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"" website for posting the ideas that us crazy invenotor types get on daily basis but never have time to go through with.

So, im sure you all get 1,000 ideas for cool stuff that is very relevant per year, but can never find an outlet, and the projects themselves are hard to act on. well, lets make a site to post them so others can build, suggest , propose or even WOW, act on the day.
.something like this im sure is out there, but, once again, being a crazy inventor type,i cannot devote time to actually making this. this is a nice paradox though right?

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    Dec 23 2011: There are some sites that do this as a business. They invite people to publish their ideas and license them. In the event that the ideas are developed the inventor gets some participation. As you point out, the real bottleneck is in the development of the idea into a project and then into an enterprise (for profit or for good).

    In the non-profit space these are working well because there is less intellectual property nonsense - people publish their project and ask for funding from the crowd:, Donorschoose, etc.

    I would suggest a for-profit incubator that sources not only ideas from the crowd but also sources the decisions about which ideas to pursue and for which goals as well as the skills needed to develop the ideas into projects. The paradox you mention can be overcome by money if skills are paid for through cash or participation in the resulting enterprise.
    Since we are talking (or I am talking) about money, an incubator would need to address legal issues and license any idea presented up-front.

    It would probably make sense to focus each incubator on a single area of expertise so that the members of the community feel their ideas are being heard. There was something like this in Renaissance Europe...