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the theory of Passion

The theory of passion ...
The eternal life journey through the different moments of time and evolving with today's technology presents a prospective view, suggests an eternal progress that does not end as it believes in an apocalyptic catastrophe, but one that we have enough time to understand how life spread. Genetic engineering has advanced and will soon be generating the organisms that can incubate in a space voyage of thousands or millions of years and then evolve in different ways of life, when they have an environment and that is the current race of human technology and why has moved in that direction... and now the real test is to simplify the DNA so that one organism can survive interstellar travel insert the information so you can replicate in humans and all kind of organisms that will help between to evolve, which to the genetic load may lead to build civilizations as we consider only the present, but knowing the nature and the environment is as difficult as most likely to do a great dispersion, which will carry these new civilizations are not always near or reach similar levels of technology in times like that, that times we feel alone but there is a small detail, the most likely genetic in that work can be included flashes of memory that involves the need for such things to continue life, unconsciously, we all have those flashes equally, a galaxy or 100 trillion human cells as a push us to an uncontrollable force that makes us .. Genetic simple toys as the union of two connected cells that were never connected in a way that produces 100 trillion different cells that are not connected by anything apparently but can grow into an organism (in addition to much like the donor) that is capable of connecting with others and write music, paint and travel to a moon... I call it passion and it is what is made all

  • Dec 19 2011: consciousness is a brain chemical reaction based on the prolonged use of generations of elements taken from nature, which changed the way neurons are connected that´s how tobacco is helping us to create a strain capable of withstanding the high level of carbon monoxide in the future Earth's atmosphere
  • Dec 19 2011: ica, pintar, construir vehiculos que viajan a la luna, bailar, cantar y aprender de la vida, yo lo llamo LA PASION

    las ideas son el fuego que funde a la vida en mas vida, podemos estar equivocados, pero no podemos evitar circular por donde se mueve nuestra luz una y otra vez, ya que la luz es eterna...