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I am just curious in knowing; are there any TEDsters who deny alien existence?

I find the simple explanation of "life can only mean more life" is enough to prove alien existence, but some still seem doubtful.

If we exist at a comfortable distance from the sun, what makes anyone believe that this is unique to our one planet in the entirety of the universe?

So why do you not believe in aliens?
Stop here if you doubt alien existence

With 2011 coming to an end, there has been an increase in UFO siting than ever before.


Instead of posting relentless videos and wiki-files, I encourage the doubters and the people are "on the fence" to look at the mass amounts of videos, reports, documents and files that exist about aliens/UFOs. So popularly studied today, ancient astronaut theorist have more evidence for ancient influences than theologians do for Biblical accuracy. I would wager there is not a single Egyptologist that doubts aliens.

I want to know why anyone would/does doubt aliens' existence.

A mini-debate that keeps bringing me back to this topic is "what will it take for humanity to drop their differences and unite." And the best answer historically is a common enemy - I think that is suggestive of aliens.

Hawking says we should be prepared for a scenario similar to the films of "World at War" or "Independence day" - do you agree with this, why?

*Let's see how popular "alien talk" is on TED.


Closing Statement from Nicholas Lukowiak

First part response to Paul,

Skepticism is a balancing manor.

Science is only good to build on more science, to declare mountains of material useless based off of one position of research is not mature. Also maturity is subjective. Your attitude of uncertainity stops at alien contact but continues to say aliens do exist... I see flaws here in reasoning but will end here as I am uninterested in debating semantics and basic logic.

My final words are simpler.....

There is more advanced life in the universe... if they are good natured or not. Care about earthlings or not ... should be where question lay... not just if they are in existence because history dictates a lot of ancient evidence to suggest gods and flying ships.... angels - beings with the ability to fly... Christopher colombus has a journal entry of a weird interactions.

The line between knowing and not knowing should not depend on anyone but yourself... so if you still deny DO THE RESEARCH especially the archaeology of ancient cultures and civilizations.

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  • Dec 23 2011: Aliens exiting would probably just be basic life, just by chance it is likely life will be formed elsewhere. that doesn't mean there is life and it definitely doesn't mean there are green monsters flying about near us. comparing this to the bible isn't wise since that is fiction. if there is any advanced life forms it is unlikely they are near us in time or in space, and there is no evidence for them to have been to earth.

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