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A New Year a New Life !! If you would consider a lifechange wich guidelines will you follow?

People want to change work, house, countrys but we fear the unknown and to not regret the decitions made.
We feel like running in circles exausting our creativity, emotions, energy, motivation, we often feel we are ready for a radical change in our lifestyle.
A change for better..what would help us make the right choices?
Do you have a successful history of your radical lifechange? Please share it with the community

  • Dec 23 2011: I will be trying to follow Henry David Thoreau's ideals, and to lead a less materialistic life, taking pleasures in what surrounds us and the relationships we have with others and our community!
    • Dec 23 2011: You are right. We should appreciate the holidays with friends and family!
      • Dec 23 2011: Zared, you might like to read 'Walden" or any of Thoreau's writings, they would be right up your street, very minimalist!
        • Dec 23 2011: I prefer romanticism, but I will give it a whirl. You should probably check out Robert Frost's poems.
  • Dec 23 2011: Open ideas that promote ideals, then expand on one of those ideas, and finally, make a model of that idea.

    Ideal to idea to model.
    Everything to anything to something.

    My goal for the new year is to write a poem every month. We should share our ideas for the New Year as a community, embrace them for group support, and make them into reality.
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      Dec 27 2011: Thats sounds good and will be looking forward to read those poems, i also work on a Big project to allow talented profecionals start a new life ...inspired the comunity and feel strong on the basic of thinking Big.
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    Dec 26 2011: Zared I put my heart into everything I do.
    I designed this page each single element has a meaning ..I belive in romanticism life is beautiful.
    • Dec 26 2011: We should not just focus on each single element, but we must see the big picture of the pieces together. Then only, true beauty shall rise and real change will take place.
  • Dec 25 2011: There are two major things you need when considering a life change: Truth and courage.
    You must first be truthfull with yourself, map out only points you really truthfully consider to be manageable. There is no point in thinking of change if you yourself feel you are incapable of achieveing it. Then you need courage, the courage to push on through, especially on those hard days where things dont seem like they're in your favour and when others around you say that it's impossible. Should you keep these two things always in mind and never leave the mapped out path you've chosen you should achieve it.
  • Dec 23 2011: Positive words, positive acts, positive anything, positive everything. That always works. Truth works. The more you express truth, the more powerful and happy you become at whatever you do. Experimenting with one's behavior is useful. Re-programming ourselves in accordance with our own positive values works. "Where there is a will, there is a way."
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      Dec 26 2011: Where there is a will. there is a way.... Yes is so true.... I often use this one.
      Everything is posible to a willing heart!
      • Dec 26 2011: Do not make everything positive for it will devalue happiness. A fantasy world of only love is a utopia of lies and it will destroy the essence of your being. Appreciate all of gloom and joy and you shall see a world of forever beauty.
        • Dec 26 2011: Zared, I wonder how you know what you allege. I have heard all the yin-yang arguments that you seem to be making. I do not understand how "only love" and "everything positive" and "joy" can be other than wonderful for everyone who experiences that. Maybe it is possible to feel good all the time by consistently living in truth, love and joy.
      • Dec 26 2011: It sounds ideal to live in forever joy, but you cannot denied that you would not value it if you did not felt misery. Also, no matter what setting you are, it is impossible to escape from either emotion, which, in the end, if you are trying to avoid either emotion, it will cause great stress to yourself. The truth part you can accomplish, it would just be hard to do due to human nature. I mean it is hard due to the subtle lies we tell and our natural mental defense mechanisms, but you can still accomplish being only truthful.
  • Dec 23 2011: My goal for next year is to go way bayond my comfort zone, try as many new things as I can, break the limits of my mind. This goal will also let me focus on developing positive attitude toward life challanges which is: dont be afraid to fail and dont listen to no-sayers. This goal is very complex for me but I'm really excited about it. I connect this with my little dream about choaching people and spreading great ideas :)
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    Dec 23 2011: I'm making the change from Marlboro lights to reds. I figured why not, my lungs are already blacker than a raven.
  • Dec 23 2011: I think for next year, I want to get better at breaking goals into smaller pieces. I always seem to have a goal in mind but often forget to realize the steps to get there. I also want to be less afraid of facing the unknown--not only through preparing myself for what may happen but also accepting what cannot be changed.
  • Dec 23 2011: I believe there is no happiness to be gained by changing things in life. Maybe you feel better slightly but in the long run it all boils down to the same thing. Just accepting the reality and staying happy with it is much better then listing down all the things that can be changed in the past because no one can actually ever change them.
  • Dec 23 2011: Well i have changed country thrice, but only once for improvement and it turned out not so rosy in the short run atleast. I have changed a relationship for improvement but again it didnt do much good. havent changed work till now. Moral: these material changes do not significantly cause happiness in short run, in the long run they dont matter at all
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      Dec 23 2011: how many times have you change countrys, work, relationships, in order to improve.. please dont feel questioned ..just would like to hear more of your final conclutions based on experiences..
      reality? a poor boy´s reality can be the triger for a lifechange into a rich future...dont you agree?
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    Dec 23 2011: I was a primary school teacher, but now i am an officer worker.

    In my opinion, in the process, i should do summary continuously, challenge myself and develop my abilities as soon as possible.

    My experience makes me know that in the face of difficulties, should dare to challenge myself, to better myself.

    And i am planning to take a trip to China next year.
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      Dec 26 2011: i will trust you will make that trip and come back very rich every posible way.
  • Dec 22 2011: I follow and suggest to follow others guidelines "Lets make smaller human foot-steps, more future thinking and less using the natural resources....better choices to everyone. Peace!"
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    Dec 22 2011: Learning to let go....sometimes when we think about something for too long,the real issue starts to lose its point.I think that this was the most important lesson i learned last year and im hoping to go by it this year :)
  • Dec 22 2011: Embrace minimalism and you will discover a new way of seeing things and living your life:

    I haven't myself fully embraced it but I am taking little steps toward that ideal =)