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What are we doing here in earth life? is this all real isn't it a thing like dream ? is there a life after this life?

Ever since i was a child i somehow knew it is a mystery it has infinity mysteries in it self in what we called a life. most of experiences and discoveries
are for someone something that has this mysterious object we called Brain. All of our lives we tried to find something that we don't know is exists or even
sometimes we don't even know what we have what is hopeful to get in a living thing life is love, passion, anger, happiness and a lot more but all of them
are feelings that we do have in our self's already we just wait for situations to spark those feelings. lets see sadness or cry like someone that you love
pass away it will make you cry sad or in a deep sorrow or even you knew that this would happen but it isn't gonna change the situation's scene your feelings
and all. what if something good comes up and goes away will it make you happy for in a bit of time or will it make you sad? lets see you wanted a Ferrari and you
get it one day your happy your riding it touching it having felling of having it hours later you woke up it was a dream but you were happy while you were having felling of having it but you want it in a reality so you can have it for a longer time and be happy for a longer time but even if you get it your gonna lose it or let it go one day
so was that time while you were dreaming was not enough time of happiness for you?

For most of the time we i had a dreams last night how do i know cause i woke up from it it was for a short time and now i am here in reality for a longer time. So the life we are living now will not be here i mean we are not going to live forever so maybe when die we weak up some where where we have a longer period of time life so is it also a dream that we are living?

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  • Dec 21 2011: Yup there is a bug in our code, damn thing needs to make sense and it won't because there is not usefulness in answering those questions, what are you going to reason afterwards if you had those answers? More reason why you should be happy creative patient healthy etc? Death will always be sudden untimely unreasonable unjust and all those things because the things we call life are always pending, make sense, have reason to be. Still, we believe they are all that, we give them reason, we project them to a future schedule calendar and structure of values and laws. We do all that for progress, prosperity, hope in tough times, to support life, in us others and anything that is living. The chances of you being here were infidecimanl, still it was also unavoidable, like death is. Is it a circle? Only for what it matters.

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