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What's the best hidden gem in the TED archive?

Ken Robinson, Hans Rosling, Jill Bolte Taylor, Patties Maes, David Gallo, Elizabeth Gilbert ... They're crowd pleasers and perennial favorites (and I love them, every one!). But there are so many hidden gems in the TED archive that deserve to be seen and shared. Let's unearth them!

What's the little-known sleeper hit that captured your heart?


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    Feb 11 2011: Hidden Gem....er, well, too many to speak of. But Ron Eglash on fractal patterns took me by surprise and delight as we sat deep in Africa during TEDGlobal 2007.
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      Feb 14 2011: Katherine, I loved this one too! It was another one of those perfect surprises! The kind you may never think to seek out (I mean, who would possibly think to seek out a talk about fractal patterns embedded in the architecture of traditional African villages??) But it's wonderfully accessible and fascinating! And it has one of the greatest sentences of all time: "I am a mathematician and I want to stand on your roof."

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