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Do you think that Brazil is prepared to host the World Cup? What do you think important for a country to host the World Cup?

I live in Rio de Janeiro and worry as we will welcome tourists to the world cup, I worry about transportation, hotels and security.
The Government acts in several actions to ensure that everything goes well but do we have time? And the legacy? we can maintain the good ideas?

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    Dec 21 2011: Of course Brazil is prepared to host the World Cup. I think Brazil have everything a country needs to host such an important event. Yes of course like any other South American countries the Government has to play a very important roll, specially for safety. But I know how important is soccer for the people in Brazil.
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      Dec 21 2011: Thanks for your comment.
      I agree that Brazil is ready but I' worried about 'the fact that here things are resolved over time and in the case of a world cup and after the Olympics we must to "educate" people to be able to welcome the tourists and with a good transport infrastructure and hotels.
      Let's wait and see
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    Dec 20 2011: If South Africa can do it, Brazil can can do it. For me, the most unpredictable thing is, the fan base. Will there be riots or will celebrations grow too big for self control. South Africa, whether you like it or not, does not have a deep history in soccer, so fans were not too much of a worry (of course, in any country, visiting fans are a definite worry. But, on the other hand, Brazil has one of the deepest roots in soccer. Fans will play a huge part in this world cup. The other is safety - drugs and violence. This is self-explanatory.
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      Dec 21 2011: I agree with you regarding the fans, here in Brazil we are very passionate about football and we need to know how to limit that passion, and so we need lots of security. Here in Brazil you can not drink alcohol drink in stadiums but for the world cup will be released.
      Regarding drugs and a vilolence as you sad is self-explanatory.Let's wait and see.