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New thinking in our principally new epoch, reaching world peace and harmony

We are living in the principally new epoch, which has begun from the moment when The Universal Declaration of Human Rights was adopted. The contemporary new epoch is based not on the position of force and violence, but on the humane essence of the person. It is impossible to force a person to comply with the Declaration and to protect Human Rights; only his or her good will is necessary for that. The new epoch does not come automatically because a new epoch needs a new thinking. It is necessary to overcome the hatred, ignorance and intolerance of the old thinking first. We believe that education, culture and art can become the pathway for a better understanding between people, and can lead the world to harmony. (Some thoughts on this topic you can find here http://www.thepetitionsite.com/takeaction/364/308/283 ). Presented ideas are not definitive but are open for debates.


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    Dec 21 2011: There is a silence revolution, (LOVE REVOLUTION), heppening in the world, in this revolution there are many leaders around the world, everybody can be a leader, we just need to love, when we are able to love we are conected in this web quantun. when we are leading our-self to love we are changing the world!

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