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is consciousness a brain chemical reaction?

as in the genome is found that all nature comes from the same organism (LUCA) is it possible that what is inside us may be acquired from other elements of nature, and it is disturbing that the neurones connectors have an important similitude in chemical composition of psilocybin, is it possible that generations of psilocibin use have generated these connections as we know them? is it consciousness a brain chemical reaction??


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    Dec 26 2011: It is always possible to allow or disallow certain perspectives when doing scientific research or contemplation. Our own preset beliefs will be the strongest form to shape our thoughts. Supernatural or metaphysical explanations only mean that we do not yet have a scientific explanation or theory for some phenomenon. That still does not mean that everything is definitely explainable. There is no such thing as fact or proof but only the plausibility of being probably approximately correct. Some science has very accurate predictability but only in the very near future at very close range i.e. Feynman's Quantum Electrodynamics. More time and space bring about the effects of resonant interaction between observers and observed systems and we lose that ability, causing many of the paradoxes. The LHC might show a probable Higgs particle because it was built to show it. We don't know what it really shows. It can only show things that conform to a mathematical model language we know. We can not know things we do not have a language for. We could consider it wrong, spurious or irrelevant. Random Monte Carlo walks are therefore used to find areas of probable particle signatures which conform to the model.

    Applying those thoughts to a scientific model of mind and brain we run into the same situation. We can not measure thoughts or picture mental images much as we can not see a Higgs particle. We can create a model (which we do not yet have) to describe mind and try to map it into the brain. But the brain is just a carrier and it is extremely complex due to its bio-chemical nature. The bio-electrical part in itself is utterly dysfunctional without the biochemistry.

    It is impossible to build a human-like artificial intelligence because it will not possess a human-like experience of self and it will lack the hormonal drives. I wrote a novel on the subject in 2003 (Deity - http://www.amazon.com/Deity-Max-J-Pucher/dp/0974100633/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1324896043&sr=8-1 )
    • Jan 3 2012: not human, but do you think consciousnes can be replicated?? thank you
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        Jan 3 2012: No I don't think that consciousness can be replicated in the human sense, because consciousness is defined by what it feels like to have a brain inside a body. You can give it some other definition but then it is not human. We can make a machine behave as if it would have consciousness, but that does not mean it has it. In all effect, consciousness is an illusion that each person has about itself. It is strongly connected to feelings, which means the biochemical reactions of the body to its surroundings. The medula old-center brain has two parts and one passes bodily feelings to the brain and the other passes brain signals to create the sensation of being self-aware. So consciousness is not a higher-order functionality as it is really easy to lose it. The brain could still be connected to the universe in a larger energetic sense and handle the input intuitively.

        Joll Bolte reports on the amazing sensation of losing your rational self-image due to a stroke.
        • Jan 3 2012: im sorry, i did not say human sense, i think human most replicate it, thats the evolve reason to us like we are evolve pieces
        • Jan 14 2012: what u think max?

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