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Are social networks good for us?

I heard many people moaning about how much time they spend on Facebook or other social network sites. But they are still there, posting their stuff every day.
What is the point in participating, being a member of these networks? Do we actually profit from these? How? Why is it sooo addictive?

Any comment about social networks, opinions, experiences are well appreciated!


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    Dec 20 2011: I'm an enthusiastic user of Facebook and Twitter.
    I use twitter to read the news from a variety of sources ranging from international media to local papers. When I find something interesting, I share it on Facebook so my "friends" on there can also read that content. I guess, for me, it's more like a tool to spread ideas, news and other content that, from my point of view, have a value either to generat debate or action.
    Sadly, that's not what most Facebook/twitter users do. I mean, I don't need to know how many times have you've been in the bathroom today!! There're things you can save to yourself!

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