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What should we be teaching elementary school children about their brains, neuroscience and learning? I am beginning to develop some curric.

What do you think are the most importand and developmentally appropriate neuroscience topics for 8-12 year olds?


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  • Dec 22 2011: I'm pondering this question myself. I have been reading about how the emotional brain/filter gets in the way of children being able to solve math problems. The anxiety blocks their ability to take problem solving step by step. I'm a fourth grade teacher, and have several students with significant math anxiety- and social anxiety as a result of the math anxiety. They don't want their friends to know they are struggling. I am thinking that if I can show one student in particular how his brain is preventing him from being able to think in a sequential fashion, it will help him- just by understanding this is normal. I'd love other opinions as to how to handle this.

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