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Indroduce a concept of flexible religion in schools. Let people choose to follow a faith they want to.

There's a reason we have religion. Its not only to instill the notion that there are gods and supernatural powers controlling and creating everything. The greater good is in imbibing the qualities the religion tries to personify.

There is a huge divide in the entire world over religion. People, belonging to different religions, have reservations against each other. The religional biases are stunting the harmonious social development. As we live in a global and free world, its in the best interest of everyone to be given chance to understand all the religions equally and rationally, avoiding fanaticism.

The imagery of a God that is created by a religion should no be taken as the absolute aim. Blindly following a faith and not learning to lead a useful lifestyle should not be the aim of following a religion or a god. The grand personna of God has more than just mystic to it. There are qualities which made these figures so grand. The way of living, behaviour towards others, moral values, attitude and a desire to learn and grow to be a better person are some of the most basic qualities all the different Gods have.

Instead of being pushed into a religion, I believe people should have a right to choose a faith. And there's nothing better than to teach the children about it. Introducing religion as a concept in school and making it interactive, open ended and unbiased will make the children understand all the religions equally and give them a better perspective. It will make them understand and respect the various subtleties and behaviour of different faiths.

Allow them to choose a God rather than restricting and forcing them to worship one. Its imbecilic to constraint people to one religion and one god. The concept should give people happiness and not pain. Its a support system. we should work it away from the rigid and ridiculed tenets that it has been inculcating.


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    Dec 22 2011: @Pontus Westermark

    The age criteria is debatable. I chose to be an apathetist at an age of 16. Of course I didn't know the state of belief I was in was or will be called so. Moreover, Teaching religion not as we know it, might help better than otherwise. If you observe closely, you'll see that every religion has a common framework. Extract the chassis, polish it, and present it to the children. Then give them religion.

    Schooling them doesn't mean making them learn facts and theories, but to make them think for themselves, become rational and observe morality. You can't stop someone from growing up to be a serial killer or a rapist or a swindler but you sure can put a moral wall between the sane and insane. Its always a prerogative of a person to take the plunge to the darker side. All I am trying to say is good schooling will make the plunge harder.

    Teaching religion to effect of reducing the differences and promote mingling is the aim. This may help in curbing religious hate to some extent.

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