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Are women emancipated yet? If not, what more needs to be done for equality?

Though there are hundreds of movements againts sex discrimination and treating women as lesser beings, I believe we still do not have reached a stage where women are given equal stature and rights. I still believe that we are living in a patriarchial and pseudo-male society.

The question here is, are the women at par? If not, what are we not doing to make that happen?

I ask this question again not to spark a dialogue full of reform-talk and big scale projects and awareness programs. Theses have been happeneing but the basic psyche of the society hasn't changed. What we need now is to ponder upon ways to change the way women are percieved, for good.

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    Dec 21 2011: In some parts of the world, we could say they emancipated, in many parts of it, more than clearly, not. However, even if we talk about those places where women can be considered as emancipated, there are still problems in people heads. Various stereotypes and 'rules' are stuck in our minds. It's the worst thing that in countries, where the laws and so on gives that equality, women minds can't take it to the full. The fundamental need is to be conscious as much as possible, that would be a part of solving many other problems. But that's the process, not the event.
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      Dec 25 2011: I totally agree with you on that. These so called rules and stereotypes are against women. In a lot of places they are emancipated, so to speak. In reality, men still see red on women moving higher on the ladder.

      They should have a 50% or higher say in everything. There should be no rules against women or only for women. Equality should be imposed in today's world. People are more susceptible to rules and laws than to changing their behavior and mentality by themselves.

      And major culprit in women's underdevelopment are other women.
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        Dec 25 2011: Yeah, change gives you something new, new possibilities, but takes away, in this case, from both a man and a woman something convenient ('convenient', just because they are used to it), that disturbs. But the world is turning and changing, just a miserable thing is that it does it slowly compared to a human's life. Technologies change and improve each year, but not the attitudes to the world.
        Your last sentence is the golden words.

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