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I am just curious in knowing; are there any TEDsters who deny alien existence?

I find the simple explanation of "life can only mean more life" is enough to prove alien existence, but some still seem doubtful.

If we exist at a comfortable distance from the sun, what makes anyone believe that this is unique to our one planet in the entirety of the universe?

So why do you not believe in aliens?
Stop here if you doubt alien existence

With 2011 coming to an end, there has been an increase in UFO siting than ever before.

Instead of posting relentless videos and wiki-files, I encourage the doubters and the people are "on the fence" to look at the mass amounts of videos, reports, documents and files that exist about aliens/UFOs. So popularly studied today, ancient astronaut theorist have more evidence for ancient influences than theologians do for Biblical accuracy. I would wager there is not a single Egyptologist that doubts aliens.

I want to know why anyone would/does doubt aliens' existence.

A mini-debate that keeps bringing me back to this topic is "what will it take for humanity to drop their differences and unite." And the best answer historically is a common enemy - I think that is suggestive of aliens.

Hawking says we should be prepared for a scenario similar to the films of "World at War" or "Independence day" - do you agree with this, why?

*Let's see how popular "alien talk" is on TED.

Closing Statement from Nicholas Lukowiak

First part response to Paul,

Skepticism is a balancing manor.

Science is only good to build on more science, to declare mountains of material useless based off of one position of research is not mature. Also maturity is subjective. Your attitude of uncertainity stops at alien contact but continues to say aliens do exist... I see flaws here in reasoning but will end here as I am uninterested in debating semantics and basic logic.

My final words are simpler.....

There is more advanced life in the universe... if they are good natured or not. Care about earthlings or not ... should be where question lay... not just if they are in existence because history dictates a lot of ancient evidence to suggest gods and flying ships.... angels - beings with the ability to fly... Christopher colombus has a journal entry of a weird interactions.

The line between knowing and not knowing should not depend on anyone but yourself... so if you still deny DO THE RESEARCH especially the archaeology of ancient cultures and civilizations.

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    Dec 22 2011: There are some topics which I do not have a strict opinion for. This is one of such. I don't know.
    Firstly, I'm more doubtful about aliens visiting us than life existing somewhere apart from the Earth.
    There are two theories in my mind: life is common in universe. There can be not necessarily very similar conditions like on the Earth. The second thought is that life is absolutely a unique phenomenon, it happened accidentally, due to very special conditions, and as we can understand, there can't be absolutely same things in this universe, so no more same conditions, no more life.
    I'm not able to choose one so far, and say 'oh oh, I KNOW how it's the life in the universe, listen to me!'
    Now it's a little psychosis about 2012, so yeah people see much, loads of UFO's, but is that aliens - NOBODY KNOWS, or maybe I'm not right... and that would be very normal and acceptable.
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    Dec 28 2011: Nick..........I believe that it is a possibility that alien creatures exist. And not just possibility but probability..
    With all of the discoveries of science it would surprise me if it were not so.
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    Dec 28 2011: I keep thinking of the scene in "ET The Extraterrestrial" where the scientist meets the alien for the first time and says "I've been waiting for this my whole life." (that will be me)

    I will jump for joy as soon as we meet ET! (except if they are not nice...if they are not nice, I'll jump for joy, high five my daughter, hunker down, and see what happens next)
  • Dec 28 2011: People doubt aliens exist because they are skeptics to the "T" or they just live in a box called Scientific evidence. If a million scientific studies were hidden and they had no knowledge of them because of this fact...they would use this as proof to claim their point.

    If the same people who did these studies were all murdered so that they could not continue the study or disseminate their findings, the same skeptics would say, that's not why they were murdered, because their is no evidence of their studies and thus no evidence for them being murdered for their work.
    Now if these findings were concrete, yet no Mass Media would air the story, these people most likely would not look else where...In other words, case closed.

    We ourselves really are on the brink, if not already over the brink, for a small secret minority, of being why would not a more technologically, psychologically, and peacefully advanced group of "Aliens" not be already?

    If you think about all of the technology that has been stolen from the inventors and discovering scientists by the elite and powerful corporations who have suppressed it and used is to develop weapons of mass destruction and build underground bunkers and "Space ships" and Rocket Ships and many things we don't even know exist...if you could admit that so much money and resources are being spent on these selfish, fearful, and dehumanizing instruments of greed and self destruction.....than could you not also admit that the government or powerful elite have also developed their own "space ships" or vehicles that move through space, using this hidden technology and stolen money and perpetuated these wars to serve their own means of power and advanced technological privileges and Agendas?

    This said, Creatures from else where other than Earth are almost a given in my opinion...One would just have to be able to change their perception and look outside of the box. Free energy is here and has been. See Nassim Haramein
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    Dec 28 2011: Yes, people deny the existence. Am i one of them? No.
    Maybe I have seen too many talk shows on the History channel, or maybe I read too many books as a young girl, but I believe.
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      Dec 28 2011: Belief is all any individual has, no matter how many "facts" there are in the consensus.

      Since we only have one source of intelligence (human) we have no grounds for comparison on just how much we actually know in relation to nature, universe and even our own biological mechanism - which is also part of my case for spreading this "question-answer" of mine. There is not a doubt in my mind aliens do come to earth to look at us like ants and historically have came here to give us knowledge - after that is just conspiracy theories to even me.
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        Dec 28 2011: After what? What would you consider conspiracy theories?
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          Dec 28 2011: Well historically we have the Mayans, Egyptians, Sumerians, Indian-Hinduism... pointing towards aliens fighting among each other, giving information and even mating with us...

          The conspiracy is what exactly has aliens done and if they are still doing anything to interact with us. When you get to talking about these conspiracies they get to seem sci-fi...

          Aliens live among us in secret; helping, manipulating and/or neutral - men in black -like movies.

          That stuff I do not stand aside, but as far as they know we are here and I know they are doing "something" makes me open to a lot more possibilities of existence. Such as why I do not deny the existence of an all powerful god - therefore - as far as we know, what the scriptures of the bible are talking about is naively talking about a super powered alien and jesus is his half man half alien son here to spread the good word...
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    Dec 28 2011: there was some spotted in cali and by friends of mine in az yesterday, 12 or so red orbs. going west i believe
  • Dec 26 2011: Yes, but.....
    Someone asked the question, "If there were aliens, would they look for life elsewhere in the universe?
    Would they send out probes?"
    A scientist said, "No."
    The questioner replied, "Why not? We do."

    Before we even consider life "out there" meaning somewhere out in the vast regions of the universe,
    we might remember to take a look at some of the strangest life-forms that exist in our oceans.
    They live "in another world" and many of them are strange indeed.

    Now what if one of these very strange looking beings of life were to be at a point at which they come ashore and
    begin living outside the water, in our climate? That could happen in the lifetime of those much younger than I and
    we don't necessarily know when that might be. We also would not know the degree of their ability to adapt and how
    fast that might happen and just how they would interact with us, and vice versa.

    The death of large parts of the oceans could also occur in your lifetime which might prompt various forms of life from the sea to seek food elsewhere (on land), as we are rapidly destroying their food supplies, not to mention our own.
    Actually, I should say "your food supplies" and they could compete with you for them and perhaps in some cases, much better than you.

    Then, there is the possibility of life "out there", meaning outside the universe itself. But within the confines of our universe? I think contact was made long ago and has continued. I think that this sort of information would have almost filtered by protocol to those in charge, meaning those in power. At least two of the first questions asked would be, "are there others?" and "is there a God?"

    For the first question I surmised, the answer would have been, "yes", and they are more evolved, intelligent and capable that those on earth. To the second question I believe the answer would have been, "No."
    That is the only reason I can imagine for religious people hurting others in the way they do and for as long as they have
  • Dec 22 2011: Aliens definitely exist- at least until they get their green card.Kidding aside, personally I have witnessed an Aliens definitely exist- at least until they get their green card.

    Kidding aside, personally I have witnessed an alien spacecraft. While enjoying a break between classes, I observed the low and large harvest moon, at least I thought it was the moon until it moved markedly up and down for at least five minutes. A crowd of us were staring at it, somewhat mesmerized. I recall looking around at the crowd of onlookers to verify that they were seeing what I was seeing and they looked frozen in place. When it stopped bouncing people didn't seem amazed or shocked, they simply went back to their business. Of course I cannot prove it was an alien craft, anymore than I can prove the moon was bouncing.

    I disagree with Hawking though- like his physical body, his world view seems very crippled and limited compared to mine.
  • Dec 22 2011: I do not know if aliens exist somewhere in the Universe thou I think it is very likely they do given there are so many galaxies and planets in each galaxy.

    In terms of UFOs sightings I think these are all illusions and wishful thinking. In order to acknowledge that we do have UFOs here on Earth you need an evidence. Otherwise you resort to claims that are no different than claims and beliefs about miracles, fairies etc.

    So far all UFO sights are one of or combination of people's wishful thinking, mistakes, intentional misleading and forgery, natural phenomena or human objects that just appear to look like something alien.

    There has been no proof so far of alien landing or sighting I am aware of?

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      Dec 22 2011: "Illusions and wishful thinking"

      I don't think so much effort - time spent for over 50 + years - would continue into a culture that is based on either of those...

      Ufo-blogger is THE blogging website for alien-science culture.

      To note: Yeah, blogging isn't as old as the magazines, war documentries, and war files - which have a GOOD number of material concerned with UFOs (Source: Wikileaks) - But, we are in the 21st century we should be open to cyber-journalism - blogging - therefore it is unbiased, but at the same time should look at multitudes of this news source that are blogs and other non-incorporated media outlets.

      It's not just a few hundred videos of sightings. There are THOUSANDS. Chance, seeing what you want to see and even bold face lying - still cannot cover up the overhwhelming evidence that is free for interpretation.

      Even Fox News will not deny this evidence anymore,2933,534960,00.html

      Search engine "KGB UFO" and again do some looking into, rather than claim certainities out of unawareness. "There is no evidence of IT thus we cannot know for sure about IT" How can you be sure of something you obviously did not look into?

      Evidence is there, just look for it yourself. Heresay involving video evidence, is pretty good heresay in my opinion.

      If you NEED the government to "sign off" on this evidence... Russia, China, and Italy agree alien life is a concern. Just because America doesn't talk about aliens - among many many others things our politicians do not concern with (global warming, pollution, and green-energy) - but we should be as individuals.

      You are now informed Mr. Smith.
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        Dec 22 2011: OK, if some of those UFOs' cases can't be explained as illusions, deliriums, natural phenomenons and so on, can't they be secret human advanced military technology, for example? Or that's more impossible than aliens coming to us? A little reflection: maybe governments spread the statements about aliens time to time, because it's more useful that people would suspect aliens, not the earthy secrets... Ha.
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          Dec 22 2011: Sure, we have a group(s) human organization(s) that keep people in ignorance in order to provide weapons for a select few. Without anyone ever leaking from the inside?

          Also if it is the "look at my right hand while my left hand does something else" - that's already done in false flags operations (example: hitler claiming communist burned down the Reichstag building). So yes it could be that, but what would be to gain in such privacy besides a competition?

          Who is competing? With who? Why? What's the profit?
      • Dec 22 2011: From the link on Egyptian archaeologist:
        "“I can not confirm or deny this, but there is something inside the pyramid that is “not of this world”."

        Is this a proof of anything at all? Did he measure or observe something inside the pyramid? Where are the results? How does something that cannot be yet explains (because obviously not enough data can be collected) means it is "not of this world" ?

        "There are THOUSANDS."
        Even if you had million sigtnings it would not prove existence of aliens. Just a few centuries ago the whole world believed that Earth is flat.

        "Even Fox News will not deny this evidence anymore"
        Fox News is a scientific source of information? Where are the pictures and video recordings?

        "Evidence is there, just look for it yourself."
        Can you please provide links to reputable scientific reports and research that confirms your claim about UFOs? Do you have actually any video recording that clearly shows UFO? If this is happening quite often we should already have dozen of them.

        Like with any other conspiracy theories people cannot explain something and they have the need to have answer right now. Therefore they come up with any answer they can think. Because something cannot be explained (due to missing data) we should not make conclusions. That is how science work. Anything else is speculation and conspiracy theory.


        If aliens do arrive to Earth I see only two possibilities: either they will not hide their presence or they will hide it so well that we will never discover it because they technology is so advanced it is beyond our understanding and detection.
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          Dec 22 2011: Did you, yourself, a single deity of a perspective, investigate outside of this conversation?

          No, you didn't and I won't for you, I know aliens exist, and the premise of this conversation would be why you do not - mainly their interaction with earth. I now know you are on the fence, and ONLY credible people will get you over, but you won't look for those people yourself.

          Yet you ask of me, a student, to find you scientific reports (which I already stated 3 governments openly have released files about - military/science reports) You still need an elitist group of individuals to tell you what is true and false while I require the common man's word. I believe a million heresay is enough to be credible but if you need a precision analysis of some invisible authority then claim that the alien's technology would be so advance as to prove precision impossible. I see no reason in convincing you, but again suggesting to do your own perspective research.

          A few centuries ago the number of people were in the millions.

          I hate the defense of "at one point in time the earth was flat..." Yeah to the Romans and the cultures who followed in their foot steps - Europian-based. While in Asia they had mapped the stars and had big bang theories during the same period of time - earlier in fact.

          Aliens HAVE arrived, look at the pyraminds - STILL NO EXPLANATION to how they were built. None, theories, but no SCIENTIFIC facts.

          The thousands of crop circles, videos, witnesses, abductions - in the past 50-60 alone... But all of thise is illusionary because a hand full of scientist would disagree because they do not see the evidence with their own eyes.

          I not only see a fatal flaw of science, I see the fatal flaw of man there.

          Thanks for bringing this to the table - "this" being the same requirements a fundamentalist would want for you to prove evolution. I do not need science to prove evolution either.
      • Dec 23 2011: Government does not represent a scientific community.

        I do not need to make investigation, just to look at the lack of scientific material on this topic.

        Sure you can believe in UFOs based on what people say (rather than observable and proven events) but then I would expect you also will confirm the validity of religions like Christianity, including miracles and other phenomena? Would you agree that if we based our knowledge on just what people say or see (without proper experiments and measurements) we can acknowledge that all that is written in religious books is true and you just need to spend enough effort to find a proof for yourself as you suggest I do for UFOs?

        In any case good luck. I think we have to agree to disagree. cheers
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          Dec 23 2011: The fact is, unless I have N.A.S.A scientist on video telling you about his hand shake with an alien you will be skeptical...

          1. Government uses sciences for own agendas - thus science is a tool used to make knowledge and not the primary source of knowledge.
          2. Scientific communities advance majorly in areas that governments profit from and give money to - weapons are where the most money is spent for a reason; got to pay those scientist and their pensions.

          To compare Christianity's authenticity to the evidence of UFOs is pretty low. A modernly fundamental religion, where at the core is a beautiful consideration into being a humanist and the subject of "are we alone in the universe and to what extent?" - Although a favorite theory of mine happens to be Jesus was an alien - the alien being "god" and Jesus gave good message to humans as to how to treat one another - looking at the mutated religion by culture is no reason to deny the origin.Off topic though.

          And again, this conversation is based on the premise of why you do believe or do not believe in aliens having come down to earth.

          Another problem illuminated - skepticism - too much makes one as naive as having none.

          If you didn't investigate how are you so sure there is no scientific data?

          Have a good one sir.
      • Dec 23 2011: It is not a video of NASA scientists that I am looking for. Rather I expect to see published scientific articles in respected scientific journals with reviews from scientific communities about this phenomena.

        1. What is the primary source of knowledge if not science? Sometimes government uses results of science for its purpose. However science is happening in the following places:

        - practically all Universities (both public and private) have scientific research independent of governments

        - companies have their own scientific research

        - independent scientists work on their own scientific research

        - government funds research through NASA, DARPA and others

        Lots of research is not about weapons but rather about nature, society, economics, technology (some used in weapons), robotics, biotechnology and so on

        I consider science the only reliable source of information. scientific community, for the most part, ensures that scientific theories are thoroughly tested and reviewed before it accepts them as valid (until a better theory will emerge).

        You can check the article in Wikipedia on UFOs and it also shows various reports from government investigation. Conclusion: UFOs are not confirmed:

        Beside wikipedia I also have never seen a reference to study that would confirm UFOs (and if that happened everyone would hear about it). For the last 25 years. If you have the please provide links.

        I am not saying UFO is not a possibility but until we have concrete evidence I consider it nothing else than a conspiracy theory.

        I agree that religions have some great core values. What I am trying to say that if you believe in UFOs based on not proven events you should agree with others when they use non-scientific evidence to support their claims such as miracles, Jesus origin, intelligent design and other.

        Take care.
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          Dec 23 2011: Primary knowledge IS NOT science; primary knowledge is cultural, traditional and environmental awareness/knowledge that is shared among communities and accepted groups of authority (religious group, family, friends, subcultures, etc.). Whatever that collective group of authorities declare is primary, the science will become secondary to enhance the primary.

          Harvard = new telescope (specifically for searching for alien life)
          + Those scientist working on telescope dictate a clear "underfunding" of research
          Yes, you are right there is no "clear" research by those measure of precision science (Which I find totally ridiculous).

          The MAJORITY of funding is toward engineering sciences - specifically weaponry - in China, America and Russia - three of the major leaders of space exploration.

          Beside wikipedia you have never heard of a study for UFOs?
          Clearly you do not care to investigate but care enough to place a certainty on it based off of, again, an authority not of your own choosing.

          A conspiracy theory has a desire - Illuminati (to dictate a new world order) - 9/11 (American false flag for a war) - the moon landing (alien life/alien structures to be kept quiet) - I am not saying I am on the boat of any of these theories, but they are conspiracy-based. But, aliens visiting earth... What could one gain from such knowledge spreading? Besides we are not alone and obviously not that smart and we should consider more variables in sciences. Where is the conspiracy? For a few people to jump out of the wood work and say "gotcha, those crop circles were all just part of a master plan..." Skepticism = too much just as faulty as none.

          Again, again, I will continue to suggest keeping an open mind.

          Precision science has proven faulty time and time again, it will continue to do so.

          Take care.
      • Dec 24 2011: I am sorry but this will be my last post on this topic.

        "The MAJORITY of funding is toward engineering sciences - specifically weaponry"
        That is not true. How did you determine this? Here are R&D Global and US numbers:

        Page 6 shows that US (both government and private industry) spends about $405 billion on R&D. Page 11 shows R&D for DoD is about $80 billion. Page 11 shows the world spends about $86 billions just on software/Internet/computers alone. Page 16 shows that electronics/hardware R&D spending is close to $200 billion. National security/defense details is on page 18. Life sciences (page 12) over $210 billion.

        As you can see the world together spends significantly more on non-military R&D than on military one.

        "Precision science has proven faulty time and time again, it will continue to do so."

        This is not correct. Science never claimed to have absolute truth (it is not a religion). Instead, science offers the best explanation and theories at any given time. Through scientific progress these theories and knowledge are being improved by replacing older theories with newer ones that offer better explanation of natural phenomena.

        For example, at first Newton came with gravity laws. These laws are relatively good way to understand gravity and they hold in basic scenarios. However they are just rough approximation of the reality. Then Einstein came with the Theory of relativity and provide more accurate and more general theory that can explain gravity accurately in all scenarios we are aware off. Eventually we expect scientists to find even better theory that will unite various theories about forces of nature (weak, strong force etc).

        So yes over and over old theories are proven faulty when better observations are made about natural phenomena thus given a way to better theories. This is basic process of science where nothing is in stone but the current best understanding of the world given our data & tools.
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    Dec 28 2011: Your theme asks about the existence of alien beings. I assume you mean life outside the earth. Almost all scientists hold that the chance of there being such life is far greater than the chance that there is not. Since we know that the conditions that have brought forth life on earth have existed and therefore can exist, the chance that this has happened only once on the trillions of existing planets is vanishingly small.

    Then you morph the question into one dealing with intelligent space-aliens. The idea that such aliens have arrived at the earth is farfetched for several reasons.

    First, the burden of proof in such questions is on those who make a claim, especially if the claim seems to defy physical laws as we know them. And the "evidence", ancient or modern, is not evidence for space aliens at all, in spite of Erich von Däniken's fictions. He and similar authors use the handy device of filling in the unexplained with a convenient theory of space travelers. That's the same process by which early man decided there must be a god in the volcano. Totally unscientific, in fact antiscientific. As to current "sightings," not one among the thousands has produced anything concrete. These aliens have perhaps flown to the earth with no purpose whatever, because they're clearly not communicating.

    Several physical reasons to doubt alien visitors are also strong. For one: In the 4,500 millions of years of earth history any sign of intelligent life here could not have reached any other occupied planet because, as Frans said, we've only been sending radio waves for the past century, and such planets are hundreds or thousands of light years away, at least. And any civilization may only last a few millennia.

    It's fun to believe in "aliens", like believing in trolls. But the mature and scientific approach is to maintain an attitude of uncertainty about that which we're not sure about. You may think they're there, I think they're not. But we really don't know. We DO know that.
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      Dec 28 2011: Skepticism = too high just as invalid as none.

      I didn't morph any position, these positions have existed, whether you were aware of them or not is not the point either.

      "The burdern of proof..." This is where ignorance plays a specific key point - Ignorance lays in two things; 1. denying information and 2. not seeking information. You deny all of this heresay (this being the videos, crop circles, first person journalisms, and/or EVEN the government files) based on some idea of science.

      It's similar to how the scientific community treats and treated Antony Garrett Lisi - the man who made a unified theory of everything - TOTALLY skeptical to this man, although his theory can't be disproven... It's arrogance on a level that is dangerous... Intelligent men being skeptical for absolutely NO REASONING besides the lack of experimentation. It's arrogance in a closed privatized community of great minds, might as well be a religion the way you dictate what science is and isn't - as if there is an authority on ideas.

      "4,500 millions of years of earth history" Indeed a misdirecting point of argument for one whom would claim logic... Earliest signs of intelligent life on our planet - is now debated upon because we keep finding new evidence of people not just coming out of Africa and spreading - which was the most accept THEORY - now gone. Instead of holding onto theories and building on them, why not accept multi-theories and invest time in each?
      + I given an article to Fran about "ancient astronaut theory" where (just like we would do) aliens once came here to give us technology, basic math and philosophy to primitives - which lines up with over twenty ancient cultures and civilizations - one major one being Egypt.

      "but the mature and scientific mind..."

      Then perhaps the young should not aim in that direction, as it will lead to the same problems of today, because if we cannot even be skeptical to ourselves then we will never grow up properly.

      I do know, it's ok.
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        Dec 29 2011: Skepticism is good, Nicholas. It means that you evaluate evidence and don't draw conclusions until you have sufficient evidence. Sounds like a good practice to me.

        But it's too bad you didn't understand much of my comment.

        For example, where I pointed out that signs of intelligence on earth couldn't have reached other inhabited planets because we've only been sending out RADIO signals for a century, you explain that early humans were intelligent way back in early Africa. That's nice, but I'm talking about space communication: RADIO waves, Nicholas.

        You also say that I "deny" evidence for the existence of space visitors. I do not. I've said I consider that the evidence that has been brought out doesn't imply space visitors, and that we need to keep "an attitude of uncertainty" about such things, instead of becoming true believers. That's not any "authority of ideas." It's simply having the maturity of mind to accept uncertainty when it exists.

        The less said about your "argument" against being mature and scientific, the better.
        Cheers, Paul L.
  • Dec 23 2011: Aliens exiting would probably just be basic life, just by chance it is likely life will be formed elsewhere. that doesn't mean there is life and it definitely doesn't mean there are green monsters flying about near us. comparing this to the bible isn't wise since that is fiction. if there is any advanced life forms it is unlikely they are near us in time or in space, and there is no evidence for them to have been to earth.
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    Dec 23 2011: Think of it Nicholas, the human species has some technology for over a century and is about to destroy the soil that feeds him. Unknown species on our own planet are destroyed faster than discovered.
    If within a galaxy a few planets bear life, the interval of time within life has the same intelligence to communicate properly is almost nil.
    I saw a UFO once myself but visitors from outer space isn't something I reckon with or it has to be microbes that traveled for ages.
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      Dec 23 2011: Frans I find it hard to decipher your reason for rejection that aliens have landed here.

      But, here, theories of aliens visiting ancient civilizations. Multiply cultures having similar descriptions of "gods" is something to consider before suggesting "We are smart enough to be aware of their arrival." - Simply, we're collectively not. Today, the average intelligence might be higher than 1000 B.C but still I find it an anthropocentric persona human's have towards thinking "We are the best" which rejects the idea of aliens visiting us, if not among us already.
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        Dec 28 2011: I've heard and seen all those stories from Sumerians and who know what else, it's all fantasy.
        I've seen thousands of images with UFO's, crop circles and more of these things, some are fake, some I don't know.
        I don't know if the average intelligence is higher than 1000 BC, I really doubt it.
        If some form of conscious existence develops on any one planet the way it is configured would be more alien than we can think of, perhaps even can't recognize. Maybe the Red Spot on Jupiter is a form of life?

        The building techniques of the old leave many questions open in the East and West. We don't know that's all.
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          Dec 28 2011: I believe in all lies lay a little truth.
          All myth some legend.

          Its not just one or even five ancient cultures claiming alien intervention, it's more like twenty.

          Who ever we are doesn't know because they choose not to seek and accept. But that is understandable since there is no profit in knowing.
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    Dec 23 2011: I doubt (not deny) the existence of unicorns, fairies, leprechauns, bigfoot, extra-terrestrial life, etc. because there is no impetus acting upon me to believe in them. The minute I am convinced by evidence, trusted testimony of others, or an impetus acting upon me, then I will stop doubting.My doubt causes me to choose to devote my resources to other areas of inquiry, but I do not condemn the efforts of SETI, bigfoot hunters, or searchers for monsters in Loch Ness.
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    Dec 23 2011: Hm, there's no 'reply' to your last reply to my reply.
    Don't ask me this, I'm not one of those in the organisations (unluckily - I'm not so privileged in my life; luckily, 'cause that means I'm not so mad). That was only a little guess of a possibility.
    Well, maybe scientists are working on much more advanced transport, maybe not necessarily military. If there are those really in power above all, they have nothing to compete with, but they want science to move forward for the pleasure or idea, or for far future, but now that technoolgy can't be demonstrated, 'cause it doesn't need nowaday fuel, for example.
    I'm just using my fantasy for this, but WHO KNOWS.

    By the way, I have seen some documentaries about how pyramids were built, there were no aliens helping hand included. Don't forget, pharaohs had all the power, looots of slaves, they could do eeeverything with them, make them work till the death. Pharaohs were mad like those in those 'organisations' nowadays. They desired to immortalize themselves through magnificent buildings.
    I saw a documentary where a group of young scientists did an experiment : they did a circle in a field in a short night with the same effect (technology disturbance etc.). Many people had admited its their work those circles.
    I recently watched a documentary about crystal skulls (offtopic, but has some relation). Those skulls were really wow to me, but scientists investigated 4 mostly known skulls and said that they all were made in 19th century not by central Americans ages ago. The skulls have fans, followers, they take their hands on the skull and feel the power and similar things. And they still believe the skulls are original and have power.
    It just shows that people need mysteries, many of them are drawn by people to make this life more interesting, exciting, and have something which we could believe in, especially, in those with high powers (gods, skulls, aliens), but I agree, aliens seem the most realistic in this trio =]
  • Dec 22 2011: I don't know what an alien is. From another country? From another planet? From another universe? People with different points of view?
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      Dec 22 2011: I think another universe would automatically mean another planet.

      Funny, you don't know what an alien is, but give three different types of answer-questions.

      Was precision really necessary?
      • Dec 23 2011: Lots of people these days speak of "illegal" aliens and are referring to Mexican people who cross the USA border and remain in the USA. Some folks speak of aliens from other planets in our galaxy or other galaxies. When some people talk about politics or religion they sound like aliens to me. I guess you are referring to aliens from space outside of Earth's atmosphere.
      • Dec 24 2011: Yes, I think the precision was necessary. It's okay with me, if you don't.