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Against obvious logic, what is the reasonable case for Intelligent Design/God's existence? If not, why is the thought of such so prevalent?

The case for atheism is, frankly, obvious. To think otherwise is to put one's moral reasoning, partial life's purpose, and partial opinions behind the imaginative, to say the least, seems careless at best and wishfully apathetic at worst. As Richard Dawkins says, in the above video, the easy answers found in an unrealistic dogma can all too easily supplant scientific thought. A ignorance of such atheist precepts is rampant as well, at least in the U.S.; this quote from George H.W. Bush, though outdated, is quite revealing; "No, I don't know that atheists should be regarded as citizens, nor should they be regarded as patriotic. This is one nation under God." Extrapolating, more than 1/2 of U.S. citizens voted for him, and it was never really questioned fully by the media. How many Atheist congressmen are there today? Feel free to debate, haha.


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  • Dec 24 2011: I was raised a very strict christian that believed the bible entirely and literally to be the word of "god". I always told myself I believed because all my family and peers did and I really thought it was the right thing but always had tremendous doubt. Around the age of 15 i realized that I didn't have the ability to truly believe it all no matter how much I wanted to. I thought I would burn an eternity in hell if I couldn't believe but It was beyond my capability to trick myself and bypass reason, you simply can't tell yourself that you are a cat and actually BELIEVE that you are a cat, you will always know the truth deep inside.
    I've always been a very logical person and have argued on both sides of this debate at different times in my life and all I can say is that any argument in favor of creationism used circular logic or just plain opinion. Logic and creationism don't mix.
    Whether you believe the Big Bang or "God" story, you have to except the fact that time and matter either always existed or appeared instantaneously and we have no capacity to comprehend the infinite reach of time and space. We all know that gravity exists because we can witness it's effect not because we can see the force itself, but nobody would come to the assumption that if an apple falls off a tree, an invisible man must have pulled it down.

    The desire to believe that even though we can't fulling explain something, there must be an intelligence that can, is inherent in our evolutionary need for causation which is why humanity has given birth to so many gods and religions. This is a phenomenon that is better understood every day and though this trait has allowed us to reach our technological pinnacle, we have to, as a society, come to the realization that everything is bound to the laws of nature, physics, and causation. Besides, no christian today would believe any of the biblical miracles if they were reported in America, that's why they aren't all Mormons.

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