I guess the soundtrack of my life would be this:
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    Dec 23 2011: Dear Silvia,
    I was playing this
    before I started your number one on the list.
    What a contrast in music, sang both by popular young women with 50 years in between.

    I enjoy the older one more and it cheers my feelings or as your friend says, it sends the right message.

    Another lovely song only 15 years old:
    Also this one from the same beautiful voice:

    I enjoyed so much music over the years that I can't make a list for it would be too long. Now I more often enjoy silence and the birds singing around the house.

    I think indeed that music has influence on people.
    As I was in my twenties I loved old blues music and I still like it but seldom listen to it anymore because it has an negative effect on my energy. Salsa, rumba etc. has an energetic effect instead.

    I think music can be important at times in a life, it can be uplifting or comforting, energizing but not all music.
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    Dec 23 2011: I would be interested in the following experiment: While I live my daily life I capture and stream two video feeds, one from my point of view and one from 3 meters in front of me, with me in the center (see the beginning shot of the video posted in Steven's clip). I would let the crowd, via web, choose the soundtrack to accompany the feeds. How close would these choices be to my own? How repetitive, how would those choice be related to my setting?

    My personal ipod experience is that I can never get the soundtrack quite right. The closest I come is when I am running but of course that is a rather banal experiment. I would love to crowd source my playlist, or better, brain source it using an app and an electroencephalogram to tune my choices to my brain. Of course I might not like the results, I mean what if it was all Bieber?
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    Dec 23 2011: These are just off the top of my head:
    THE AVENGERS "The American In Me"
    WEIRDOS "Solitary Confinement"
    PLUGZ "Reel 10"
    SOCIAL DISTORTION "All the Answers"
    BLACK FLAG "Nervous Breakdown"
    DEAD BOYS "Sonic Reducer"
    tons more that I just can't think of right now...