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Is religion the only motivation for a person to do right? Should our morals be only based on religious belief?

"The Fear of God." The seven pillars of Islam. The ten commandments. And the every day teachings we share with our friends, family, and children. Why do people rely on religion to do the right thing in life? Shouldn't we do right just because it's the right thing? Are we capable of doing so as humans? Why or why not?


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    Dec 22 2011: Religion heavily borrows from real life examples to motivate an individual to do good. There are abundant references available to support the religious conjectures and their only purpose should serve to motivate men for good. As religion exists in us way before we learn to understand or appreciate it, it is more or less connected to a person's sense of morality.so for most of the people, it is difficult to acknowledge the difference between the two.

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