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What long-lasting impression has an elderly person made in your life?

The good qualities that an older person manifests can make a long-lasting impression on others.
Sometimes it's a coworker, other times it's a family member (grandma or grandpa). Still other times it can be someone we see casually at a grocery store, the library, a nurse at a hospital or even a fellow believer at a place of worship. Has someone of age made an impact in your life?
Can you pinpoint a certain time in your life when you were in need of an older ones words of wisdom and comfort and you found it?

If you are an older one in this community, do you appreciate how your words and actions can affect others beneficially. Have you been able to help anyone?

I would love to hear from young and old.......having lived with my grandma my whole life, until she died in 1990, I have always gravitated towards having the elderly as my dearest friends. I treasure the older ones that I come in contact with. Do you?

Let's share our experiences with Ramona Pierson.

Closing Statement from W T

I want to express my gratitude to Tim Petersen, James Kindler, Don Wesley, Eun A Jo and Sue Morris for taking time to contribute to the question I posed based on Ramona Pierson's talk.

I hope the few contributors is not a true reflection of how society views our loved ones of age. I dearly cherish those of age around me. They have a wealth of experiences and wisdom to share with me. I luxuriate in the conversations we share over meals, and could not imagine what my life would be now if I had only exposed myself to those of my generation and younger.

I am a better peson for having listened and learned from the older ones around me. They are an untapped resource.

Thank you again for contributing.

"Gray-headedness is a crown of beauty when it is found in the way of righteousness." Proverbs of Solomon 16:31

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    Dec 29 2011: My grandma has been the mother figure in my life, and from a myriad of lessons she taught me, the one that strikes me even to this day is: "People come first."
    Besides, generally speaking, I can just feel an aura of wisdom from many elderly people I come across.. I guess it simply proves that some things can only be learned with age.
    • Dec 30 2011: Thank you for your contribution. What a wonderful lesson, "People come first". I find that greyheadedness is a crown of beauty when found on someone who has lived and learned and is willing to share their lessons of life with the younger generations. In life we have much to learn from those that are wise in their old age.

  • Dec 19 2011: When I was very young (5) or so an elderly naturalist taught me to whistle through an acorn. He said if you ever get lost in the woulds just use this and make some noise. It's timeless, I teach kids to this day and they are facinated by it and practice until they get it right. There parents on the other hand are not so happy with me sending a noisey kid home.
    • Dec 20 2011: Hi James, reading your entry brought an ear to ear smile on my face. Thank you!!! I'll make sure to pack acorns next time we go hiking in the mountains. My daughter googled whistling through an acorn so she could learn how to do it. I don't know if that's a good thing or not....LOL :)

      Be well James. Mary
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    Jan 8 2012: I swim two or three times a week and through this have met some inspiring older people who I call my 'swim buddies'. Two, in particular, inspire me - Ted and Joe - 83 and 87 respectively. Full of life and memories, mischievous as two little boys - but most of all they have taken responsibility to value and nurture both mind and body.
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    • Dec 30 2011: Hi Don, thank you for all your night's reflections. I find that I too have been an old soul since I was very very young. I always chose to be around the older ones. It has always been a place of comfort for me. I have learned much from their stories of life in "the old days". If nothing else, I have learned that life is hard for all, and that our positive attitudes can help us throughout life.

      Having said that, I was very surprised at the fact that you seem to feel that the old man who seemed to influence you the most was within you. Happily, you are now making an impression on many younger ones.

      Have a wonderful, wonderful day.

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    Dec 20 2011: Hello Mary, this is a nice thought to reflect on. I think the most life changing lessons I have received from my elders is; This is just alittle peice of time, don't sweat the details. As long as people are not hurting each other accept them for who they are. Respect and love them for who they may become.

    There are many more, but I think these have done the most to help me enjoy this 'little piece of time' that we have together.
    • Dec 20 2011: Hi Tim, I thought this was a nice thought to reflect on too. Ramona Pierson's TED talk is a hidden jewel amidst alot technology, entertainment, and design. As a Chinese proverb states: "To know the road ahead, you have to ask those coming back".

      Thank you for taking out precious time from your "little piece of time" to share your thought with us.
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    • Dec 29 2011: I look forward to your contribution.