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What are we doing here in earth life? is this all real isn't it a thing like dream ? is there a life after this life?

Ever since i was a child i somehow knew it is a mystery it has infinity mysteries in it self in what we called a life. most of experiences and discoveries
are for someone something that has this mysterious object we called Brain. All of our lives we tried to find something that we don't know is exists or even
sometimes we don't even know what we have what is hopeful to get in a living thing life is love, passion, anger, happiness and a lot more but all of them
are feelings that we do have in our self's already we just wait for situations to spark those feelings. lets see sadness or cry like someone that you love
pass away it will make you cry sad or in a deep sorrow or even you knew that this would happen but it isn't gonna change the situation's scene your feelings
and all. what if something good comes up and goes away will it make you happy for in a bit of time or will it make you sad? lets see you wanted a Ferrari and you
get it one day your happy your riding it touching it having felling of having it hours later you woke up it was a dream but you were happy while you were having felling of having it but you want it in a reality so you can have it for a longer time and be happy for a longer time but even if you get it your gonna lose it or let it go one day
so was that time while you were dreaming was not enough time of happiness for you?

For most of the time we i had a dreams last night how do i know cause i woke up from it it was for a short time and now i am here in reality for a longer time. So the life we are living now will not be here i mean we are not going to live forever so maybe when die we weak up some where where we have a longer period of time life so is it also a dream that we are living?

  • Dec 26 2011: Junaid,
    These questions exist since beginning and will remain until science gives you the answers as philosophy and religion have both failed in this endeavour. In the meantime, however, you should know that mind is amazing at resolving these crisis questions because it does not like to be in a state of conflict. This is called cognitive dissonance. This term is from Social psychology and the theory states that there is a strong motivation for humans to resolve conflicting beliefs and views. From the point of view of your question, the resolution of the conflict will be different for different people (obviously).
    I would like to humbly say that you should not be asking these questions here. People will respond to you in what they believe in. You need to ask this question in your personal forum. Having said that, you must gain the periphery knowledge for the resolution of these questions.
    I am a big fan of Victor Frankl (there are some who oppose his views) and he called these questions in his book "the meaning of life" as questions arising from existential frustration that exists in the 21st century.
    I would like to end here by using four quotes. The last three are from Victor Frankl and I do not know the author of the first one.

    The truth is what you choose to believe.

    The last of human freedoms, to choose one's attitude in any given set of circumstances, is to choose one's own way.

    For the meaning of life differs from man to man, from day to day and from hour to hour. What matters, therefore, is not the meaning of life in general but rather the specific meaning of a person's life at a given moment.

    Ultimately man should not ask what the meaning of his life is, but rather he must recognize that it is he who is asked. In a word, each man is questioned by life; and he can only answer to life by answering for his own life.
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      Dec 26 2011: I really liked these last lines but there is something that is same in all of us in our lives and there is a perfection that we haven't discover yet.
  • Dec 22 2011: Junaid, No one understands everything. You understand somethings. It is clear that you are seeking truth. I think that makes it likely that you will find many of the truths you seek. I too am fascinated by the dreams I have when I sleep. Most of the time I do not understand them, but I am always glad I have them....even if they are nightmares. Dreams seem to be useful. I read something recently by someone named Abraham Joshua Heschel that went something like "what you do....you acts.....affect your thinking." That's why I think it is always safe and valuable to stick with positive acts and positive words. We all possess lots of power. No one knows any more than you know about souls. Best wishes. I think you are succeeding in accomplishing all of your positive goals. Congratulations on all of your successes. POWER TO THE POSITIVE!
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    Dec 20 2011: Junaid,
    All three of your questions can be replaced by one: Is human existance 100% natural, or is there a supernatural realm?
    If you believe man is only natural then seek to know nature (science).
    If you think man may be subject to a supernatural influence then seek to know that truth.
    DO NOT confuse supernatural truth with religion! Each one of the myriad of religions is just another human (natural) invention. Nature will leave your three questions unanswered.
  • Dec 26 2011: Can you try to elaborate on what you are trying to say here.
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      Dec 30 2011: Yes i have to give an example for this, you know in marketing there are certain rules when you're marketing you're product to people who how & what rules its just a v small example to what i am referring to anyways i fell like we know in computer that there is a file menu and there is new file there is close there is tools option help view etc etc like we know all of those things if we understand brain how it works so that would be the end of. Of almost everything when you know how to control someone else brain
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    Dec 22 2011: I really loved the 1999 movie called "The Matrix". It portrays much of what you are talking about.

    Is this all a dream? Is it real? Am I really typing right now? It's awesome!
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      Dec 23 2011: Yes Thomas Anderson this name is from Matrix
      I am a video director i know we humans are more attracted and learn from visuals specially the once we are interested in movies my fav sci-fi movie is matrix that opens my mind towards knowing and understanding things that we usually don't
      like lets say speaking when we are born we see people speaking from them we learn how to speak say words there are a lot of things that we have not ever thought about and we do cause we do we don't know are there have you ever thought about why do we have 2 eyes two ears why our ears are shaped like this ?
      we see these 3d movies are made of tow cameras with a certain amount of gap in them with that you can measure a object depth that how far is it and our ears are in this form that we can fell how far sound is coming from. And with matrix i understand a lot of things like reality who can u say its real what we can taste fell hear see is real? and also Inception now inception story was already in mind before it was there but after seeing it i knew a lot of people think this way
  • Dec 22 2011: you can google it ,then you will find several books.It is difficult for modern people understand it at first.you can choose one which you are really interested in and deep into it .I hope you can get something from it.
  • Dec 21 2011: Yup there is a bug in our code, damn thing needs to make sense and it won't because there is not usefulness in answering those questions, what are you going to reason afterwards if you had those answers? More reason why you should be happy creative patient healthy etc? Death will always be sudden untimely unreasonable unjust and all those things because the things we call life are always pending, make sense, have reason to be. Still, we believe they are all that, we give them reason, we project them to a future schedule calendar and structure of values and laws. We do all that for progress, prosperity, hope in tough times, to support life, in us others and anything that is living. The chances of you being here were infidecimanl, still it was also unavoidable, like death is. Is it a circle? Only for what it matters.
  • Dec 21 2011: Maybe when you die ,you will know the answer.In China,there is a conception called "WU".I highly recommend you to read some Chinese ancient philosophy books written more than 2000years ago.
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      Dec 22 2011: can you give me any reference to a specific one?
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    Dec 20 2011: if you look at an MRI of yourself awake, looking around, and then one of yourself in deep sleep dreaming, you would not see a diffrence. interesting question indeed, WAKING LIFE by richar linklater goes well into this. as for life after death, as of corse completely opinion, i believe nothing last, but nothing is lost. energy must be conserved, and the progression of novelty seemingly needs our consiousness and nervous system.
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      Dec 21 2011: Thanks for you're answer. i have seen that MRI has no much difference while we are awake or asleep its just some of brain censers you can say or some part of brain didn't work that much while we are in asleep but that opens a way of thinking to me which is about conscious and subconscious mind. I think while we are in a sleep our subconsciousness is more active then our conscious also in my view if we don't get a sleep or more then 24 hours even if we are awake our subconsciousness is more active and i think in our life we there are a lot of times when we want our subconscious mind to be more active then conscious mind.

      why can't we be happy from the things we see in our dreams like some times we see we have a big house or a car or anything that we want we sometimes see that we have that thing in our dream we r happy while we r in dream but when we wakes up we know that it was just a dream and we don't have that thing anymore
      so my point here is this that this life we are living is not forever so why do we want things here or even if we have that thing after something we our self will let go that thing and will want something els
  • Dec 20 2011: Junaid, I believe we are here on Earth to enjoy each other and all the freedom and resources available to us. That's why flowers and trees are pleasant to behold. That's why human conversation and hugs feel good. All we need to do is act and speak in purely positive ways and we become a part of co-creating a happy world for all of humanity. In order to accomplish this, we must release the negative brainwashing we may have received through our societies, religions, parents, ancestors. It is up to us to make the world the way we want it to be. Fortunately, we all have adequate freedom and resources to have powerfully positive impacts upon many people today. Let's do it.
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      Dec 21 2011: 1) thanks for you're answer. I know how humans do things on earth i have some sort of same vision as you about being positive and we can change the way we are living now or our societies, but answer that you have give is related to my question feelings . Its that all of our life its all about happiness and sadness or emotions we most of them we already know would happen like some of ours friends or family we know they are going to die but its when that happen we cry we have this emotion of sadness in our self if we already knew this would happen why can't we cry or be sad for now and when that happens we don't show any emotions

      2) why can't we be happy from the things we see in our dreams like some times we see we have a big house or a car or anything that we want we sometimes see that we have that thing in our dream we r happy while we r in dream but when we wakes up we know that it was just a dream and we don't have that thing anymore
      so my point here is this that this life we are living is not forever so why do we want things here or even if we have that thing after something we ourself will let go that thing and will want something els
      • Dec 21 2011: Junaid, perhaps we choose to be happy. Perhaps much of our lives, our perceptions, our feelings and more are chosen by us consciously or subconsciously. When you awaken tomorrow morning, tell yourself that you are going to co-create a happy, positive, productive day together with everyone you interact with. Death is a natural part of life. It only happens on one day of our lives. Why waste time dwelling on it? Dwell on the control and freedom and resources you now possess that can cause happiness for you and everyone you encounter......on all of these many days that you have to enjoy and to cause happiness for others. I respect you for expressing your true thoughts and feelings. HAPPY TODAY!
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          Dec 22 2011: Thanks for you're wishes i am a average person who goes to a job every day has family. I see dreams almost every night and and some how i figure out that its a dream then i think of something to do that i cannot do in real life i failed to do it and in just struggling to do it i gets up from dream so i have this felling that drams are just a reflection of life what we have already seen .
          another thing bothers me most is soul how do we know that we have souls connected our body
          with and i also have the felling of there is a god cause all of these things that are fascinating and out of our mind to understand cannot happen by them selfs i now have some understanding of it and will get to it once i have more understating of it.