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Could the source of Dark Energy be light?

As light travels through space, it loses energy.

Could this energy from photons be transmitted and stored in the fabric of space, causing it to expand, deep in intergalactic space, where gravitational fields are minimal?

Dark energy seems to have increased as the amount of light generated by the universe has increased, and it seems that it will decrease when the light generated by the universe decreases, allowing for the universe to collapse on itself again.

Closing Statement from mike fernandes

Logic was at the core in the formation of this idea. I believe that the force behind the expansion is 1 of the 4 known forces, and therefore, it must likely be electromagnetic in nature.

The idea fits in with the notion that Dark Energy is electromagnetic in nature. Light seems to be powering this continued expansion, and it could even power an electromagnetic force in the fabric of space itself.

  • Jan 5 2012: Any theory is possible in your posed question. I believe clarity will shine [sic] on your question when the cern research resumes later this year.

    Your conclusion has logic at its core; and fits into the particle physics domain.

    As Schroedinger's Cat can both be alive, an dead so could your answer...and we haven't started looking at string theory yet.
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      Dec 24 2011: Thank you Ed Schulte!

      Yes, it really does make an awful lot of sense.

      Light has constantly been being created since the Big Bang, and has been bleeding energy into the fabric of space ever since.

      Dark Energy has been increasing along with light production. The connection really seems undeniable!

      What follows is also interesting to consider:

      In keeping with Occam's razor, we have 4 forces that could explain dark energy.

      It can't be the nuclear forces, and it's not likely gravity.

      Therefore it must be electromagnetic.

      If light would be powering Dark Energy, then it must be electromagnetic in nature.