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Do Tedcreds bring out the fight to be right?

I only just realized that members earn TEDcreds. Oh wow. Does that in a any little way turn this into a competition? lol Probably the competition is who can comment with the most love, compassion and respect. And to word the comments in ways that do not give the essence of righteousness.

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    Dec 20 2011: ask around how many people would associate my person with "love, compassion and respect" :)
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    Dec 20 2011: In my humble 20+ TEDCRED opinion, members ought be able to sign up for credit accrual or not to serve whatever purpose(s) there may be.
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    Dec 19 2011: As far as I can see it's just the amount of characters you put on the screen.
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    Dec 24 2011: There was a time when thumbs down was an option. Some Tedsters had significant negative TED scores and some continued to argue a point often vividly, undoubtably causing some discomfort internally and with some members. The fight to be right was in full force. Intelligent passion has its place and it can have a cleansing effect on those overly patronizing, loose with facts, etc. TED may be a little tamer now, and the earlier fireworks entertaining, but I trust TED is on the right track with the change. I am now consciously trying to credit comments that register with me, not just because I agree, but feel a more apt and well expressed, or particularly humorous comment is unlikely (and dammit, better than mine!). So I do see the TED forum as a competition. I appreciate savvy, but admire the creative juices of insight and independent thought from members most. Competition in both areas offers lessons and has value. The occasional point recognition does perk up my ears, I must admit.
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    Dec 20 2011: Only among the neurotic.

    EDIT: Actually, I'll elaborate. Your "cred" is in part based on your level of participation. If you want higher cred, you can participate more. Give of your skills, advice, etc.

    Those of us who are busy and simply poke our heads in from time to time, will just have to deal with the slower accrual of "cred". It's not like they're going to send you a catalogue so you can spend your TED cred points, or something.
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      Dec 21 2011: at least you try to find solace in that thought. but when the day comes everyone over 50 points can visit the virgin space station for a weekend, you will regret your loveless, compassionless and respectless nature!
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        Dec 21 2011: LOL! It occurs to me that maybe they DO send out catalogues, but those of us under the threshold just don't know about it ;-)
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    Dec 20 2011: Ha !

    And at the risk of losing what few credits that I have "earned" (HA!) I have to admit that I find the whole evaluative endeavour VERY amusing ! It reminds me of an Almighty God that I once believed in !

    If you think about it... the Credit system doesn't actually measure our "contribution", but rather, it measures how well we conform to Uncle TED's idea of what characterizes a "good" contribution.

    I guess its supposed to indicate our TEDability Credibility...HA!

    And what's with the secrecy?

    Too much you guys... WAYYYYYYYYYYYY TOO MUCH ! Ha!
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    Dec 20 2011: It probably is a competition to some people.