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If You Gave a TED Talk, What Would it Be About?

Personally I would speak about Open Source Religion. It's history, impact, growth, and future.

How about you?

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    Dec 21 2011: Assessments! Every decision we make,is made by assessing some level of good or bad. What's a better car, mate, cup of coffee, color, place to live,things to eat, what to study... We assess then choose. The fundamentals of where the values we use come from, how they are formed, is typically thought of as "just who we are" or it's our personality.

    If we become more effective in making assessments it changes EVERYTHING. I would talk about how to do that.
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    Dec 27 2011: About God. I'm attracted to the idea that every bit of instruction the various religions claim to have received from God is in fact honestly received from God itself. In other words, God decided to give out widely varying messages and instructions to different cultures. Some were instructed to hate the others. Some (like the one I was brought up in) were told that everyone outside this faith would burn in eternal torment. And some (one, at least) were told that they and they alone were God's very own favorite people. And on and on, with dozens of incompatible instructions, eventually ensuring wholesale slaughters in God's name.

    The analysis of what kind of God we're dealing with here should make an entertaining talk.
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    Dec 21 2011: Open source religion... Haven't even heard of that... Feel like writing a TED talk into a conversation? I'm interested.

    If I had a lot of time to prepare, I would love to do a talk on the implications of a post feminist world on capitalism... Capitalism is based in mans antiquated desire to provide for women, and prove himself deserving of women through productive work... and I would love to spend a few months researching how women feel about capitalism nowadays, and what impact that has had on our social welfare programs.

    I am no where near competent to give this speech now, but I think it's an important issue we're going to have look into in the future, and I'd love to research it.