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Against obvious logic, what is the reasonable case for Intelligent Design/God's existence? If not, why is the thought of such so prevalent?

The case for atheism is, frankly, obvious. To think otherwise is to put one's moral reasoning, partial life's purpose, and partial opinions behind the imaginative, to say the least, seems careless at best and wishfully apathetic at worst. As Richard Dawkins says, in the above video, the easy answers found in an unrealistic dogma can all too easily supplant scientific thought. A ignorance of such atheist precepts is rampant as well, at least in the U.S.; this quote from George H.W. Bush, though outdated, is quite revealing; "No, I don't know that atheists should be regarded as citizens, nor should they be regarded as patriotic. This is one nation under God." Extrapolating, more than 1/2 of U.S. citizens voted for him, and it was never really questioned fully by the media. How many Atheist congressmen are there today? Feel free to debate, haha.


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  • Dec 30 2011: All of the previous comments appear to be written by very intelligent people. Impressive. I'm going to jump in with a very simple example of what I've seen.

    I love to garden. I really like to experiment. So I took some pure white flowers and grew them, protected the flowers from being pollinated by the bees, and manually affected the pure white flowers with pollen from some glistening genetically modified flowers that appeared to be mother of pearly - the three year experiment was successful and the results were stunning! I was so proud of those unique fantastic flowers!

    Well, when I wasn't looking, at night the moths came and laid their eggs and the baby worms ate and burrowed and ate and killed my creation. The plants died of neglect. Sometimes it's called the cycle of life.

    Seems to me that if Someone isn't watching and protecting and guarding and assisting and providing and all the other gardener-type duties, the best of creation dies. I guess I just don't understand why anyone would believe that if the strongest survive, that's good because in my garden the strongest were the moths, worms, drought, neglect...

    I'm probably not making any sense. Thank you for letting me join in.
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      Dec 30 2011: Hi Susan

      You make perfect sense. Smart folks call it the Second Law of Thermodynamics; everything has a tendency to fall apart, your garden , house, car, body, everything in fact. It's a bit like a spring that was wound up at the start & is winding down. Whether anyone is still winding is a moot point, but it certainly looks as if there has been winding going on at some stage.

      • Dec 30 2011: Then I'm really puzzled - how could be possibly have evolved into higher life forms? Not even logical.
        • Dec 31 2011: Susan,
          May I invite you to visit the following link?

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          Dec 31 2011: Hi Susan
          We only evolved into higher beings if the theory of evolution is a fact. The bible says that we were made perfect, & have been deteriorating since. Can't both be right!

          You can of course create more order locally. A car Factory can produce cars. It takes energy & carefully directs it through very specialised machinery. The process of giving birth is a similar process. In each case we need energy carefully directed by specialised equipment. Both the car & the baby will ultimately return to dust. This is the ultimate end for the whole creation.

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      Jan 2 2012: Susan, interesting metaphor. Guess you are implying that there must be some being putting energy into an overseeing the universal garden of life.
      Another explanation is things change on their own according to natural laws and processes.

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