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Why are we not able to find any economically feasible alternative energy source? How long can we depend on fossil fuels?

Solar power has been in use for quite long time now. But it is quite expensive. Why are we not able to make solar power economically feasible? In Indian villages, people use bio gas produced by cow dung for cooking purposes. Why can't a similar bio gas be produced from kitchen waste in urban areas? If the quantity is too small it can be produced at least in restaurants and canteens?

  • Jan 22 2012: This looks interesting:

    Also if people can make many small energy-saving choices a little differently, those choices can add-up to bigger effects.
    Can you make a stove that is very tall, so several people can cook at once, and the heat just keeps rising to the next higher level to cook the other meals. Can the initial heat source be several large mirrors?
    Maybe hemp can be grown & used for burning?
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    Dec 26 2011: Positive changes are happening so slowly because in each situation that you can imagine the dominant lobbies have to own it, then to plan it, justify why not sooner, adapt it to their reality and maximize profits from old and new trends.

    This when lobbies aren't just too afraid and destroy the positive change.
  • Dec 23 2011: The economy will collapse even further as soon as no one uses oil as an energy source any more. I think even the U.S has major shares and investments in oil. That is probably the reason why bio fuel and more sustainable energy it is kept off for so long. There are many "green" processes going on though, because that is what the consumer wants.
  • Dec 22 2011: Hi Usha,

    The short answer is that fossil fuels are cheaper and easier to use.

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    Doug Bell