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REAL SOLUTIONS SHIPPING. a shipping company that is as sustainable as humanly possible (100% hopefully)

am trying to make purchases that are sustainable and ecologically responsible. i realize shipping is a problem in this factor. i would like to see a new shipping company founded that ships sustainably. with vehicles run on vegetable oil, boats run without oil for international deliveries, even delivery on bicycle for short distances. the first complaint i would expect from this is that things might arrive slower. the retort to that is that people who wish to make ecological decisions are willing to make sacrifices, people are already paying extra for organic materials. also, it could start just by shipping to and from major cities.
with the use of shipping vehicles that run on used vegetable oil we could make arrangements with the MILLIONS of fast food restaurants in the nation to collect their oil waist. there would be stations exclusive to REAL SOLUTIONS SHIPPING with oil ready for use. there would be retail stores that did not use electricity, but rather solar and/or wind energy, and skylights so you would not need lights. think about it, we walk indoors to the shade and then pay money to light the place up. not necessary. SO MANY things that people have become accustomed to that are not ecologically efficient can be eliminated. we could have paperless receipts, hand written carbon copy receipts, no copy machines, little to no plastic used, bike messenger delivery people. this would serve to solve employment problems as well. the money not spent on gasoline can be spent on wages for bicycle couriers. the ecological alternatives are endless.
as an individual. i cannot accomplish a goal like this alone and would not know where to start. i wanted to share this idea/ desire with ears near those with the power to make such ideas into a reality. as much as the choice for sustainable transportation is currently out of the market for individuals. for more