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Is religion the only motivation for a person to do right? Should our morals be only based on religious belief?

"The Fear of God." The seven pillars of Islam. The ten commandments. And the every day teachings we share with our friends, family, and children. Why do people rely on religion to do the right thing in life? Shouldn't we do right just because it's the right thing? Are we capable of doing so as humans? Why or why not?


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  • Dec 22 2011: I don't think religion differs itself from any other motivating catalyst for doing good. Instead the driver uses whatever reason to do good as a backing for the action itself. Why do good? Because God says to give to charity and help your brothers and sisters.. so the question is- would that person do good if they didn't have that thought backing their action? I say yes. I would say that they would find another good reason to back their good deed. Just in the same way that religious wars that have claimed hundreds of thousands of lives are done in the name of God. It is the driver who is hiding behind another reason for carrying out said action. Deferring the blame, or good deed on another party. Our Morals will be a product of social and cultural experience. If you are born into a society that is closer-knit and more giving, then you, I'm sure are more apt to act accordingly. Likewise, if your society or culture is more distant, then helping others in need may not be a normal act. How do we motivate people to do the right thing? It's tricky because the inherent nature of the self isn't looking to always do good. Everyone would have to learn from a young age that you have to do what is right.. because it is right.

    But what's right anyways? Doesn't that differ based on era, culture, and context?

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