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The real world is based in virtual particles.

Most technology is based on electromagnetism, and that is largely based virtual particles. Shouldn't there be a more general understanding of these things. They come they go, from where who knows?

  • Dec 23 2011: The frame of reference I was using goes like this - math - philosophy - sociology - biology - chemistry - electricity - ions - virtual photons --- the edifice would be lucky to have feet of clay.
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    Dec 22 2011: Come on now, lets not confuse the physical world with the technological world. Thats like mixing up beef with venison, it tastes like shit!
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    Dec 20 2011: i wouldnt say virtual....but strange. its the best description quantum physics has.
  • Dec 20 2011: My real world is based on experiences, observations, people, ideas, beliefs and other things. I guess we are living in the same world. We have a choice about what to focus on. I think I will specialize in focusing on positive people, experiences, interesting ideas, beauty, truth, goodness and stuff like that. Hey, it's a free country. I noticed that I have enough freedom, power and resources to continue accomplishing all of my positive goals today. I shall continue. Happy Today to you and all you love. POWER TO THE POSITIVE!