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Against obvious logic, what is the reasonable case for Intelligent Design/God's existence? If not, why is the thought of such so prevalent?

The case for atheism is, frankly, obvious. To think otherwise is to put one's moral reasoning, partial life's purpose, and partial opinions behind the imaginative, to say the least, seems careless at best and wishfully apathetic at worst. As Richard Dawkins says, in the above video, the easy answers found in an unrealistic dogma can all too easily supplant scientific thought. A ignorance of such atheist precepts is rampant as well, at least in the U.S.; this quote from George H.W. Bush, though outdated, is quite revealing; "No, I don't know that atheists should be regarded as citizens, nor should they be regarded as patriotic. This is one nation under God." Extrapolating, more than 1/2 of U.S. citizens voted for him, and it was never really questioned fully by the media. How many Atheist congressmen are there today? Feel free to debate, haha.


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    Dec 21 2011: Intelligent design/ God, in no way contradicts logic or science. They answer different questions... One says the Big Bang happened, one says that there is purpose to it happening... You don't necessarily need to believe religious dogma to think that there was a purpose behind the creation of the universe. It's only when you start extrapolating that to powers, and dieties, and laws, that there are problems. Most religious Americans don't do that... Most of them just believe that there is a vague difficult to understand purpose to human life, and that does not contradict science or logic, it's just a nice comforting thought that helps get them through hard times.

    George Bush is the exception not the rule... Also he's less the exception in the south. Obama is definately an Atheist by the way, you just can't win an election saying that, because about 30% of people are idiots attached to the dogma.
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      Dec 22 2011: How does, "a vague difficult to understand purpose to human life" add up to, "a nice comforting thought?" Naming the one responsible brings comfort because it quantifies and qualifies the unknown. I'll tell you from personal experience when I began to question the existence of the Christian God I grew up with, raised my children with, my purpose became vague and difficult, and I'm still struggling with that.
      Your final statement is completely unnecessary. Religious people are not idiots whether they live in the south or anywhere else. Again in my experience religious people are sincere, generous, intelligent and long-suffering.
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        • Dec 22 2011: Actually it's intellectually lazy to judge something you haven't tested.
        • Dec 22 2011: Ethan, I'm confused why this is being said by the person who is seemingly likes the odds of intelligent design...

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