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Winds of change in North Korea?

Do you believe that in light of recent events (the passing away of Kim Jong-il) change is possible in North Korea?
Will Kim Jong-un pursue the same course of isolation and authoritarian rule that his father and grandfather established or does he have the potential to be open to new ideas?

I am looking forward to an interesting debate, especially since the outcome is very difficult to predict. Jong-un is after all still in his twenties and has apparently only recently been induced into the higher circles of power. Does he even have something to say at the moment or is he only a puppet ruler guided by other high officials?


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  • Dec 21 2011: He received a good western education.This matters a lot.The world now is in a mess particukarly in terms of economy.The Korea itself must jugde from the new trend.Maybe the new power man will make decisions to adapt to the world rather than keep isolating from other countries.Maybe it is a good new for USA as the 2012 comes.

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