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What is a thing that makes you different from anyone else?

The thing that makes me different is my smile. I asked many of my friends and now, I want to know your answer to this question. You can tell one more thing. Thanks.


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  • Dec 23 2011: Hi Mary, I am glad that you are good at remembering people's names, but that's a kind of problem to me. How do you do that? Is it natural skill or did you develop? For instance, I sometimes cannot remember people's names whom I meet several times.Thanks!
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      Jan 19 2012: Hi Alisa, I have been working with children for over 25 years.. I have to remember over 24 names instantaneously the first day of class....I guess the old adage is true....Repetition is the mother of retention.

      What I also do, when I meet a person, is I ask them their name right away. Then, I use it alot while talking to them.

      Example: Hello, what's your name? Reply: Mary
      Oh wow Mary, I know alot of Mary's . So who is your favorite author Mary? Reply: D. Macomber
      You know Mary, I have never heard of that author. So tell me Mary, what books has she written?
      Etc... etc..

      I find that if you repeat the name often in the conversation, it helps me retain it. Then it is embedded in my memory, and I can always address people by their name the next time I meet them....which is a shock to everybody, since they usually never remember my name.

      Much success Alisa.

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