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is consciousness a brain chemical reaction?

as in the genome is found that all nature comes from the same organism (LUCA) is it possible that what is inside us may be acquired from other elements of nature, and it is disturbing that the neurones connectors have an important similitude in chemical composition of psilocybin, is it possible that generations of psilocibin use have generated these connections as we know them? is it consciousness a brain chemical reaction??


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    Dec 27 2011: It is so simple, see the deference between sleeping body and Coma body in his brain reaction nothing strange happened but the sleeping body wake up but the coma body not wake up that a proof there is something in a body controlling the brain, what is it? answer me?
    • Jan 3 2012: it is chemical reactions, but it is not what im talking about, im talking about evolve, a person with half brain can be able to survive because of the capable that is in the genetic passion... thank you

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