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is consciousness a brain chemical reaction?

as in the genome is found that all nature comes from the same organism (LUCA) is it possible that what is inside us may be acquired from other elements of nature, and it is disturbing that the neurones connectors have an important similitude in chemical composition of psilocybin, is it possible that generations of psilocibin use have generated these connections as we know them? is it consciousness a brain chemical reaction??


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    Dec 22 2011: Nice thought but I don't think there is any association between the two.
    The way humans became self aware is due to the development of spoken language.
    In communicating the self is separated from the other.
    • Dec 25 2011: my question is trying to establish as a previous consciousness has put the points to form lines, as well as we are doing us forward with our development of genetic engineering ...
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        Jan 3 2012: Rafael do you mean that consciousness is built upon information?
        • Jan 3 2012: Yes... I mean consciousness is built upon consciousness... like now We have decoded the genome of living beings on earth evolved, we found that living things on earth come from a single kind of organism (LUCA) ... indicating that if we make a wide dispersion of this type of element is very likely that life can be replicated elsewhere ... Now, genetic manipulation... that is the route and get to know what kind of element can travel through space thousands or millions of years to find an environment capable of hosting, which means that hardly have a similar evolution of technology and similar levels in the same time, and unless they are close to each other, so as we are today, and of course we will not survive that lot, yes, i think it is all genetic information, and i think is balanced as the cycle of salmon, that we have time enought to expand consciousness again.. as our ancestors done
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        Jan 6 2012: I believe all organic life contains the element Carbon. Carbon, I believe it is found in many inorganic matter here on Earth as well as stars, other planets and thruout the observable universe. Is carbon the key element to unlocking the consciousness experience? or does consciousness have to be developed or evolved to be pondered as we humans are doing now? Does the omniverse have consciousness? Does consciousness evolve from our symmetrical anti-matter self in the 5th and 7th dimension? Do mathmatical equations arise from consciousness? Is consciousness beyond the descriptive labels language places on it? Whatever you believe, it's absolutely true for you.
    • Dec 25 2011: the development of the evolution of life is surrounded by suitable combinations and consume sugar as well as to energize the body and for that we should introduce large amounts of water to break down the sugar, I think the connection of the cells may be a small-synthesis or long form of other elements that are learned from the environment and the end of the discussion is to get more ideas for my theory, the passion theory thank you
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        Dec 25 2011: That sounds interesting Rafael, the passion theory... When you feel good about it, please tell us all about it.
        Are you currently thinking about preadaptive advancements? You got me all intrigued. :)
        • Dec 26 2011: my idea posting this here is that, i have time because that is my way to see the world i will be honored answering all your questions about...
    • Jan 2 2012: Interesting that you propose that a "human like experience" is absolutely essential for AI. Why is that? If you believe in Evolution, the same processes that enable a sense of Self in humans might very well work out for "artificial" creatures, i.e. trial and error experiences, perceiving relationships with other objects, etc. Its the Turing problem in another dimension.
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        Jan 2 2012: To develop a sense of self you first need to share in consciousness which robots will never be part of.
        To explain: Every living creature shares the same consciousness which is a product of the dynamics of the non living universe. There is no personal consciousness only a sense of self for which all non self is the mirror to see it in. If scientists arrive at this notion things will start to progress in all sort of ways.
        Organisms aren't machines, robots are.
        • Jan 3 2012: Hmmm. A bit too human chauvnisitic. The more correct statement is that; human like characteristics is absolutely essential for human like experience.

          It's a bit of a tautology of course; but it does point out pithily that; while machines may not concievably experience things the same way as people do, it doesn't mean that they'll never be able to experience... and more to the point, it'll be difficult for us to be able to empathize with machine experiences (it's already difficult enough for us to empathize with each other).
        • Jan 5 2012: Frans: If this consciousness "is a product of the dynamics of the non-living universe" as you say, why can't the non-living universe (which created US) ,also create a non-living being of some sort which can perform the same functions? In other words, the ability to do work, like lifting weights, is easy for us to do, because of our evolutionary history, but there is nothing in that situation which implies that robots can't lift weights. How can we be so sure that "emergence" may not reveal a propensiity for some kind of self-consciousness in robots, for their own survival.? Feedback loops do it already for steam engines, and we have to design it into robots as well. As we get into more complex creations, won't we be faced with the same kind of problem we have with figuring out other people's , and animals, "feelings"?. It is only an assumption, but a plausible one , that other people feel the same way as I do., and probably animals as well, though lthat is not well established. But it isn't necessary in science to get into all that: As per the Turing problem: it's all about definitions by context and behovior. So , in other words , if" others" behave as if they were human beings, whether they are robots or foreigners , or even aliens, we are sort of rquired to go along with it. You're saying its impossible; perhaps as a Christian, that is required, although I don't why God need be constrained in such a way.
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          Jan 6 2012: To Frans, I believe consciousness, if it's as great and wonderful as we all hope, it is probably not exclusive to humans, probably not prejudice to robots or stars or animals or the Higgs boson. It's probably not the result of any dynamic human wishful thinking. It probably will remain elusive to most who try to apply complex theories to the most simple of questions.
          Also, when people use the science and language of physics, versus the faith and language of any religion it's opposite sides of the same coin, both of which are incomplete at best.Peace
      • Jan 3 2012: i propose exactly the opposite, i suggest that like we could be humans we could be any other creatuire, but we can be conscious of our existence that is what make us special, we can replicate conscious life, because we are in that top of evolve, thank you
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        Jan 5 2012: Shawn, I'm not a Christian or anything but to address your question it looks like you gave the answer yourself.

        The "electric field" you say is one field, I look at being itself as being one. What is, is. There's nothing else.
        Consciousness is the property that with intelligence creates all that exist.

        We only mirror that consciousness to see (each a part of) it from a perspective within space/time.

        So before all and everything there is the will to exist which can only be kept (alive) in a continuing exchange (energy) within the field of existence (matter) that becomes self-aware and reacts (intelligence) extracting information (creativity) to evolve in ever more complexity (creation).

        Human intelligence which mirrors cosmic intelligence on a local scale extends further with aid of robots but then as extended body parts like we are now putting on Mars. We can’t give them the will to exist but they expand our locality and by that consciousness becomes aware of more of itself.

        So in my view there’s only one consciousness we all share and which creates one reality. Another consciousness would create another reality which we aren’t aware of like in a dream we have an altered consciousness that creates an altered reality.
        • Jan 13 2012: Frans, we seem to agree on a great deal, about Consciousness. That there is only "One" which we all share as though we were waves in the Ocean. But why this requirement that only humans can participate? Not animals, on perhaps a less intensive level? And finally you veto robots, why?" Waves in the Ocean do have common patterns, and most of them are similar but if you drop a large rock into the water, will it not form a type of wave which is quite different in appearance? So what?
        • Jan 13 2012: what i say is that if we can build a Luca, a being that can evolve... if we can simplify an earlier stage of eukaryotic, prokaryotic and bows and put them to fly through the universe, we will probably not see it become men, but we will have managed to recreate the seed to plant life
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      Jan 3 2012: There are many people who lose the ability to speak or understand sentences due to brain damage but they are still self-aware. But yes. language allows us to form a model of our world that we can rationally process and communicate about. Without it this contemplation between people would not be happening. People and animals are still self-aware and animals do not use the same kind of language that we have.
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        Jan 3 2012: Only a small part of the animal kingdom is self aware. Only those that have a mind of thought which allows them to memorize experience and by that small difference becoming individuals. Communication starts with differentiation. Within a school of fish there is no individual.

        In my view sub consciousness is consciousness as well. As an organism has the "knowing" to sustain life it is conscious of many things without knowing anything.
        • Jan 5 2012: Frans, Yes, I like that idea; it fits in well with the Consciousness-as-energy Field theory. Metals, clouds, etc. can have electric charges without being nearly as complex as a motor, for example, but the "electric field" is not only similiar, it is the "same" Field.

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