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Against obvious logic, what is the reasonable case for Intelligent Design/God's existence? If not, why is the thought of such so prevalent?

The case for atheism is, frankly, obvious. To think otherwise is to put one's moral reasoning, partial life's purpose, and partial opinions behind the imaginative, to say the least, seems careless at best and wishfully apathetic at worst. As Richard Dawkins says, in the above video, the easy answers found in an unrealistic dogma can all too easily supplant scientific thought. A ignorance of such atheist precepts is rampant as well, at least in the U.S.; this quote from George H.W. Bush, though outdated, is quite revealing; "No, I don't know that atheists should be regarded as citizens, nor should they be regarded as patriotic. This is one nation under God." Extrapolating, more than 1/2 of U.S. citizens voted for him, and it was never really questioned fully by the media. How many Atheist congressmen are there today? Feel free to debate, haha.


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  • Dec 24 2011: Hi Mark Kurtz,
    Our very existence, as curious intelligent beings, constrains severely our world view of the universe. If we haven’t been here there would be no one to wonder and ask about why the world the way it is (the anthropic principle). We usually fall in the trap of what has personal/societal appeal such as human anxieties, needs, hopes, wishes, disappointments, frustration from the imperfectness of human existence (e.g. mortality, evil…) which often drive people to create personal otherworldly utopian pictures in the name of reason to compensate for such deficiencies. This is exactly the opposite of what science dictates. Science deals with the universe the way IT IS and not the way we want it to be. Science researches the mysteries of the physical world following impersonal approach which is the only way to understand the naturall world in which we live.

    Consider the following scientific knowledge:

    We live on a speck of dust in limitless, expanding hostile universe; we dwell on an insignificant rock fragment swimming in unbounded ocean of lethal space-time characterized by all elements of annihilation: extreme cold, clusters of nuclear furnaces (galaxies), balls of ice, of gas, and hordes of lifeless rock debris all bathing in an inter-galactic cosmic rays…

    Would the above features indicate an intelligent design? Doesn’t it lack the minimum economical requirements that an intelligent designer should consider? Doesn't it indicate a scheme made by purposeless and mindless processes?

    If we analyse the situation by reason and logic alone we are left but with the most probable conclusion: the conditions of the universe indicate the effects of accidental/arbitrary factors and a series of fortuitous coincidences rather than the result of a deistic design.

    • Dec 24 2011: Hello A Latif, While there are folks who love to debate and lecture one another, I prefer to lay out before all to see a few comments and ideas to consider. I don't consider my views or those of others to be superior; rather the experiences of all are part of the whole within humanity.

      I wouldn't want to take anything away from science because man's interest in knowledge is good. Science is part of human thought along with man's musings and curiosity. Science is just as important as religion, but neither can truthfully separate itself as being superior. Both are needed. Science alone cannot disprove what man cannot see. It is not childish or worthless dreaming to have faith in a creator or First Cause probability. Relying totally on science (partial knowledge vs Omniscience) is like looking through a narrow tube, limiting one's view, and then declaring there is nothing more.

      The high probability there is life in other galaxies is strong suggestion of purposeful and intelligent design for all the Cosmos to work together. A common force organizer surely must be watching all this we see and that which we have not yet discovered.

      The mind of a scientist (atheist or believer) who rejects or accepts a Designer is the same mind gift from the Giver, the Origin of all mind. Believing in and knowing of something greater than we can can know or prove is called faith. What else can a small child (limited knowledge) offer in the presence of a mature Father?

      I suggest www.urantia.org and The Urantia Book they offer as a resource for consideration. Some of the science therein is now outdated, but the overall concept of Prime Originator, Creator, First Source and Center is more than we have heretofore known. We can discuss this later if you have interest.
    • Dec 27 2011: "If we analyse the situation by reason and logic alone "

      Good thing the human mind isn't limited by reason and logic alone.

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