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Dark Energy is due to light and is Electromagnetic in nature

With the following predicates,

1)  galaxies getting brighter (according to Richard Bouwens at Santa Cruz)
2) the universe's expansion is accelerating
3)  mostly likely (logically) the universe will collapse on itself, resulting in another big bang (neatly explains big bang origins)

I propose the following:

In order for the universe to collapse on itself and continue the cycle, the mysterious energy expanding the universe will have to weaken.

It seems that the weakening of Dark Energy will be around the time when galaxies are getting dimmer. This would result in the universe beginning to slow down, and start to collapse on itself.

The coinciding of these two events strongly suggests that light is the source of energy we call Dark Energy, and that it is electromagnetic in nature.

Perhaps light effects space between galaxies, away from gravitational fields, in some way as to cause the accelerated expansion.

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    Dec 19 2011: Interesting theory. I think I agree with you on Dark Energy, being light, and light being electromagnetic in nature... I have an alternative theory on the expansion of the univers however, and I'd be interested to hear your take on it. I believe that a big bang is created, when gravity, causes matter, to reach above light speed. I believe gravity does this, behind the event horrizon of a black hole.

    I actually believe the less likely of the 2 explanations Einstein posited for gravity... That being that if matter, in the earth was expanding at 9.9m/s squared, we would view it, exactly the same way as if we were falling to earth at 9.9 m/s squared. Relativity proved that mathematically, you couldn't tell the difference... but I would like to posit that there is one... a dramatic one.

    I believe gravity, is a reproductive tool, for mass. I believe that what we call gravity, is actually a consequence of constantly expanding, and reproducing mass. So that in essence if you were to jump off a 100 foot building, it looks like you fall to earth, but you don't, you stay suspended in air, the building, your body, and the earth, all expand at the same time, and new expanding molecules in the earth rise up to meet you.

    You have to be insisting, in your logical mind, that there must be a visible way to tell the difference... There's not. If this theory holds, the sun is not pulling us towards it. The sun is expanding much faster than the earth, but as it expands, the heat is pushing us away, so through relativity, the earth and the sun look the same size... In reallity, they've both grown dramatically, but at the same speed, the speed of gravity, so things look identical.

    So in essence, my theory is that mass, is created, and grows, through the reproductive force of gravity. Now why was I talking about black holes? I think it is the destiny, of every particle in this univers, to eventually contract into one of many black holes, because they are big bangs.
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      Dec 21 2011: Very interesting, and beyond my expertise.

      Still, I don't really see how that would explain why the space between galaxies is expanding, but the galaxies themselves aren't.

      Unless the space between galaxies is expanding much faster than that of matter, but that's beyond me.
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        Dec 21 2011: Don't worry, it's beyond my expertise too... I just think it's a fun theory to talk about... I think the galaxies are expanding, at the same speed, and that expansion, produces the heat that push them apart, while relativity convinces us that the galaxies are the same size, because as they get bigger, heat pushes them farther away at the same time, making it look like nothing has changed.

        It might actually, simply be a theory for trying to personify the universe... To suggest that mass is having sex behind our backs : p