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Do you think marriage, as a social commitment device, still works? Or did it ever work?

I'd like to see what people think of marriage as a social commitment device.


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    Dec 22 2011: Marriage, from an anthropological perspective, is not one thing per se, but has historically served some universal functions, such as what Ferraro (2009) described as a series of customs formalizing the relationship between males and females and a socially approved union that regulates the sexual and economic rights obligations between two or more people, involving an explicit contract or understanding entered into with the assumption that it will be a permanent union (Applied Anthropology, p. 209-211). The concept and practice of marriage are also inextricably linked with systems for residence and the establishment of the "family" unit in communities small and large. My thoughts are that acceptance of the constant evolution of the marriage contract and its purpose in all societies over time in all places can only occur with education and self-awareness. I find the more educated people (not necessarily intelligent, but educated) tend to grasp that marriage is a contractual social commitment and economic arrangement device, and, to specifically address the question of whether it worked, seems that depends on what we are defining as the benchmarks of success or "working". Yet, interesting question nonetheless!

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