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Young speaker Wafa Elamin: Positive Thinking is what we need now in Sudan. And elsewhere, possibly! Got 4000+ views in 3 days on Youtube :)

Hello everybody,
One of our TEDxYouth@Khartoum speakers "Wafa Elamin" has rocked it through her talk titled: Positive Thinking.. here is it on Youtube:

  • Dec 19 2011: I have just watched the linked video... Great talk. I have to say I admire people like Wafa and their way of thinking.

    I don't remember how I started but in some point I thought that by chenging our way of thinking / talking / acting we can change our world. I start to teach Peak Performance Psychology. in the end of the day I realise that many people has got some sort of fear with this word "CHANGE" ... it is challanging. the Fear of Unknown pushes them away from trying, so does the Fear of Failing. they liked what they got and wanted to stay with that.
    but these who wanted to improve something instead of changing had a far better success.

    for both groups I had to work hard to chenge the way they express their experiences / wishes and then trying to programm new way of thinking strategies for Peak Performance.
    Saying someone "Think positive" or "Be happy" doesn't always help,
    one has to show HOW to think positive / be happy and what is the benefit of it.

    you all know the book and the documentry "The Secret". a nice envelop to sell. it's full of positive thinking ideas but
    how much of it comes from the author herself, is a big question.. to me it was all famous people's quotes but nothing else. I call it: "Psychology made easy" so nothing was secret.

    My point is that positive thinking can't always help you, but realistic thinking will get your much further,
    because we simple don't think positively and all manifastes right in front of us. we have to do more than just thinking.
    we have to express it, we have to act on it, we might fail, but each time we fail we get up and try again and again till we get it. (I used "have to" but it's all up to us if we choose to do X, because there is nothing we have to do)

    many positive thinkers, motivational speakers, coaches give (teach) us new way of thinking strategies, but if we don't apply them then we can't expect anything to be changed. as you know:
    Knowledge is Power if we use it.
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    Dec 19 2011: To achieve change we need to change what's within ourselves, starting with positive thinking
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    Dec 19 2011: What makes a great TEDx talk ? I will say ...''Positive Thinking'' !
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    Dec 23 2011: Thanks Zared for our input, We do need positive thinkers, optimistic and realistic thinkers:)
    • Dec 23 2011: Then, we should help people to establish a better schema of the environment around them or a more positive self-concept.

      A simple project can be establish to promote this concept. For example, we can generate events that promote positive outlooks to life. What do you think?
  • Dec 22 2011: We do not need positive thinkers, but optimistic and realistic thinkers. The outlook of any situation influences the actions of any human being toward handling the situation.
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    Dec 19 2011: Can't agree more, Dib Med Mehdi...Thanks for your feedback :)